Monday, December 19, 2016

Katy Perry Mad Love Eau De Parfum

When I first laid eyes on Katy Perry's latest fragrance release Mad Love* I thought it looked very sophisticated.  The box as well as the lid of the perfume had a marble effect (which everybody loves these days) and the pink pastel bottle was very cute.  

Of course people thought at the time thought it was in reference to Bad Blood by Taylor Swift "You know it used to be mad love"and the rumored feud between the two superstars.  Personally if I was releasing a fragrance I wouldn't use it as an opportunity to get a dig at somebody so I reckon its just a reference to Mad, intoxicating, crazy, uncontrollable LOVE.
When I first smelled the fragrance I was hit by an intense sweetness which is not unusual for a celebrity fragrance.  Mad Love is a young fragrance, with the musk and sandalwood it does deepen but there is no getting away from the fact its aimed at a younger audience.  

Top Notes: Apple, Sorbet, Strawberry, Pink Grapefruit
Middle Notes: Peony, Jasmine
Base Notes: Musk, Sandalwood, Coconut

As we can see the base notes of musk and sandalwood create a deeper base but its still sweetened up with Coconut.

Katy Perry Mad Love would be a wonderful Christmas gift for a younger woman or teenager and luckily this time of year we are spoiled with fragrances coming in gift sets.  McCabes have a 30ml bottle with shower gel and body lotion for €19.95 which would make a wonderful gift.  

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