Monday, October 19, 2015

Current Favourite Nails #Manimonday Sally Hansen Miracle Gel & Essence The Gel

I am the first to hold my raggedy hands up and say "I'm a bit crap with nail polish".  I am quite hard on my hands and in my job basically if you see somebody with un-chipped nail polish you know they are not doing any work.  I find it heart breaking to paint your nails wait AGES for them to dry only for them to chip really quickly.  Then you have to take the polish off and I tend to not have the time or the patience for changing my nail polish every other day.
I used to be one of those people who would keep on top of nail polish trends like the "must have" Chanel shade or basically copy which every Essie or OPI shade Laura from Buy Now Blog Later (back when she was Lollipop26 although I still worship at her beauty loving feet). Recently I have been using two brands of nail polish fairly exclusively and they are Essence and Sally Hansen.
Essence has become a bit of a lifesaver for me when it comes to nails they have a massive (and I mean MASSIVE) selection of shades which is constantly being updated.  I find it so handy that the stands indicate when there is a new shade with a bright and happy NEW in front of the polish.  I have been using Essence The Gel* polishes which cost €2.29 literally as cheep as chips (or 9 cent more than my local chipper).  Essence The Gel range is basically like applying any nail varnish.  First you apply The Gel base coat then you apply the colour (I usually apply 2 thin coats) then you apply The Gel top coat.  You don't need a lamp or any special equipment. You purchase the base and top coat separately and they cost €3.09 each.

As the name gel indicates you get a very shiny finish to the nails and although it doesn't last me 2 weeks (usually about 5 days which is long for me) it is long lasting and I have been asked where I got my shellac.   Essence always have great seasonal and fashion tones, this winter its all about the dark shades (well it is Winter) and nudes.   They are such a bargain, for me they are guilt free shopping. I have another post on essence nails here.

My other go to nail brand is Sally Hansen Miracle Gel*, again you can get a great range of colours along with seasonal releases.  The Miracle Gel polishes cost €9.99 and you buy the top coat separately also for €9.99 (although you can pick up nifty little kits with a colour and a topcoat and they work out at better value if your picking up the topcoat for the first time).  The Miracle Gel topcoat doesn't require a lamp or any special gadgets in fact the sun cures the top coat so the longer your in the sun the more resilient the topcoat becomes. Don't fear Irish ladies who haven't seen the sun this year, the topcoat dries just fine if your sitting on your couch watching Eastenders with a cup of tea.   Again your getting a super shiny finish but more importantly its long (longer) lasting.  

Last week I wore an Orly nail polish and a Sephora Formula X polish and I was horrified at how quickly they chipped.  I will be sticking to my Essence and Sally Hansen polishes.

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