Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stila Stay All Day MATTEificent Lipstick (Soiree and Papillon)

Stila recently launched a new range of lipsticks.  Lipsticks and Stila are two of my happiest things in the world so a perfect makeup combo (the delay in this post will give you a little indication of how busy I have been of late).  The lipsticks are called Stay All Day MATTEificent and as the name suggests they are a long wearing Matte lipstick.  There are 12 lipsticks in the range and they cost £15.00 (sorry I cant remember the Euro pricing).
The lipsticks are housed in a long slim very pretty golden bullet.  We are seeing Stila re-brand the whole collection in matching golden goddess style which I like very much (it looks modern yet classic). 

To match the lipsticks there is finally a range of Stila Stay All Day Lip Liners.  Stila used to have amazing lip liners (which in my mind were like the Charlotte Tilbury ones) unfortunately due to much upheaval with the brand they were no longer on the menu.  As the brand becomes more recognised and established I think will see the development and return of some great products.  I picked up the shade Sangria.  The liners are twist up and they are firm but soft liners - if that makes sense- they are soft on the lips but if you wind up too much product the pencil will break.  
I of course picked the brightest pink lipstick out of the collection of 12 and that is Soiree.  While I wouldn't say they "Stay All Day" as the name implies they are a long lasting COMFORTABLE matte lipstick.  I think we expect too much from lipsticks, liquid lipsticks (especially Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipsticks) have brilliant staying power but lipsticks will only stay a certain amount of time and I think if you get to drink a cup of tea and your lipstick is still there your onto a winner. 

Left to Right : Papillon and Soiree

Left to Right : Papillon and Soiree
As you might know I am a massive fan of bright pink lips but in the interest of perspective, science and the fact that I was unable to leave the counter without buying two lipsticks I decided to pick up a pinky neutral the shade "Papillon".  Again this is a long lasting, COMFORTABLE, matte lipstick (and for some reason I find it creamier on the lips than Soiree).  Although its a million miles away from my usual bright and loud lipsticks (I like to call them Slag Pinks) Papillon is such a flattering shade it has found its way into my handbag so its there at all times, which is saying a lot cause at the moment I am carrying a small crossbody bag. 


I spy with my little eye that Stila have a Matte Metal collection of MATTEIFICENT lipsticks launching soon and there is a shade "Flambant" which is described as a metallic bright pink.... which sound like it could be my new signature shade.  

Stila is available from Harvey Nichols Dundrum and of course at Stila.co.uk where their Christmas Collection Transcendence is also available (I have picked up the highlighting trio so there will be a post soon). 
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