Friday, July 21, 2017

Too Faced Love Lights Highlighter - Blinded by the Light

We all get a bit giddy for highlighter, what if the highlighter was shaped like a heart?  I KNOW giddy overload.  What else would expect from Too Faced? (or the most Adorable Makeup Brand).  The Love Lights Highlighters join the already heart shaped and adorable Love Flush blush range from Too Faced which has stunning and brilliantly named colours like Justify My Love and How Deep Is Your Love.  See what they did there?  The blushers which reflect the flush of love are all named after love songs (clever right?).   In keeping with that (clever) theme the Love Lights Highlighters are also named after songs, but songs with light in the title (really clever).  The three in the collection are Ray of Light, You Light up My Life and Blinded by the Light.  
Here is Blinded by the Light* €30.00.  Firstly I am a massive Bruce Springsteen fan so I was pretty much already SOLD on this the moment I heard about it.  It is pretty much impossible for me not to sing Blinded by the Light (loudly and out of tune) ever time I apply it.  The packaging is stunning a reflective heart in heavy duty plastic which has a great mirror (it reminds me of a MARC JACOBS mirror I had years ago but Too Faced is sturdier and better quality).  Inside the product is poured like a prism, like many of Too Faced products almost too pretty to use.  

The idea of the highlighter is you can go from a subtle "Lit by Angels" highlight to "Full on Drag queen" depending on your preference.   I have seen more and more brands creating this kind of highlighter Stila's Heavenly Hue being one of them.  I suppose most of us can find highlighters a little intimidating,  I am scared it will show off my laughter lines or any skin issues I have.  Makeup life can be intimidating especially when we are seeing Instagram perfection all the time.  To achieve a soft natural glow apply the highlighter with a brush, for a more intense look use a denser brush or your fingers (that will give a real POW).  
When you swatch the highlighter with your fingers you get a pop of colour, this translates onto the skin from a brush very naturally, you know that kind of highlight where you turn your head and the light catches your cheek bones, makes the skin look less flat and you look glowing and pretty.  

At first I thought the highlighter was not pigmented or showing up on my skin until I realised that the brush application gives a naturally radiant look.  So instead of getting an intensely pigmented look from applying with a brush your getting a softer look.  The more I use Blinded by the Light (and sing as I apply) I appreciate the nature of the highlighter more, I can be quite heavy handed with products so I have on occasion looked like I have two glowing airstrips along my face.  I want to look glowing like Jennifer Aniston but I end up looking like Ru Pauls Drag Race version.  

If your looking for an intense one swipe highlighter the Love Lights range might not be for you, if your interested in trying highlighters or want a softer more natural look then check out the Love Lights range.  
Swatches are with one swipe which shows with finger application the more intense look you can achieve.
Too Faced are becoming one of my favourite brands,  I get happy endorphin's just from lifting the happy and adorable packaging, its really a brand that makes makeup fun and enjoyable while creating top quality products.  I get giddy to see what products and packaging they will create and your guaranteed it will be unlike any other brand.

Too Faced is available from Debenhams and the Henry Street branch has a pink and adorable makeup counter with every Too Faced product you can imagine (Melted Matte in Mrs Roper is next on my list.
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Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment at NuEssence

Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment

Its probably weird for a beauty lover to admit but it had been over 6 years since I had a facial.  I could say I didnt have the time but since I now have a toddler, work and (try to) blog my mind boggles at what I used to do with my time (I can only think I was lying on the couch eating chocolates...uninterrupted)  

The past year I have had less time to indulge in skincare, even at home facial and honestly my skin was starting to show the stress.  I have generally always been lucky with my skin but as we get older we definitely need to treat it with a little more TLC.  I have had spots on my chin and redness on my cheeks and around my nose- things that were never a worry before.

I used to love facials and my brand of choice was always Dermalogica which really treat any skin issues you have but the facials feel like pure luxury.  Dermalogica is a salon brand so they are more effective at targeting skin complaints than any cream or product that you pick off the beauty shelves.

