Sunday, July 19, 2015

Current Favourites - Summer Shoes

Its been ages since I have done monthly favourites so I have decided to do a few posts mentioning a few of my favourite things.   So for the next few weeks I will do a breakdown of my current favourites to start I decided to mix things up and talk fashion and my favourite shoes.  I love clothes even if they don't love my belly so lets start with the most figure forgiving aspect of  Sorry if my fashion pics are not the best I didn't know if I should put my feet in the shoes (would that be weird?) and himself is not the type to take pictures of me "modeling".  I also tend to have Chandler Bing face in  photos.......Anyway onto the shoes.

Summer in Ireland is never easy on feet.  It can get humid but it can also start raining at any moment and there is nothing worse than slipping around in your flip flops.  The good news is a lot of these shoes are on sale - this is a great time of year to pick up shoes in the summer sales because there is plenty of time to wear them.  I'm not one of those girls longing for winter boots I hold onto summer for as long as possible.

This Summers heels are all about the block heel - very 90ies I'm pretty sure I had something similar first time around.  The first pair of heels are from Penneys/Primark (€18.00).  The block heel make the heels a little easier to walk in.

These amazing Fringe Heels from New Look (€34.99) tick a this summers trends.  The block heel,the 70ies fringe.  I have been wearing a lot of flats lately so I am a little wobbly in heels but these are manageable to me.
This season we have a little twist on the classic ballet shoe.  These are perfect for keeping your toes dry (isn't that the worst thing about Summers in Ireland... soggy flipping toes).   On the left we have a pair of lace up shoes from Penneys (€13.00) and on the right a pair of two tone shoes from Littlewoods (that are on sale for €16.00).  I love this naked ballet shoe trend they allow you to feel like your wearing summer shoes with dry toes.

I have been obsessed with Keds by Oasis they make my feet so happy.  That's right I have HAPPY FEET.  I had spent a long time looking for a pair of animal print slip on runners but so many of them make your feet look long and a lot of them seem to widen at the toes making them unflattering.  Nothing worse than trying on a pair of shoes and looking like your feet are boats.    Keds by Oasis fit my feet perfectly and make the feet look and feel amazing.  The bottom of the shoe is slightly padded so they are very comfortable to wear.  The animal print is such a classic look (should I get a back up).  These have replaced Converse in my life (they are so comfortable).  The very exciting news is these are now in the Oasis Sale (some of the sizes are sold out online so I suggest trying larger Oasis stores).  The sale price range from €31 - €37

I have so many flat sandals so I decided this year to buy sandals with a small block heel.  This pair from Oasis have that tiny bit of animal print (its a classic design don't ya know) to liven up the black.  The good news is they are on sale from €35 to €22 woo hoo (get them here).

I have been wearing these Miss KG Rose Gold old lady shoes every day since I picked them up in Kildare Village (size down as they are large fitting).  I have been wearing them around the house and I feel so comfy and glittery - I'm basically Liberace.
If I lived in a less soggy climate I would be wearing flip flops all day, every day.  I live in Ireland were soggy toes with humid helmet hair are summers gifts.  What shoes have you been wearing this summer and have you picked up any nice shoes in the summer sales?

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