Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Duty Free Shopping - Shopping in Lanzarote

Its always exciting to go on holiday and as a beauty lover I get very happy at the idea of Duty Free shopping ahhh there is nothing like The Loop to get a beauty lover very excited.  I have been in many Duty Free shops and we are so lucky in Ireland to have one of the best.  

In saying that I only had approximately 3 minutes in the Loop (I should have shopped online) but I had my eye (nose?) on Jo Malone Wood Sage and Sea Salt for ages and snapped it up for €43.30.  I was in such a rush I didn't get to enjoy the Jo Malone process of wrapping the bow and spraying the paper but I did get an fresh scent perfect for my holiday.

I have been after the Urban Decay eyeshadow in Fireball for ages and in my rush I picked up Freelove by accident.  DOH.  Wrong shade but its very pretty and ended up being perfect for holidays.  It cost €15.30 in The Loop.

My holiday destination was Lanzarote which is a Duty Free island and since I had so little time in The Loop so whats a girl to do but check out some makeup?  There are many shops selling perfumes (and electronics) but my advice would be to stick to the chains such as Fund Grube and Dalia Perfumerias which are more reputable retailers.  Fund Grube and Dalia always seem to have a special offer on, fragrances are reduced and there seems to be an additional 20% off (as well as other special offers and promotions). 
I never gravitate towards Estee Lauder (not sure why, perhaps I think they are too "Grown Up" for me) but its the time of year for the Bronze Goddess Collection to launch so I had a little look -unfortunately no Bronze Goddess yet - but I did pick up this stunning Pure Color Liquid Lip Potion in the shade Naughty Naive for €23.92 which isnt a great saving as at home they cost €24.00.

I may not have gotten that much of a bargain but I am really enjoying this liquid lipstick which is such an amazing shade and great on the lips.   It is a traditional liquid lipstick all the pigment of a lipstick with the ease of applying a gloss.  

Clinique Pep-Start has been getting a lot of attention and as a sleep deprived mammy (ahh Im just being dramatic) I will give anything and everything a go.  The Irish price for Pep-Start is €28.00 but I picked it up in Lanzarote €16.45.  Grand Saving.  Not sure yet how its working for my eyes but ill keep you informed. 

New on counter were the Clinique Pop Lacquer Lip Colour which are vibrant lip glosses with built in primers, I picked up the shade GoGo Pop for €18.50.  These are €20.00 in Ireland. 

When I saw the new Chanel liner in Fervent Blue on counter I did a happy dance when I tried to pick it up in Dublin it was out of stock and here it was for €19.35 (€25.00 In Ireland).  I have been paring Freelove and Fervent Blue for a easy but summer look.

Ahh so happy with my holiday makeup - it shows on my smug face.
I think if your looking for a real bargain in Lanzarote you should check out the perfumes I picked up Michael Kors 30ml Sporty Citrus €24.90 (€55.00 in Ireland) and I picked up a few presents Clinique Happy  €21.98 (50ml €52.00 in Ireland), and  Giorgio Armani Si 30ml €35.95 (€58.00 in Ireland).    Its worth pointing out that you get a better bargain buying perfumes on the island rather than in the Duty Free on the way home. 

I have used Debenhams.ie to check the Irish prices cause I love a bit of shopping in Debenhams and I get quite excited when my loyalty card builds up money. Pin It
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