Friday, December 16, 2016

Lidl Cien Makeup Collection

I am very late to the party in telling you about Lidl's Cien Makeup Collection which I am sure by now you have all seen.  I wanted to show you some of the products because I think they would make amazing stocking stuffers without breaking the bank.  I am a huge fan of the idea brought to us by British Beauty Blogger (read the post here) of using a Christmas Bauble from Tiger and filling it with a festive treat. These beauties from Lidl would fit perfectly inside a bauble and better yet you can pick them up when your doing your weekly shop.

First up are the Cien Nail Polish* €1.99 - sure where would you be going for less a bag of chips.  Cien have a small range of classic shades, who doesn't like a red nail at Christmas. Perfect for everybody.

Next we have the Cien Eyeshadow* again at €1.99 each - the blue and pink are a little frosty and perhaps a makeup aficionado may not appreciate them but they would be perfect for a younger girl starting out with makeup.  The brown shade is the nicest in the range.  Perfect for younger girls starting out with makeup.

In my opinion the stars of the show are the Cien Lipsticks* €2.49  there are 6 shades in the range (there is also a range of 6 Lip Gloses €1.99).   I am kinda amazed that these lipsticks are so good.    Again Cien have gone for a classic range of colours including a festive red and an oh so popular 90ies brown.  Perfect for EVERYBODY

Left to Right: Cosy Rose, Fuchsia Pink, Berry Passion, Velvety Ruby, Nude Brown

Left to Right: Cosy Rose, Fuchsia Pink, Berry Passion, Velvety Ruby, Nude Brown

Cosy Rose

Fuchsia Pink

Berry Passion

Velvety Ruby

Nude Brown

Lidl's Cien Makeup Collection also contains a BB Cream €2.99, Cien Volume Mascara €2.49 and Cien Waterproof Mascara also €2.49. 

So should you Take it or Leave it?  I would leave the eye shadows and take the nail polishes but if I had to recommend one thing from the range it would be the lipsticks. 

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