Monday, October 31, 2016

Newbridge Silverware - What do Marilyn Monroe and Amy Huberman have in common ? (Luna Collection)

When most people call in sick to work they can be found on the couch in comfortable PJ's sipping 7up not Marilyn Monroe, one her (many) sick days called for her to to be sewn into a skin tight flesh coloured gown with over 2,500 hand stitched crystals giving the illusion of her body being naked and shimmering and to perform possibly the most famous rendition of Happy Birthday the world has ever heard.  Go big or go home, not a Marilyn quote but certainly a sentiment to which she lived up to.  If you have ever visited the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons you will know every week is is exciting, but this week is rather special.  For a very limited time (Saturday 29th October – Sunday 6th November) the sheer gown worn my Marilyn on that infamous night will be on display. 
Newbridge Silverware are working again with Julian's Auctioneers to bring this Iconic dress to Ireland with its only European viewing before it goes up for Auction on November 17th.  

The dresses significance before more poignant if you think that in less than a year after Marilyn performed Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962 both the star and the President had passed away.  

Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons is really a treat which transports you directly to old Hollywood, encompassing pieces from Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Elvis, The Beatles even Kim Kardashian,  The museum frequently has different exhibitions showcasing rare and iconic memorabilia.  Did I mention the Museum is FREE?  

I like to keep an eye on Newbridge Silverware's website to see what exhibitions they have coming up because there are some collections that you simply cant miss.  

While your visiting Newbridge Silverware you can also browse the showroom, look at the Christmas shop and even stop for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea.  Of course its hard not to do a bit of shopping (also check out the bargains at the till area) and during my visit I had to check out the new jewellery collection designed by Amy Huberman.  

The Luna Collection (designed by Amy) is a contemporary jewellery collection which would make delightful gifts for anyone this Christmas.  The collection which outshines other contemporary designers and includes intricate elements like an adorable elephant, the sun, moon, stars.  I love that you can layer the pieces or wear the more intricate pieces on their own.  The range is all gold plated and very affordable (ranging from €20 - €45.00).

My absolute favourite piece and one that is going to the top of my Christmas list is the Sun, Moon and Stars pendant (€45.00) which gives the illusion of jewellery layering (without the multiple knotted chains).  

 The Luna Collection is out now and I think I can safely say that I will be picking up a few pieces as gifts for my friends and family.  The range is so pretty and almost unexpected from Newbridge Silverware who I associate with larger chunkier pieces.  The company of course has a huge range of jewellery from its more traditional designs to newer fashion pieces, there really is something for all the family.  

Sure lets look at Marilyn's dress one more time....

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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Cocoa Brown New Products - Kind Shampoo, Kind Conditioner, Self Tanning Wipes, Rose Gold Goddess, The Goddess Collection

Marissa Carter and Cocoa Brown have changed the face (and body) of false tanning in Ireland.   With the original One Hour Tan Marissa has created an effective and affordable product which is a beauty staple for most Irish women (and beyond).

Marissa (as you can see from her snapchat) is not one to sit on her laurels and decided to expand what is now becoming a Cocoa Brown Empire. 

Marissa gave us a glimpse of what was to come with the Cocoa Brown Travel Set* €8.00 which contains a travel size Kind Shampoo, Conditioner shower gel and a packet of Self Tanning Wipes. 

If your as old as I am (as old as the hills) the idea of Self Tanning Wipes give you the shivers, back in the day the only tanning products available were either very very expensive or tanning wipes which basically seemed like they were coffee stained sheets of misery.    I haven't tried the Cocoa Brown Wipes (I cant sorry, it will cause flashbacks) but Sinead from the Beautiful Truth has and thought they were lovely (high praise from the trusted Sinead).  

After the success of the Travel Set Cocoa Brown released full size (200ml) of both the Kind Shampoo* and Kind Conditioner* (€3.50).  As the name suggests the Kind range is good to both the hair and the scalp (and even gentle on hair extensions).  The formula is free from Parabens, Alcohol and Formaldehyde and has a very light fragrance (Cocoa Browns signature Tahitian Gardenia).