I was very lucky to be invited to Nuessence and enjoy the New IonActive Power Treatment* from Dermalogica.  It would be wrong to describe Nuessence as a hidden gem as the well established salon has been indulging Irish faces since its opening in 2006.  Nestled on South Anne Street (just off Grafton Street) Nuessence offers both a central location but also a sense of calm.  The treatment rooms are calm and relaxing with only the slightest hint that you are in the center of Dublin.  (I absolutely hate those rooms that are so so quite and remote that you keep asking yourself "am I relaxed now?  "am I calm yet?" and all you can think about is your inner dialogue roaring).

As a salon brand Dermalogica are a step above "over the counter" skincare and treatments while not being as aggressive or invasive as a cosmetic surgery procedure. While the IonActive Power is a powerful treatment its felt relaxing and soothing like a facial.  

Dermalogia always start with a double cleanse which really ensures the skin is fresh and free of makeup, oils and dirt.  To analyse the skin Dermalogia use "Face Mapping" which basically means your Dermalogia expert will "read" the skin and see what type of skin you have and if your experiencing any issues with your skin.

Ion Active is a personalised treatment which targets issues such as dehydration, hyper pigmentation, ageing and acne.  You can ask for a specific treatment and your therapist can advice which your skin would find most beneficial.  There are four treatments that your therapist can choose which will suit your skin (Retinol 1% IonActive - skin ageing, Hyaluronic acid IonActive - dehydration/sensitive skin, Oligopeptide Ion Active- hyperpigmentation, and Niacinamide Ion Active - Adult Acne).  

As I said this is a intensive treatment for your skin but I was so relaxed it felt like a facial, there was a mask and relaxing.... possibly a little too much as I am fuzzy on the steps.  When the therapist (by the way at NuEssence they are amazing, the perfect balance between friendly and helpful without being intrusive or taking away from the relaxing quality of the treatment) applied the Ion Active (I got the Hualuronic for dehydration/sensitive skin) she used a small metal wand which had a slight current to apply the treatment.  Basically it felt like a cooling wand.  

After the treatment the therapist applies a gelloid to your skin depending on your skin type (Exo Thermal gelliod self heating and Endo Thermal gelloid cooling sensation).  As my skin was sensitive and a little red she used the cooling gelloid.  The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes and course of 6 treatments every two to four weeks is recommended.

I floated down Grafton Street, you have possibly never seen a more relaxed person on such a busy street.  The treatment alone was lovely, really relaxing and my skin felt lovely however the results is where the magic happened.  Almost instantly people were saying I was glowing, that my skin looked amazing.  MY SKIN DID LOOK AMAZING.  Whats more I only had one treatment and it gave my skin such a boost, that boost lasted me months.  My skin looked glowing, it responded better to the creams I used at home and the effects lasted.  
I am definitely going to return to Nu Essence for another Ion Active Treatment (in fact if life hadn't gotten in the way I would have returned sooner.  I was so delighted with the results and how my skin responded (so much so that people were commenting and complementing my skin).  NuEssence Is a great salon and the staff are Dermalogica Experts, so they can really recommend which products suit your skin.  I have begun to worship at the alter of Dermalogica, the packaging doesn't have bells and whistles but the products work and leave your skin feeling amazing.    
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Thursday, July 13, 2017

TOO FACED Natural Love Palette

I have a real soft spot for Too Faced Cosmetics, in my opinion they are "The Most Adorable Makeup Brand" but they also have a lot of substance behind an adorable and fluffy packaging.  I have been reaching for and relying on my Too Faced eye shadows more and more (OK so the fact that the Chocolate Bar Palettes smell amazing is a contributing factor) so I was really intrigued my the Natural Love Palette*.  

Guess what I need more eye shadows like a hole in the head (or as I brilliantly heard described recently like I need another bum) but the Natural Love Palette has 30 natural toned eye shadows.  For many many years I have been a riot of colour with eye shadows... purple (hell yeah)  green (pile them on) blue (sure they will look great) chartreuse (sure why not) but as I am getting older I am thinking if I continue with the bold lip and the mental eye shadow people might begin to worry about me.  Also I have a toddler so I am tired about 90% of the time and the other 10% I am asleep so its probably best to start using flattering eye shadows so you might actually be able to make out my actual eye colour.
The Natural Love palette features 30 shades, some of these shades come from the best selling Natural palettes (including Natural Eyes, Natural Matte, Natural At Night) as well as a selection of new shades.  This might be a bit of a bummer for hard core Too Faced fans but in Ireland we didn't really have that much access to the brand so its a wonderful opportunity to delve into the wonderful world of Too Faced.   My first bits of makeup from Too Faced were bought in America a long time ago on a tiny counter in Macys which looked like a pink dressing table (as far as I can remember) 

