Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Bioderma Hydrabio Range

We all rejoiced when Bioderma finally came to Ireland and now they are launching the Hydrabio range which I think is going to be a huge hit.  Bioderma's Hydrabio range is aimed at dehydrated and sensitive skin.

Not to be confused with Dry Skin - Dehydration is a skin condition which can be easily fixed and is not exclusive to those with dry skin, as confusing as it may sound those with oily skin can be prone to dehydration.    Dehydrated skin is a huge skin condition in Ireland think of the wind and the heating and pollution all factors which can dehydrate the skin leaving it lackluster, drab and exacerbate fine lines.

I am a huge advocate of curing skin from the inside out so obviously drinking a lot of water and the right foods will help but unfortunately may not totally help hydrate the skin.  Bioderma (the name comes from the Biology of Dermatology so they know skin) have create the Hydrabio range to specifically target dehydrate skin.  The textures of the products are lighter with an interesting gel/cream texture which really targets the layers of the skin that are dehydrated

Bioderma is really famous for their micellar water so it makes perfect sense that they have developed a Hydrabio micellar water H20* (250ml €11.50), this removes makeup without leaving the skin tight or uncomfortable. 

Hydrabio Serum* (40ml €22.00) is my favourite product I have tried from the range, the gel/creme formula efficiently targets the dehydration.  This magic formula adsorbs easily, leaving the skin feeling radiant and refreshed.  Hydrabio products are not heavy so your skin doesn't feel oily or clogged.    I have been loving using the Serum and will definitely keep it as part of my skincare routine no matter what moisturiser I am using.  The serum leaves my skin feeling so nice that sometimes I forget to apply my moisturiser.

Bioderma give you the choice of moisturiser depending on your skin type for normal/oily skin there is Gel-Creme* (40ml €18.50) and for dry skin there is Creme (50ml €18.50).  I have been using the Gel- Creme and in conjunction with the Serum and my skin is in a very happy place.   The Creme is a slightly heavier texture to help skin which is both dry and dehydrated. 

For years I thought I had dry skin but it turns out I have oily skin that tends to be dehydrated, to combat my "dry" skin I would pile heavy moisturiser onto my skin which simply couldn't cope.  I was left with skin that was still dehydrated (which basically looks older), I was also left with clogged pores and millia from heavy product that wouldn't sink in.  Dehydrated skin needs lighter products which target the layers of skin which suffer from dehydration.  Since I have been using the Hydrabio range my skin feels hydrated and glowing, my skin feels smoother and softer and even some of the redness has reduced.

Hydrabio is a fantastic range which really helps improve dehydrated skin, at an affordable price.  

As part of the range there is also the Gommage (75ml €12.50) which is an exfoliating scrub.  

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