Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Game Changing Tans

Cocoa Brown threw down the gauntlet when they created the One Hour Tan and some other brands have been really stepping up to the plate to create game changing tan.

Hands down my favourite tan is Vita Liberata pHenomenal Tanning Mousse*  its a crazy clever tan which is brilliant for really busy (and lazy) people (I'm both).  The pHenomenal tan is very easy to apply and I have never gotten a streak or tan sleeves (you know those bits where a person has orange cuffs from badly applied tan).  Its pack jammed with clever ingredients that not only mean it doesn't smell (I was very conscious of tan smell especially with the baby and it has a it has the faintest tan smell which is barely detectable), make the tan last up to 3 weeks and fades so naturally you forget you are wearing tan.  Last summer I was so confused how I had such a good tan but hand not been outside (Irish Summer + New Baby do not equal J Lo glow), I then remembered I had applied pHenomenal tan 2 and a half weeks before.  The tan is such a natural and flattering colour.  

Vita Liberata is a premium brand so pHenomenal tan is a little pricey €46.50 but it really is the best tan on the market.  If I was going to a wedding or on holidays Vita Liberata is the tan I would depend on and Im not the only one Vita Liberata is stocked in Sephora and we all know Sephora stock the best beauty products, what an amazing achievement for an Irish brand.  Vita Liberata only seem to create very clever products (like their bronzing crystals which are also a false tanner and the intriguing Body Blur).  

pHenonemal tan is long lasting (if you apply 3 times it will last for over 3 weeks), natural shade which fades evenly (I have never had to scrub or remove the tan it fades nicer than a natural tan) and in my opinion the best tan on the market and better than a real tan.

Vita Liberata is stocked on Cloud 10 Beauty who are always having special discounts which is the perfect time to stock up.

If you on the look out for a more affordable option I was genuinely surprised by Rimmel In Shower Self Tan €13.99* as I mentioned above I am very busy (and lazy) so the idea of applying a tan and then washing it off later of the next day is just not a possibility for me.  I had heard about the St Tropez in shower tanner but heard you have to get out of the shower and apply the tan and wait 5 mins and "aint nobody got time for that".  Rimmel In Shower tan is very easy to apply and filled with nourishing oils.  You stand away from the water and apply the tan (no stepping outside the shower or messing about) and you can see where you have applied the tan cause the nourishing oils make the shower water run off the skin.   Your left with a natural looking tan and for me is a brilliant budget option.  

It will take a lot to beat the amazing Vita Liberata and am so impressed with the pHenomenal tan and extra points for it being not only a groundbreaking company its also Irish.

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