Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Clarins Sunkissed Summer 2016 Collection

Clarins Summer Collections always get me very excited and this year the small but mighty collection is aptly called "Sunkissed".

The stand out product for me every summer is the always stunning limited edition bronzing compact, this year Clarins have created a Bronzing and Blush Compact* and I think I am even more in love.  The compact is big (but not unwieldy) and contains 3 different shade of bronzer (Matte and shimmer) and in the middle a pop of the most glorious peach.  You can apply the bronze shades separately or swish them together.  I have been loving the blush shade, it adds the perfect warmth to your face which we can so easily go wrong with especially when applying bronzer.  I am seriously addicted to the compact which with its large mirror would make it perfect to take on holidays.  The compact costs €45 which is a big investment but for that you are getting a whopping 20g of product (I recently picked up the Urban Decay Bronzer which is €29 for 9g of product).  This compact is going to last you years so is a fantastic investment.  To be honest (dont tell Clarins) but I am a little confused at why they release such an awesome bronzing palette every summer because there is so much product you will NEVER run out.  If you pick one up you will be waiting with anticipation for the next years offering.  

If you see me and think I have a radiant glow its all down to Clarins and the brilliant Bronzing & Blush Compact.  

All that and I haven't even mentioned the packaging (classic and stunning).

To the left the bronze shade mixed and to the right the glorious cheek colour which looks like nothing on the wrist but stunning on the cheeks.

I learned recently from a respected makeup artist that you should treat your lips like another part of your skincare routine which is easily done when you use Clarins lip products.  I have dry lips and while I might be a big fan of a "Slag Pink Lippy" my lips love the feel and treatment that Clarins products give.  Clarins are increasingly using all their skincare knowledge in their makeup products and you can feel the effects immediately with the lip products.  I have already been a fan of the Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils* and this summer a new shade Red Berry has been added (€21). 
The Instant Light Lip Comfort Oils are for the most part sheer with a hint of colour, if your like me and love a bit more oomph to your lip colours I have been lining my lips and colouring them in and using the lip oil on top.  

I also love the applicator which reminds me of a platypus tail.
Left to Right:  Honey, Raspberry and Red Berry

Clarins Fix Make-Up Spray*  (€28.00) is a surprise hit for me, setting sprays are one of those products that I use because I know I am supposed to but I tend to not get very excited about them and they are GUARANTEED to smudge my mascara.  Fix Make-Up caught my attention because its the only spray that hasn't smudged my mascara (I have tried MAC, Urban Decay, Smashbox).  Its a very fine spray that is supposed to smell of roses (I haven't noticed) add to that the beneficial skincare ingredients and you have a dam good setting spray.  

Clarins Double Fix Mascara* (€22.00) If I am being honest I haven't tested out this really clever product enough but since the weather is heating up (and in Ireland that means.....warm rain) I will have a chance to trial this properly.  Double Fix is so clever its actually two products, its a transparent mascara that can be used onto of ANY mascara to make it waterproof and it can also be used to groom and set your eyebrows.   How clever is that?  

The want is slightly smaller than a regular mascara wand making it easy to reach all lashes and to groom your brows. 

For me good makeup starts with good skin, I am in the hopes of improving my skin (being tired with a baby makes me reach for the wrong foods all the time) and I always feel that my skin is in good hands when I am using Clarins.  This summer Clarins have launched Skin Boosters (Energy Booster, Repair Booster and Detox Booster) these are oils which you add to your moisturiser to help your skin.  I have been using Detox Booster* (€39.00) for the past few weeks and I have been really loving it.  When I have used facial oils before I have found they sit on top of my skin not properly adsorbing, but you simply add a couple of drops of the Booster to your normal moisturiser and it sinks in like a dream leaving my skin feeling amazing.  There is a small dispenser at the bottom of the cleverly designed bottle which makes it easy to get the correct amount of product.  I have found my skin feels smoother with less blemishes and less redness on my cheeks (although a food detox would also help.  You really cant beat Clarins for their skincare. They are Skincare Geniuses. 
I have been using these little beauties every single day, Love them.

I have used a nude lip liner on my lips and applied Honey Comfort Oil on top - but look at the radiance from the cheeks, very subtle and classic.

Bronzing compact on the cheeks and Red Berry Lip Oil in the lips.
Clarins Sunkissed Collection is out now. Pin It


  1. Aw nothing like a good Clarins summer collection! You look so radiant!

  2. Oh my! This summer collection is something worth checking out!


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