Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gels

Last week the blogs across Ireland melted the Internet with news of a new Cocoa Brown product, I could pretend that I delayed this post on purpose but I'm just not that organised (more on that later).  Cocoa Brown is a brand that is very close to the hearts and tanning routines in Ireland.  I first "met on the Internet" Marissa Carter all the way back in 2012 when I reviewed a spray tan in Carter Beauty (read about it here),  I was delighted when she launched Cocoa Brown and even though I'm not a massive fan of tanning she won me over by creating a quick One Hour Tan (GENIUS) that is not as smelly as other fake tans (EVEN MORE GENIUS). 

Marissa knows what Irish girls want, they want to tan, they don't want the hastle, the smell or the inflated price tag and they want to be able to pick it up in everybody's favourite shop Penneys.  The new Cocoa Brown products are Instant Bronzing Gels* (one a matte shade and one a shimmer).  As with all Cocoa Brown products you can be sure that they are suitable for even the most sensitive skin (Marissa herself has very sensitive skin so to pass the Cocoa Brown test its essential that the products are suitable and gentle on sensitive skin). 

To be honest with you lately tanning hasn't been on my radar at all, I could say its being a new mam that I am so busy I don't have time but that's not true I'm just completely disorganised.  I jump out of the shower and realise I should have put on One Hour Tan before I got in the shower (lets not even talk hair removal or cleaning the house).  In a way I am grateful for our lack of summer.  I didn't really think about a instant wash off tanning product, I didn't think I needed it but Marissa as always  was thinking ahead.

The shimmer gel creates a beautiful shade with a delicate shimmer, the matte shade looks a bit scary but blends easily into a natural looking tan (not too dark).
This is a badly blended (oops) example I think Cocoa Brown products give a wonderfully natural shade which isn't too dark or fake looking.

During my adventure last weekend I went from thinking I didn't need an instant tan to it saving my pale skin.  I was going to one of my best friends weddings (this sounds like a chick flick) and because of me being disorganised (and google maps saying the journey was 30 minutes shorter) we arrived at Farnham Castle (somehow we arrived at the staff entrance) at 3.15 and the wedding was due to start at 3.30.  Luckily we had hair and made up done (kinda) so we quickly checked into our room and myself and my bestie had 4 minutes to get ready.  In those 4 minutes we managed to get dressed and apply Cocoa Brown Instant Bronzing Gel (I needed it on my arms and Orla needed it on her legs).  Instant Gel is a light formula which dries quickly and doesn't come off on clothes.  Honestly most of that 4 minutes were spent trying to put on my hold in knickers.  Cocoa Brown just took a quick wipe and easy blend on my legs.  We might not have been the most calm and composed wedding guests but we were dressed and polished (belly held in) and glowing with Cocoa Brown Shimmer Gel and all in 4 minutes.  

Instant Tan Gels are perfect for when your in a rush (thats me 99% of the time), when the sun appears withough warning and because its so gentle you can use it as a liquid bronzer on your face. 

One of my favourite things about the Cocoa Brown products is the amazing signature scent Tahitian Gardenia.  It transports me to a tropical paradise (that I have never visited).  Cocoa Brown tan does still have the slightest hint of fake tan but the Instant Tan Bronzing Gels are pure Tahitian goodness.  I would absolutely love if Cocoa Brown released a body lotion with their Signature scent.... scrap that I would love if they released a shower gel, body scrub AND a body lotion with Tahitian Gardenia. 
What will Marissa have in store for us next ? (Hopefully a Cocoa Brown scented Shower gel and lotion)  As Marissa is an award winning facialist I would love to see her develop products for the face, she is really going to tontour the world.  Marissa always reminds me a little of Tinkerbell, she is petite and pretty but more than that she is feisty, determined and full of ideas.  Whats lovely about Marissa she uses her position to help and promote others (not to step on people) she really is an inspiration.    Sounds mad but for me Marissa is Ireland's own magical fairy livening up our pale and pasty skins without emptying our purses.  The whole Cocoa Brown team are just lovely and it must be a joy to work there.

Cocoa Brown Instant Tan Bronzing Gels should be coming to a penneys near you soon and cost €6.99.

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