The packaging is sturdy cardboard with a slim design and the design looks like a whimsical fairy tale book including peony roses and bunny rabbits (see most adorable makeup brand).  The 30 shades include a mix of matte shadows, satin, shimmer and glittery.
Shades included are:
Heaven, Fairy Tale, Nudie, Tickle Me, Dont Settle, Fingers Crossed
Lace Teddy, Satin Sheets, Push-up, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini, Undercover
Pink Cheeks, Kittens, Bunny Nose, Moonbeam, Love Bug,  Smokin
Poodle, Cutie Patootie, Dear Diary, Coffee Date, Spoiled, Night Fever
Spotlight, Honey Butter, Honeymoon, Hot & Bothered, Makeup & Chill, Stiletto
And now onto swatches.
Shades from Left to Right Top Row:
Heaven, Fairy Tale, Nudie, Tickle Me, Dont Settle, Fingers Crossed
Shades from Left to Right Second Row:
Lace Teddy, Satin Sheets, Push-up, Honey Pot, Chocolate Martini, Undercover
Shades from Left to Right Third Row:
Pink Cheeks, Kittens, Bunny Nose, Moonbeam, Love Bug,  Smokin
Shades from Left to Right Fourth Row:
Poodle, Cutie Patootie, Dear Diary, Coffee Date, Spoiled, Night Fever
Shades from Left to Right Bottom Row:
Spotlight, Honey Butter, Honeymoon, Hot & Bothered, Makeup & Chill, Stiletto
There is a good mix of shades and shadow types in the palette - at first I thought there were not enough dark matte shades but there is a deep brown and a black - the shadows I used least are the dark glittery ones as I am not a huge fan of glittery fall out and if you want glitter there is no beating the Stila Magnificent Metals glittery eye shadow.  My absolute favourite eye shadows are the almost pearl duo chrome like the shade Satin Sheets (second row) which looks like a pale pearl but shifts to a beautiful champagne shade (bunny nose on the third row is another gentle stunner).  There are so many subtle but stunning shades its hard to pick a favourite. 

I love the formula and consistency of Too Faced eye shadows and for the last couple of months this has been my go to palette that I reach for every day.  To quote Hozier "I fall in love just a little more little bit everyday with someone new"  or with a different eye shadow from the palette.   Everyday I think "OOO what shall I try today" and fall in love with a new shade.  The eye shadows are buttery soft and pigmented.  I haven't been creating complicated eye looks using 20 shades as I find some of the shades are so pretty they are stunning worn by themselves with a bit of liner or tight lining.  
There is a look book which comes with the palette, the looks are pretty and look easy to recreate.  I haven't used it yet (which reminds me to do so immediately).
The Price:  now here is the bad news this beautiful palette is priced at €62.00.. Ouch.  My makeup maths breakdown is each shadow would work out at just over €2.00 each which isnt that scary.   I got sent this palette as a sample but I would purchase it myself (albeit a big treat for myself).  My only fear is that at €62.00 Too Faced are pricing themselves out of the market and out of the range of their target audience (mind you who is their target audience, who doesn't want a palette with bunnies and non hay fever inducing peony's on it) especially when you think you can get a Charlotte Tilbury palette (albeit a quad) for €50.00.

Too Faced eye shadow palettes are definitely something to look out for.  The range of Chocolate Bar palettes cost €47.00 (so change from a fifty for a cup of coffee).  You might decide to skip the Natural Love Palette but Too Faced are a brand that excites me and I get giddy to see what they come up with next (usually something adorable and fabulous).  

Too Faced are available from Debenhams and Debenhams in Henry Street has a new fabulously kitted out counter which looks beautiful.  
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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Skincare Saviours - Current Favourites

I have always been very lucky with my skin (and hair) I have kind of taken it for granted if I am honest.  When I was a teenager my worst skin was when I had two spots at the one time and I have probably allowed my skin to be a little neglected over the years.  Since I am aging I have decided to take more care and notice of my skin and really make an effort (for me that means I ALWAYS ALWAYS take my makeup off but I might forget a night cream.  Skincare is very subjective what works for me with my oily and ageing skin might not necessarily work for you but I thought I would share some of the products which have been working very well for me recently.  

