Thursday, October 8, 2015

Redken One United

I am very lucky with my hair, its thick strong and one of my best assets - which is great cause hopefully it distracts from my wobbly belly.  Lately my hair has been a little bonkers, some of it has been grand, some of it needs to spend some time on the naughty step and some of it has taken great restraint not to shave it off.  Since I had the baby I have had some new hair growth unfortunately a lot of the hair around the hairline has grown back a completely different texture.  I have more or less straight hair but the new hair growth is..... well my hairdresser kindly described it as pubic (and she doesn't know anything about Karen from LovelyGirlieBits and her publicles).  Its best described as frizzy and at worst Krusty the Clown.  The hair from the side just sticks out - which is mental considering the rest of my hair is straight.

Enter Redken One United*  I have been relying heavily on this little beauty to keep my hair in check.  Its a bit of a magic potion in a bottle which claims to have 25 benefits.  I spray this on freshly washed hair and I find it helps smooth and tame my hair.  It calms down the Krusty bits - it doesn't get rid of them altogether but it smooth's them out and makes them manageable and has stopped me from taking a razor out and shaving my head.

My magic potion claims to have 25 Benefits which is a big claim so lets go through them and see if I agree

  1. Conditions - absolutely agree 
  2. Nourishes - absolutely agree 
  3. Improves manageability - absolutely agree before I use it I cant put a brush through ol Krusty 
  4. Helps even porous hair - absolutely agree I have highlighted hair 
  5. Reduced dryness - absolutely agree 
  6. Detangles - absolutely agree and is my lifesaver
  7. Instant results - absolutely agree 
  8. Ideal cutting lotion - ?? its wet so I suppose
  9. Primes hair for styling - agree am not the best for styling my hair
  10. Helps prevent breaking from brushing - absolutely agree 
  11.  Safe for colour treated hair - absolutely agree
  12. Helps prevent heat damage - absolutely agree 
  13. Helps prevent split ends - absolutely agree 
  14. Helps seal in the hair cuticle - not sure haven't examined
  15. Safe for ombre hair - kinda like saying safe if you have a head ?
  16. Helps shield v external aggressors - I have been trying to stay away from aggression :)   
  17. Gives silky touch - oh yeah it does  absolutely agree 
  18. Adds Smoothness - Kinda the same as no 17 isn't it but absolutely agree 
  19. Adds shine - use blondes don't have that much shine but definitely better after I use
  20. Helps control frizz - HELL YEAH IT ROCKS AT IT
  21. Anti - static - I haven't been rubbing baloons on my head to check
  22. Controls fly always - hell if it tames the Krusty bits who cares about fly aways.
  23. Makes blow dry easier - absolutely agree easier and quicker
  24. Style refresher - I hadn't realised - guess what ill be trying tomorrow
  25.  Lightweight results - absolutely agree.
For the most part it does exactly what it claims to do, although 25 claims is stretching it a bit (aren't smooth and silky kind of the same thing).   One United manages to do all these without weighing your hair down and has been a life saver over the last few weeks.

If the 25 benefits aren't enough for you Redken One United is sulphate free paraben free and also contains Coconut Oil so its basically hitting all the marks.  I have been using One United religiously when I wash my hair, it helps me comb through my hair and for me is becoming a necessary step even if I am just air-drying my hair.  I give Redken One United a big thumbs up - in fact if I were to spill it I would be like Homer on the ground dipping my hair in the growth serum.

Redken One United is out now and costs €21.80

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