Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Stila Christmas 2016 - Star light, star bright highlighting palette

Stila is my favourite brand so it would be slightly remiss of me not to talk about their Christmas 2016 Collection which is called Transcendence.  The collection has a couple of lip sets in addition to the Star light, star bright highlighting palette. 

While we are talking Stila lets have a little throw back to the time I met Sarah Lucaro and got her to sign my Stila Vault (aka my Ikea storage box that my friend made into a history of Stila.... see how she did it here).  She called me the Ultimate Stila Girl.  OK I admit I had a fan girl moment. 

Back to the palette:  The Star light, star bright highlighting palette is housed in the new and very pretty golden goddess (as I describe it) packaging.

The palette contains three highlighers which feel bouncy to the touch.

  • Transcendence: an opalescent pink for a bold, ethereal glow
  • Kitten: Stila’s iconic shimmering nude pink brightens and illuminates
  • Bronze: creates a radiant, sun-kissed glow

Left to Right:  Transcendence, Kitten and Bronze.
The highlighters are not quite powders and not quite a cream,  this unusual consistency feels very light and smooth on the skin.  If your a fan of highlighters that you can see from space this is not the palette for you.  These highlighters give a softer more natural glow which would be perfect for somebody who is a little scared of highlighter.

Stila recommend using your fingers or the mini wonder brush (which I dont have so I have just used my fingers).  I found that a regular brush does not pick up a lot of product so I would recommend using your fingers.  I found I could use the bronze to create a healthy glow.  With this palette your not going to look overly highlighted or made up. Its a highligher which catches the light rather than one which blares light into the sky. The Star Light palette is not one I reach for immediately, I think during winter months you can get away with heavier makeup looks including bolder highlighter (preferably that you can see from space).   I am thinking that during Summer months when your skin needs less coverage we will be able to appreciate how this palette gives the look of natural glowing skin.

The Star light, star bright highlighting palette costs €39.00 and can be found at and Harvey Nicks Dundrum.

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