Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Lancôme Juicy Shakers - Berry in Love #Bantheboring

Even if your not a fan of Lancome there is something very fun and exciting about the new Juicy Shakers €22, they are the kinda of product to get makeup fans very giddy.  Juicy Shakers are exactly what makeup should be about fun, functional and brings a smile to your face. 
Firstly look how adorable they are.  Juicy Shakers tip their very fancy hat to the very famous and universally adored Juicy Tube (which were launched back in 2000 - how old does that make you feel?) an iconic product that was in everybody's makeup bag.  The packaging is inspired by a tiny cocktail shaker (and we all know how fun cocktails are).

While they are adorable and fun they are also quite fantastic on the lips.  A biphasic (swit swoo) formula which is filled with pigments and oils (peach kernel oil, sweet almond oil, cranberry oil and musk rose oil) which restore, soften and sooth the lips while leaving a kiss of colour.  When the product hasn't been used the pigment and oil separate and you shake your mini cocktail maker to mix the magic potion (I like to sing when I am shaking but the choice is yours).

The applicator is a cute little sponge, I like to bop the product onto my lips because the sponge is so soft and comfortable.  You can apply a sheer wash of colour or reapply to get a more intense shade which I concentrate on the center of the lips (if you have very thin lips this applicator may not be your friend, it is a dream on the center of the lips but I found it difficult to apply on the inner corners).  
When I swatched the Juicy Shaker on my hand it left behind a stain so if your in a pinch you could use the pigment from the Juicy Shakers as a cheek colour.  

 There are 14 different shades each one has its own fragrance which is incredibly cute.

Juicy Shakers are a fun product that truly feel amazing on the lips (more like a treatment than a colour), they are so easy to apply making them the perfect Summer lip product.

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