So is it any good?  I am lucky enough to have good hair, I have lots (and lots) of it, it takes well to a style and is strong.  Unfortunately after I had the baby some I my hair grew back different, the hair around my ears grew back frizzy and rough (weird I know).  Just when I have no time to style or treat my hair it starts acting the maggot.  Left to its own devices the sides stuck out like Krusty The Klown.  Kind Shampoo and Conditioner is a rich but light duo which I found miraculously helped with the frizz.  Kind leaves your hair so soft and manageable.  It is a rich shampoo and I found during the really warm days (remember those very humid days with absolutely no sun in September) I got greasy roots quicker. This was probably a combination of the heat and the conditioning nature of the shampoo,  if you have very oily hair the shampoo might not agree with you (but I have a solution for you below).  

I gave the smaller size Shampoo and Conditioner to my friend to try, she has finer hair than me and she got on really well with the duo.  Her hair looked bright, soft and conditioned.  Recently I have been using a different shampoo (mostly because himself has used up the end of the Kind Shampoo on his delicate scalp - he noticed the difference) and the Kind Conditioner and my hair feels lovely and soft and without frizz.   So if you have oily hair try using your regular shampoo and the Kind conditioner.   Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo and Conditioner are a great duo if you have frizzy hair and at €3.50 each are an excellent price.  I would love if Cocoa Brown released a deep conditioner or treatment.  Think of the possibilities.  
Here I am my hair has been washed by Cocoa Brown Kind Shampoo and Conditioner and styled with Bumble & Bumble products.  My hair looks shiny and healthy and I dare you to spot some of the Krusty the Klown frizz.
ROSE GOLD - just mention Rose Gold anything and it sells out in a flash.  Who doesn't Love Rose Gold?   Especially when Rose Gold is particularly flattering to the Irish complexion.    Recently Cocoa Brown released a Limited Edition Rose Gold Goddess* and it sold out in a flash (I asked in Penneys in Dundrum and it sold out in an hour).  I love the original Golden Goddess which is so pretty on the skin (on holidays, during party season or just on a Tuesday to brighten your world).  The oil absorbs easily into the skin leaving you with a radiant pretty glow.  I was away in March and cause I have a baby I saw absolutely no sun but Golden Goddess on my legs gives such a radiant glow I looked like a Golden Goddess.  You can use the Goddess oils on the face but I love to use them on the body, the fact that they are so affordable means you wont feel guilty for smothering your body with it.  
Cocoa Brown couldn't really leave a nation crying out in need for more of the limited edition wonder which was Rose Gold Goddess so this Christmas (from the 8th November) Cocoa Brown are releasing the Goddess Collection which contains the original Golden, Rose Gold and a new Ice Goddess all for an amazing €17.99.
So whats next for Cocoa Brown?  Who knows with the wonderful Marissa but we know she has plenty more tricks up her sleeve.  
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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Breast Cancer Awareness 2016

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and some of our favourite beauty companies are making donating beautiful (and easy).

Make Up For Ever is a brand I have been almost afraid to stick my toe into (because I know I will love EVERYTHING).  October is the time to dive right in with an amazing campaign #anotherkissonthewall - simply pop into the Make up For Ever shop on Clarendon Street and apply a lipstick (donate a suggested amount of €2.00) and place a kiss on the ribbon shaped wall.  Make Up Fore Ever are also donating 10% of all lipstick sales during the month of October to Breast Cancer Ireland.   Go on Show us your Kisses #anotherkissonthewall is our favourite online shop, not only do they stock some amazing brands they also give free samples, they are like Irelands own Sephora.  For the past three years Cloud 10 Beauty have been helping Ireland Paint it Pink #CLOUD10PAINTITPINK.  

During the month of October Cloud 10 Beauty will donate €1.00 from every order (no matter how small) to the Irish Cancer Society.  To raise awareness all October orders will come in a delightful pink box.  Don't forget to shout about your orders on social media with the hashtag #CLOUD10PAINTITPINK.  

This year Smashbox have decided to donate a portion of the profits of their best selling product The Photo Finish Primer Water* towards Breast Cancer Awareness.   The bottle has a distinctive pink ribbon emblazoned on the side of the bottle and the box.  Its very clever that they are using a product that people actually use as this will raise even more money for Breast Cancer Awareness.  

Estee Lauder brands always have a selection of items for sale in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness but if you see or hear of any other products or events in aid of Breast Cancer Awareness don't forget to comment below and share the love. Pin It
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