Thursday, April 14, 2016

Oasis Spring Summer 2016

About 90% of my wardrobe is Spring Summer, I just feel happy looking at the bright and vibrant colours and joy of joys having my toes liberated to the world.  My absolutely favourite shop is Oasis, it is a wonderland (especially during the summer) of vibrant prints and cool classics and some of the best shoes a girl could wish for.  Oasis Flagship shop in Stephens Green is newly renovated with brilliant new lighting an adorable kitsch till area (which looks like an cute little kitchen) and what seems like a million more items of clothes.  While I love all Oasis locations the one in Stephens Green is the biggest and the best, I find it difficult to leave without making a purchase.  (True story: one time a few years ago I was on the way to the Oasis Summer Sale and I fainted on the bus, I got my ass energized enough to grab a few things in the sale before I officially wilted.  I am dedicated to Oasis).

Oasis Spring/Summer range will be hitting the shops from April with new Summer arrivals all the way to June.  Heaven.  

Oasis always have what I like to describe as "Classically on Trend" pieces and this is really reflected in their range of shoes which are so on trend but are also so comfortable, you are safe in the knowledge that you can get this summer and next summer out of your shoes.  I love the block shoes that we are seeing, it gives you height but also reduces the risk of falling over (which can be a problem for me), they put the Fun in Functional.

My absolute favourite shoe for last year were the Keds for Oasis (which I bought 3 of the 4 pairs) I wore them every day last summer.  Irish summers can be very hit and miss and the Keds for Oasis brighten up your wardrobe while keeping your toes warm.  This summer Keds for Oasis have a sparkly pair (A SPARKLY PAIR) a classic nautical stripe and a broderie anglaise in navy and white.  I think it would be rude for me not to pick up the sparkly pair and the classic white broderie anglaise.

A little lift with pink leather bags seems to be a popular choice this summer, great to see that hint of metallic on the bag.

Oasis have a great range of jewellery that would wipe the floor with some of the designer jewellery collections.

Last year Oasis launched the V & A Collection and this year they are coming back with the prettiest collection of clothes inspired by the Victoria and Albert Museums comprehensive collection of ceramics.    I wish my plates at home looked so pretty.

Oasis have lots of pretty separates in the Summer collection including the cold shoulder top in a number of different designs (one to suit everybody).  This skirt and floral cold shoulder top reminds me of Carrie from Sex and the City living the New York Summer. 

A timeless knitted summer dress, this could be styled to look anywhere from Gatsby to GaGa.

One of Oasis classic designs is their lace tops and dresses, this pretty yellow is very flattering and wearable.

I love the vibrancy of this orange shirt which will go perfectly with denim (I am thinking Irish summers are cold).

I absolutely adore this look of white embroidery on light denim, it comes in this top and also as a dress.  So pretty.

Oasis have a great selection of nautical stripes and also some mexicana inspired designs (think floaty black dresses with vibrant embroidery) which will be hitting the shops soon.  What trends are you looking forward to?  I am doing a dance of excitement in anticipation of the Keds for Oasis... the question is how long can this messy girl keep white runners clean for?

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