Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Beyonce Heat Seduction

Its safe to say that Beyonce can do no wrong.  She is quite literally a goddess on earth.  I remember seeing her perform and hadn't been a huge fan but she literally took my breath away.   She was like an amazonian angel performing on the stage in front of me.  Funnily enough I think Beyonce is adored more by women than men (who of course appreciate her) but women love her.   

Its safe to say when your a cultural phenomena like Beyonce you have your fingers in plenty of pies.   Heat Seduction* is Beyonce's latest fragrance release which is said to be inspired by her sensual and seductive side.

Heat seduction isn't as heady and heavy as a fragrance "inspired by sensual and seduction" would suggest, its also not an overly sweet fragrance which celebrity fragrances can rely on.  Heat Seduction is a pleasant almost modest fragrance that will translate well on most people, its not a particularly "young" fragrance as is the case with celebrity fragrances.  Its an easy to wear fragrance.  Its said that it could be worn day or night but would probably more suitable for easy daytime wear.  

Top Notes: Exotic Spices, Dewberry, Mandarin Orange
Middle Notes; Orchid, Ginger Flower, Freesia
Base Notes: Amber, Musk, Labdanum

The amber and musk come through the fragrance at the end but its never too heavy.

The bottle is the same shape as the original Heat fragrance but it is in an amber bottle to reflect the amber base note.

Boots have a gift set of Heat Seduction which costs €30 and contains 30ml of the fragrance as well as a shower gel and a body lotion. Pin It

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