Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Stila Spring Summer 2016

Stila are re-branding their whole line, gone are the recycled paper boxes and in their place the brand is a heaven for the golden goddess.  Each collection Stila concentrate on a different part of the face or type of product and for spring Stila are concentrating on complexion.

First up we have the Correct & Perfect All In One Color Correcting Palette* which as the name suggests is a colour correcting face palette with 5 cream correcting colors and 2 powders to set makeup.

The packaging is very pretty with a delicate coloured marbled  design.   We have all had a palette with cream and powder products and we have all decided they don't work together, either the cream drys out or the powder gets all over the cream making it redundant.  Stila have designed a clever clear cover to protect the cream products from any powder, its neat and easy to use and quite frankly I don't know how somebody didn't think of it earlier.   

Cream Correctors
  • Peach – neutralises dark under-eye circles on fair/medium skin tones
  • Pink – brightens eye area and masks fatigue
  • Yellow – neutralises hyper-pigmentation and dark spots
  • Green – counteracts redness (i.e. from rosacea, acne, broken capillaries, and sunburn)
  • Orange – counteracts dark under-eye circles on darker skin tones; also neutralises veins 
Pressed Setting Powders
  • Yellow – sets any correcting cream or can be used all over to even out skin tone
  • Lavender – sets pink correcting cream or can be used all over to brighten sallow/yellow skin

Quite honestly I wasn't very excited about a colour correcting palette, I am not generally very excited about the idea of another beauty step (most days I don't have the time for the basics let alone extra steps like serums and now a colour corrector) but I was willing to give it a try.  I have mostly been using the Peach shade under my eyes and the green shade around my nose and on my chin.  As I get older I am developing more and more redness on my face (the curse of the Celts.... and a spotty chin) and I gave my best effort at doing the artist strokes we see so much of on Instagram.  With a hugely cynical head I went about blending,  I had applied so much green I looked like I was about to audition for Wicked and since I have a One and a bit year old baby I think the only real way to cover my dark circles is to wear sunglasses CONSTANTLY and pretend Im really mysterious.   I thought while I was blending out my green face I would have a lot of time to think about life, science and the true parentage of Jon Snow but I was shocked (and a little disappointed because I didn't get to think at all).  The colours blended like a dream and in a flash and I was left with skin that was like a blank canvas.  

On the left you can see my cynical pre blend face and on the right you can see not a spot of red remains.  

I love that the Color Correcting palette gives your skin a fresh and even base, I love a light glowy complection but because of the redness on my chin and around my nose I need a heavier base (I am still not a fan of heavy foundation).  This allows me to use a light base (even a BB Cream) and the redness is gone.  The long lasting formula means that even if some foundation wears off the redness is still covered.  My red chin makes the longest wearings foundations quiver in their boots and none of them last til the end of the day but the Color Correcting Palette perfects everything and of course I have the setting powders to ensure my base lasts all day.  You don't see redness in the skin or imperfections but you also don't see heavy makeup.  I like to think it gives me mannequin face.  Since I have been using this I have been told my skin looks great and I look radiant.  My skin hasn't changed but this palette is my secret weapon.

I hold my hands up, am surprised at how much I love the Color Correcting Palette.  I cant be without it I use it religiously every day and am so happy with it I have a back up ordered.   My only comment on the palette is I wish the green section was bigger but that's a personal wish cause I have so much redness on my face.  

 Of course you cant have perfected skin without having a perfect foundation so let me introduce Stila Aqua Glow Serum Foundation and as the name suggests its a Serum foundation.  Stila excel with their foundations, they just cant make a bad one and the Aqua Glow Foundation is quickly becoming one of my favourites.  The Aqua Glow is a lightweight foundation that packs a punch, half a drop from the pipette covers your entire face.  Its lightweight feel is amazing on the skin and jam packed with pigments which gives you beautiful coverage.  Aqua Glow gives a medium coverage which you can build (I used to have to build it around my nose and on my chin before the Color Correcting palette came into my life).  Aqua Glow foundation as the name suggests leaves the skin looking radiant and glowing and that is exactly the kind of foundation I love.  I want my foundation to make me look like I have radiant glowing skin (like a Victoria Secret model but ..eeh chubby).   Like most serum foundations they look amazing on normal and oily skin but can be patchy on dry skin, I have tried samples from a lot of other serum based foundations and none of them suited my skin but the Aqua Glow works really well with my skin (which for the most part is normal/oily).  If you have dry skin Aqua Glow might not be the foundation for you but the good news is Stila have plenty of other amazing foundations to choose from.  I would always recommend asking for a sample of a foundation before forking out your money on an expensive product that might not work for your skin (cause foundations are hella expensive these days).  

To compliment the foundation Stila have also launched the Aqua Glow Serum Concealer which is a pigmented light weight concealer which I have been loving under my eyes, its formula means it doesn't go into my "laughter lines".  The packaging isn't my favourite, it makes you feel like its an empty tube where in fact there is 9g of product (there is 5g in the Urban Decay Naked Concealer) it works well I can easily forgive.  

So we have the skin perfected and looking pretty amazing (something Stila are particularly amazing at) and now we need some colour on the face.  To quote The Devil Wears Prada "Flowers for Spring.. Groundbreaking" so why don't we go with a bold vampy lip?  

On the left we have the raspberry Bacca* and on the right Ricco* 

I love Bacca but admit Ricco is a bit out there for me, I am much more comfortable in a bright and happy pink but I still love the look of clean perfected skin, simple eyes and WOW lips.

To round up the collection Stila have launched 2 Convertible Cheek Palettes I love convertible colors they are possibly my favourite Stila product and I ALWAYS have one in my purse (if you meet me you can check).  Although you can apply them on your cheeks and lips I almost exclusively use them on my cheeks (If I do use them on my lips I just blot colour onto my lips with my ring finger for a simple easy look).  
When we were at the launch of the new Stila counter in Harvey Nichols Dublin (Oh how I would LOVE Stila mirrors in my room) myself and Karen from Lovely Girlie Bits got up to our usual messing and I decided it would be a wonderful idea to recreate the imagery for the Spring Collection except with a slightly more demented and deranged face.   That radiant glowing skin... that would be the Aqua Glow Foundation, crazed expression ALL MINE. 

My picks for Stila Spring 2016 is (surprisingly) the Color Correcting Palette and the Aqua Glow Foundation (of course if Serum foundations don't suit your skin Stay All Day Foundation is kinda amazing too).  
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