I used to think that by ditching wipes and using a micellar water and then cleansing my skin I was actually doing a double cleanse and becoming a skin angel I WAS WRONG.  We were told years ago to ditch the wipes and I am telling you now to ditch the micellar water YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU.  I am not a saint it will be grand the odd night or for your holidays but micellar water dries out your skin and doesn't properly clean it.  Imagine you faffed around with a cotton pad and normal water? Would you think your skin was magically clean?  

For Cleansing I have been using Dermalogica in fact I am beginning to worship at the alter of Dermalogica.  Their basic and clinical packaging is all business and no frills but the products inside have become a bit of a wonder to me.  At night I start with PreCleanse* which smells luxurious and pampering, I massage this all over my face including my eyes to remove eye make up,  fragrance (which comes from Apricot oil and Kukui Oil) and lightness of the oil make it easy for a quick and easy massage.  I have never been one for messaging my skin but PreCleanse is quick and easy to use. The oil is very light and watery so much so that the bottle feels quite empty but this light formula means your skin is not left with a residue.    I have tried budget brand cleansing oils and they have not suited my skin, my skin felt oily, heavy and the oil blurred my eyes.  I will not be without Dermalogica PreCleanse.  After I use the PreCleanse I cleanse my skin using Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser*  it doesnt have the divine fragrance of PreCleanse but this powerhouse duo have meant I havent had a single spot or blemish in the 6 months since I have been using them, my skin is clearer and I have less redness around my nose and on my chin.  I have happily used this duo for the past 6 months (using just the Ultra Calming Cleanser in the morning) so while they are expensive they do last a long time.  I am so enamored with the duo that I recently bought a large 500ml of the Ultra Calming Cleanser (unfortunately I could only pick up the Pre Cleanse in normal size).  If I could buy the duo in massive salon size I would in a shot (let me know if you know where I can do this).  Amazing products which have changed my skin with no blemishes, diminished redness and no texture and no milia. 
Ahhh Shiseido how I love thee.  Shiseido is a brand I will use exclusively use when I have my sh*t together.  You know that age or state of mind when you have a capsule wardrobe, have savings in the bank, are a classy kinda bird and use Shiseido skincare.  Shiseido is a brand that is steeped in a wonderful history of over 150 years but it is also groundbreaking and innovative, its products are effective while also being pure luxury.   My skin has been drinking up Ultimune which is a power booster serum which enhances the effectiveness of any product you use over it while also protecting and repairing the skin against ageing and also defending the skin against damage of environment and diet.  I dont have time for extra skincare steps but Ultimune is absorbed easily into the skin.  Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask is one of my favourite skincare products and a great way to discover the brand, I use this light almost gel mask as a night cream a couple of times a week - its perfect if your skin is tired or after a tough night (so perfect for people who like to party or mammies of toddlers kept awake).  
I have been using Clarins Hydra - Essentiel* cream for the last number of months with wonderful results for my dehydrated skin.  As I have dehydrated skin I have a tendency to load my skin with product which clogs pores and can build up milia on the top of my cheek bones, Hydra -Essentiel is rich enough to hydrate, restore and plump my skin.  The cream absorbs easily into my skin without building up an milia or clogging the pores.  The wonderful thing about the brand Clairns they are a treat for everybody aged 18 - 80 (and beyond), there is something for every skin condition or concern and there is something delightful about receiving anything from Clarins.  Clarins Gentle Day cream was my first every proper skincare product so its a brand close to my heart and one that I trust.   
Clarins Multi-Active Yeux* is a fantastic iridescent eye cream which brightens dark circles and targets fine lines.  The thing I love most about this eye cream is it has a super cold metal tip that you use to massage the cream around the eye socket, its super cold even on a warm day.  For the last few weeks I have been suffering really badly with hay-fever (I never got it before) and this magical metal tip cooled and calmed my puffy eyes (which were so swollen and painful) for this I will be forever grateful.  Like a weirdo I am going to keep the packaging even after I am finished the cream because my eyes have become quite partial to a massage from the applicator (I have used similar style applicators but none of which had magical cooling and most dragged the skin).  To tag with the Multi Active Yeux is Mission Perfection Yeux* which is a peach colour correcter, at first I thought this would be too light a formula to battle my sometimes horrific dark circles but it neutralised most of the darkness.   Somedays all I need is Mission Perfection with no concealer (especially if I have a BB Cream or light look) other days I need the whole hog but it layers with concealer wonderfully.  

