Thursday, June 4, 2015

YSL Aquatic Revolution Spring Summer 2015 - Full Metal Shadows, ROUGE PUR COUTURE VERNIS À LÈVRES POP WATER and Nails Oh My

I am quite partial to some YSL beauty.  The packaging is very grown up and glamorous, I just love a fancy lipstick and YSL manage to have wonderful lip products in fancy pants packaging.  DING DING DING IM SOLD.  For Spring Summer they have some very interesting products 2 of which I am in love with and the last I am a bit Meh.  As they say 2 outta 3 ain't bad and since I have such big huge love for 2 I can forgive the 3rd item.  (Spoiler alert the disappointing product is the nail polish and that's mostly cause I don't get that excited about nail polish).
First up is the Full Metal Shadow* in No.6 Pink Cascade.  Full Metal Shadows are a collection of 10 liquid eye shadows €29.00 with 16 hour lasting power.  Liquid eye shadows are all the rage this summer (Armani having recently released a similar product).  Its the perfect easy kinda summer product and the metallic shine from the YSL products definitely give a glamorous San Tropez vibe rather than a walk along the seafront at Bray (not that doesn't have its own bit of glamour - Bray has an Aquarium don't ya know).  I was a little sceptical about this mostly because I have oily lids and shadows tend to crease especially anything liquid so for years I have avoided anything liquid or cream on my eyes.  Pink Cascade was a wonderful discovery, a light and airy Champagne colour with a tint of pink. One swipe with the applicator covers the lid with a beautiful subtle sparkle.  I have been loving using this alone and blending it out with my finger above the crease (don't you love easy makeup in the summer), if you like add a slick of liner for a polished wide eyed look.  I have also been LOVING using Pink Cascade as a base (blending it up the eye) and adding one of my new stunning Urban Decay shadows (read about them here) on top.  Pink Cascade amps up the shades of the eye shadows and also acts as an all over base colour.  A word of warning don't apply too much product or you will get creases but that's a bit of a no brainer - its a liquid, apply too much it will not get a chance to set and it will stay liquid.  While there are a selection of shades in the range Pink Cascade is a perfect Pink Champagne shade,  I am always a bit terrified of pink or similar shades around my eyes but this is simply beautiful.
Here is a heavy swatch of Pink Cascade.  It reminds me of my beloved Stila Kitten with a hint more warmth in it.  
 A blended out Pink Cascade  - when set the liquid shadow doesn't look wet, or so metallic you look like a robot.  Im not sure if it last the whole 16 hours like it claims but it definitely lasts a long time and doesn't crease on me.
 I love a good lip product and I have fallen pretty hard for the Rouge Pur Couture Vernis A Levres Pop Water (phew) in Dewy Red*.  Can I start by saying Holy cow what a long name.  There are 12 shades of Pop Water glosses.  They leave the looks looking like you have been sucking on a Ice pop from heaven.  Your lips feel moisturised and heavenly.   The gloss manges to look both watery and full of colour at the same time with no sticky mess.  To put it simply its Divine to apply and wear and the colour is simply stunning.  They stay glossy for a while leaving a slight stain on the lips but they are definitely not a lip stain in the traditional sense.  They cost €33.00 but I am so in love I am contemplating my next shade.  I am blown away at how Dewy Red achieves both intense AND sheer colour.  The dichotomy of this really excites my Gemini personality not to mention that it feels beautiful on the lips. Its like a jelly has been melted and put on your lips (in a good way).

 Pink Cascade and Dewy Red have been my dream team of make up products lately.  I haven't had that much time to apply makeup and I have been loving how simple they are to use but I am still feeling more than a little glamorous when wearing them (except if I forget concealer- then I look like the Walking Dead).  They look so pretty on and the packaging looks so pretty.

I am not a huge nail polish fan, its one of my least favourite beauty products simply because I am hard on my nails (last week I tiled behind the bathroom sink and put together some shelving units) so my hands never quite manage to stay perfectly manicured.  I would happily spend €33.00 on a Water Pop gloss (because they are amazing) but the idea of spending €24.00 on a nail polish doesn't appeal to me at all especially when there are so many amazing drug store nail brands.  What can I say I spend my money on my completion and my lips.  There are lots of nail polish addicts out there with ladylike hands (I will hide my nails when I see you) who will love La Laque Couture Pop Water.  I have the shade Fuchsia Rain* which is a sheer pink shade.  It makes the nails look very healthy and would be lovely in a work environment.

As you can see you get a very very sheer wash of colour from Fuchsia Rain.  If I am being honest this shade kinda reminds me of a nail polish my nana used to have for fixing ladders in her tights so I might be having a mental block on this one. 

I am in love with Pink Cascade and Dewy Red, I am excited to apply them and delighted at the results (delira and excira).

YSL Aquatic Revolution Collection is out on counters now and Im going to have to check out more Pop Water lips?

This makes me curious, what area of makeup do you spend the most money on?  Are you a lipstick junkie like myself, are you a mascara expert? Every makeup lover has their vice (or two). Pin It
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