Monday, December 12, 2016

Too Faced Christmas in New York - Merry Macarons

I have never experienced Christmas in New York but there is something about the two which go together perfectly.  When I think about Christmas I think about  Miracle on 34th Street, the Tree at the Rockerfeller Center and Home Alone 2.  I have visions of myself all snuggled up drinking hot chocolate looking at these iconic New York and Christmas sights.  I have said it before that Too Faced are the most adorable Makeup brand and in my opinion this year they have created the cutest Christmas collection.                                                
The Merry Macarons* makeup palette is Vanilla Scented... it actually smells like vanilla macarons mmmmm.  Thats reason alone to pick up the palette The palette also comes with a deluxe sample size Better than Sex mascara.  
The packaging is all you can imagine from Too Faced... totally adorable and cute with scenes from New York.  Too Faced have the best packing,  they are the most imaginative makeup brand and there is no way you can look at the products without a smile being brought to your face.  In addition to this the products looking really good they are amazing quality.  I am fast becoming a huge fan.

The palette contains 12 vanilla scented eye shadows which are as I have come to expect from Too Faced wonderful.  They are smooth, buttery and pigmented.  The palette has a wonderful selection of shades, its a neutral palette with pops of colour and sparkle for a perfect party looks.  The palette contains matte shadows, shimmer and glitters.  What more could a girl want at Christmas.  

Now for swatches
Left to Right : Coconut, Dulce De Leche Banana Cream Almond Mocha
Left to Right: Champagne Rose, Mint Chocolate, Tiramisu, Chocolate Raspberry
Left to Right: Praline, Honey Lavender, Violet Cassis, Cookies & Cream
I have been loving wearing a neutral eye and using Violet Cassis as an intense almost ultraviolet liner.

The Christmas in New York Collection seems to be sold out online so you should keep an eye on larger Too Faced counters in Debenhams which exclusively stock the brand in Ireland and the UK.  

Too Faced have lots of exciting things coming in 2017 including the return of the Peach Palette which was such a hit it sold out World Wide during the Spring, I sought high and low for it so I am delighted that Ill be able to get my hands on the palette and a whole Peach Collection in the New Year.   Too Faced have recently been bought by Estee Lauder and I hope that means that they will keep their uniqueness and quirkiness but have access to wider distribution, we all deserve some Too Faced in your life.  Dont go changing Too Faced.

I am going to have lots more Too Faced featured on the blog because its becoming one of my favourite bands.   The ingenuity with products and packing as well as the wonderful quality make them an amazing brand.  

Side Note:  If your loving the idea of Christmas in New York follow LC's Closet who is a festive queen.  You really need to go and follow her on Snapchat where she shows a wonderful mix of the knowledge of living and working in New York mixed with all the excitement and enthusiasm as if she has just arrived (as well as being a lovely sound girl).
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