I discovered Nuxe Nuxellence Detox recently in my stash and I had forgotten how wonderful Nuxe products are.  You want to drink in the smell of the product which almost encourages you to gently message and inhale the product.  It smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling amazing (it also has a very nifty bottle) all this for an excellent price point.  

Have you any skincare products you have been loving lately?  
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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick - Sell Out, Its Hapening and Lady Balls

Liquid lipsticks are a huge makeup trend which is going nowhere anytime soon.  We want our lip products to be long lasting and a liquid lipstick is the best option.  Too Faced (the most adorable makeup brand) have the Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick which are one of my favourites on the market.
I had tried Too Faced Melted Lipsticks a few years ago and I unfortunately was not impressed with how they wore which was a pity because the shade was a stunning vibrant pink (I have since tried the Melted Lipstick in the shade Chihuahua and it wore much better) so I was slightly skeptical when I tried the Melted Mattes.   

Its Too Faced so the packaging is lovely, slightly more classic than the rest of their range with nice touches like the embossed logos. The applicator delivers the perfect amount of product which is very easy to apply (my number 1 tip for liquid lipsticks is take your time applying cause they will LAST ALL DAY and if you mess up you will stain your skin and you could look like the Joker).  The lipsticks themselves are wonderfully pigmented and offer an amazing shade range but one of the reasons Melted Mattes are one of my favourite liquid lipsticks is they are so comfortable to wear.  I have dry lips which actually shrivel at the words "Liquid lipstick", quite honestly there is nothing less attractive that dessert dry lips wearing liquid lipstick.  The formula of Melted Mattes is so comfortable to wear and not drying, while its not like wearing a lip balm it contains Avacado Oil, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres which means your lips look perfected even and smooth.  I have worn these for 5 hours and they still look absolutely perfect.  Its so easy when your in work or have a long day, you dont have to worry about the colour shifting off your lips or wearing off (or your lips looking dry). 

I love the shade range (there are more that I want to pick up like Mrs Roper a vibrant orange which will be perfect for Summer) have 3 shades to show you Sell Out*, Its Happening* and probably the best named lip product EVER Lady Balls*.
Left to Right: Sell Out, Its Happening and Lady Balls
I am not usually a fan of nude or natural lips (for me bold is better) but I am in love with the shade Sell Out which is so flattering and unlike a lot of nude or natural liquid lipsticks it does not crack down the lips.

Its Happening is Mags in Lipstick form - a bright vibrant pink which enlivens the face and brings me joy.

Lady Balls is a classic red with the most kick ass name - its the kind of red that makes you feel confident, in charge and a complete bad-ass. 
I love the shade range, the consistency, the fact that they are non drying and you can trust them to stay on the lips for hours.  

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipsticks available at Debenhams and cost €26.

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Monday, April 10, 2017

Stila Cosmetics is coming to Cloud 10 Beauty

I have some very exciting beauty news - Stila Cosmetics is coming to Cloud 10 Beauty.  Thats right my absolute favourite makeup brand is going to be available on the fantastic Cloud 10 Beauty.

As you know I am a Stila obsessive (and your all going to go bonkers over the new magnificent metals eye shadows) and I think they are a perfect fit with Cloud 10 Beauty.
If you have ordered from Cloud 10 you will know that they are absolutely fantastic.  I love Cloud 10 Beauty so much let me count the ways.

I love Cloud 10 because its an Irish Brand woo hoo (and the people behind the brand are just so lovely).

I love Cloud 10 because they have brought some really hard to get brands to Ireland (think Paula's Choice, Morphe Alpha H, Pestle and Mortar as well as supporting Irish brands like Moxi Loves and Cleanse off Mitt) they are basically a one stop beauty shop.  

I love Cloud 10 because they have super quick shipping (most days its next day delivery)  Its online shopping with instant gratification.

I love Cloud 10 because they offer samples. OK this is small but very important, how else are we supposed to try new products (and see what we are buying next.  

