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Clarins Instant Glow - Spring 2016

I can finally see the sun, it feels like it has been raining non stop for months, there has been storm after storm.  We deserve a little sunshine and brightness in our lives.  While its hard to think about Spring makeup collections when your being washed away with the rain, they are made so much more attractive by a bright and happy sun in the sky.  Clarins Spring 2016 Collection is called Instant Glow which gives an instant image of glowing healthy radiant skin and Clarins are the experts in skin.  

Clarins pour all of their skincare knowledge and expertise into their foundations and to create glowing radiant skin they have created BB Skin Detox Fluid*  €34.50 -Spoiler Alert I LOVE IT.  Many BB Creams are so sheer they have hardly any coverage but Skin Detox (which Clarins recommend applying with your fingers) covers the redness on my cheeks and nose and perfects my face in a very natural way.  I adore how light it feels on my skin and how natural and radiant I look while covering up the increasing amounts discoloration I have.  I have been so impressed with Skin Detox Fluid that I brought my mam out and made her buy it for herself (she was in the market for a new foundation).  Not only is Skin Detox Fluid a lovely base to wear (your skin doesn't have that gritty dirty feeling at the end of the day) it also has a SPF of 25 which will be perfect for all the sun Ireland is going to have in the next few months (don't mock me we have had storms we will get the sun).  The only downside to Skin Detox Fluid is its small shade range I have the lightest (of the 4 different shades) shade Fair 00 and it will be too dark for many Irish skins, it is slightly too dark for me at the moment but it blends really well.   Clarins foundations always have the added benefit of skincare properties and Skin Detox allows your skin to look radiant while also covering blemishes and imperfections.  I am a huge fan.

I am not a massive fan of Clarins eye shadows, they are soft and buttery but lightly pigmented - its a personal preference my friend loves Clairns eye shadows and thinks they are wonderfully buildable and bendable  - so I would recommend giving the 5 Colour Eye Palette which comes with the Instant Glow collection a miss.  You can keep an eye out for the very beautiful Cream-to-Powder Iridescent Eye shadows which launched with the collection.  The range beautiful shadows have a fantastic formula which you can easily apply with your fingers. I have the shade Silver Green* €22.50 which is Beautiful.

I am more than a little in love with Clarins lip products, while they might not always have my kinda colours (Clarins is a little to classy for my general choice which is obnoxious slag pink) I am in love with their formulas, the texture, the fragrance.  I just adore Clarins lip products.   Clarins bases are makeup with skincare benefits and the lip products are also packed with beneficial ingredients so not only do they look lovely on they feel AMAZING.

We are huge fans of the Instant Light Lip Perfector's here at Emeraldeyeliner (I always have one in my handbag) I use them almost like a lip treatment because they feel so amazing on my lips.  I recently had that the flu (you know the one where your face feels like its going to fall off and your lips are raw and swollen) and Instant Light is the only product I put near my lips and I used it to nourish my lips and it helped with looking somewhat human again.  For the Spring collection there are two new shades, I have No.7. Toffee Pink Shimmer* €20.00 which is such a beautiful shade.  I was talking to a colleague (who picked up the brighter more intense shade in the Instant Glow Collection) and she said Instant Lights are so lovely that she would be happy enough if they were the only lip product she was to use for the rest of her life.  So its not just me that adores Instant Light - try them, LOVE THEM.

As I am a fan of a bolder lip usually Clarins soft and classy shades don't appeal to me but the moment I tried on Rouge Eclat in Rose Praline* €23.00 I was converted, the gentle pretty shade looks stunning on, its not a shade I would gravitate towards but I adore how flattering it is.  Its a "Your Lips but Better, and healthier, and glowing, and shiny" kinda shade, if your looking for a Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shade Rose Praline should head to the top of your list (especially when the Rosie for Autograph lipsticks are €19.00 and are nowhere as nourishing as Clarins). 

On top the Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Rose Praline and on the bottom Toffee Pink Shimmer Instant Light Perfector

Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Rose Praline

Rouge Eclat Lipstick in Rose Praline

  I think Rose Praline would be a lovely wedding lipstick its such a classic but stunning shade - my lips have been in such bad condition but I really think the Clarins lip products nourish the lips and enhance the appearance. 

Rather smug looking me with glowing skin and fab lips while holding the lipstick to my cheek adoringly.  

My recommendations for the Clarins Instant Glow Collection would be RUN and pick up the Rouge Eclat in Rose Praline and while your at it EVERYBODY should have a Instant Light Lip Perfector.  I love and trust Skin Detox so much its coming on holidays with me next week because I think it will be my Summer skincare essential so if your on the lookout for a new foundation or base check it out.

Seriously though Clarins lip products feel amazing on the lips
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  1. Clarins is the ultimate underrated brand for me. I never rush to their counter and yet I have NEVER been disappointed with their products the lip perfectos look awesome xx Siobhan


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