Monday, October 31, 2016

Newbridge Silverware - What do Marilyn Monroe and Amy Huberman have in common ? (Luna Collection)

When most people call in sick to work they can be found on the couch in comfortable PJ's sipping 7up not Marilyn Monroe, one her (many) sick days called for her to to be sewn into a skin tight flesh coloured gown with over 2,500 hand stitched crystals giving the illusion of her body being naked and shimmering and to perform possibly the most famous rendition of Happy Birthday the world has ever heard.  Go big or go home, not a Marilyn quote but certainly a sentiment to which she lived up to.  If you have ever visited the Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons you will know every week is is exciting, but this week is rather special.  For a very limited time (Saturday 29th October – Sunday 6th November) the sheer gown worn my Marilyn on that infamous night will be on display. 
Newbridge Silverware are working again with Julian's Auctioneers to bring this Iconic dress to Ireland with its only European viewing before it goes up for Auction on November 17th.  

The dresses significance before more poignant if you think that in less than a year after Marilyn performed Happy Birthday to JFK in 1962 both the star and the President had passed away.  

Newbridge Silverware Museum of Style Icons is really a treat which transports you directly to old Hollywood, encompassing pieces from Audrey Hepburn, Princess Diana, Elvis, The Beatles even Kim Kardashian,  The museum frequently has different exhibitions showcasing rare and iconic memorabilia.  Did I mention the Museum is FREE?  

I like to keep an eye on Newbridge Silverware's website to see what exhibitions they have coming up because there are some collections that you simply cant miss.  

While your visiting Newbridge Silverware you can also browse the showroom, look at the Christmas shop and even stop for a spot of lunch or afternoon tea.  Of course its hard not to do a bit of shopping (also check out the bargains at the till area) and during my visit I had to check out the new jewellery collection designed by Amy Huberman.  

The Luna Collection (designed by Amy) is a contemporary jewellery collection which would make delightful gifts for anyone this Christmas.  The collection which outshines other contemporary designers and includes intricate elements like an adorable elephant, the sun, moon, stars.  I love that you can layer the pieces or wear the more intricate pieces on their own.  The range is all gold plated and very affordable (ranging from €20 - €45.00).

My absolute favourite piece and one that is going to the top of my Christmas list is the Sun, Moon and Stars pendant (€45.00) which gives the illusion of jewellery layering (without the multiple knotted chains).  

 The Luna Collection is out now and I think I can safely say that I will be picking up a few pieces as gifts for my friends and family.  The range is so pretty and almost unexpected from Newbridge Silverware who I associate with larger chunkier pieces.  The company of course has a huge range of jewellery from its more traditional designs to newer fashion pieces, there really is something for all the family.  

Sure lets look at Marilyn's dress one more time....

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