I love Cloud 10 because they always have fantastic discount codes.  There is only one thing better than fantastic makeup and that is makeup you get a discount on (sign up to their newsletter and keep an eye out on their social media).  

To celebrate the launch of Stila on Cloud 10 (is this real life?)  Cloud 10 will be running some cool giveaways and I will be talking ALL STILA ALL WEEK.

Your probably thinking wow Mags has really upped her photo game.... I haven't the pics are all courtesy of the delightful and talented Andreea from Your Beauty.  She has the prettiest Instagram feed you will ever see.  
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Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clarins Spring 2017

Its Spring - and while we may not be skipping through the daisies just yet the Spring makeup collections have hit counters giving us all a renewed sense of optimism.  

I love a birra Clarins, its one of those brands that is classy and creates beautiful products.  The star of Clarins Spring Collection is the Contouring Perfection palette €45.00.  While I don't have my own to show you I have played with it and I can tell you that its Classy Contouring (can you expect anything less from Clarins).  Its a matte palette and even the highlight shade doesn't have shimmer which means it can be used as a highlighting setting powder under the eyes.  Clarins do amazing face palettes, their now iconic annual summer bronzer is my favourite makeup product each year (seriously its always one of the most beautiful makeup product of the year) so if your on the lookout for a subtle contouring palette which doesn't look like you have drawn two brown lines down your face check this out.  

As part of the Spring collection Clarins have released a new 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 05 Smokey* €43.00.  For me its a little bit of an odd shade selection for Spring but as I have said before Clarins eye shadows create a watercolour effect on the lid so I have been using the quad with a black liner for a classic look.  I have said before that I'm not mad about Clarins eye shadows, but as I get older and I have more and more laughter lines, (dam myself for finding so much funny) I am reaching for more classic eye shadow shades (not so much for the lime green)  I can really appreciate how flattering the shadows are on the lids (with age comes wisdom - and those pesky lines).  The shadows can be used dry (for a more watercolour effect) or wet (for a deeper more intense look).   The shadows themselves are smooth and buttery and while gray doesn't scream Spring to me its a perfect addition to their eyeshadow quad range (actually if I look up at the Irish sky in Spring it is gray and not as pretty as the quad).  

Left to Right : 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 05 Smokey - Ombre Iridescent Eye 10 Silver Grey, 09 Silver Rose,  
The very pretty Ombre Iridescent eyeshadows €24.00 are extremely buttery and pigmented and a single swatch will make you go ooooooo.  The shade 10 Silver Grey* is such a classic shade which can be worn as a light sparkle or for full on glamour.  The shade 09 Silver Rose* is one of those shadows that you think "I cant wear pink" but it translates as a really pretty lid colour and even can be worn on tops of cheeks as a highlighter.  I love the consistency of these shadows much more than the quads and I definitely show them more love.  
Clarins have also released a three Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks (the shade pictures is Soft Plum) I absolutely adore Clarins lip products, they are my favourite on the market, they are nourishing, moisturising and feel amazing on the lips.  While Clarins tend to go with a classier shade range than I would naturally gravitate towards (Clarins don't to slag pink) my lips absolutely adore the products. Im pretty sure that there are properties in the lipsticks that are anti aging which makes me love them even more.  

For me the star of the Spring show is the 4- Colour All in One Pen *€36.00. .  A 4 colour pen (like the clicky 4 colour Bic pens) which houses 3 eye liners (a dark black, a classic brown and vibrant blue) and a lip liner (a classic nude).   I was a little concerned the line would be too thick (on my small eyes) it wasn't its perfect, or sharp (would it scrape) it didn't its very smooth.   Its absolutely ideal for women whose makeup bags are on the go with them (from work direct to play)  or for holidays.  At a pinch you can use it for eye brows (but this would depend on your colouring).  Clarins are saying you can use it to draw freckles, but this is Ireland and we all have kisses from angels.  Its easy to use, lightweight and pretty dam deadly.  Its a really simple idea which makes it all the more GENIUS

Take it or leave it? 
So what should you take and what should you leave from the collection?  I would leave the eyeshadow quad (unless you have a burning desire for classic grey quad) and the lipsticks (although if you don't have a Clarins lip oil WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?  THEY ARE AMAZING (yes I'm shouting, sorry about that, but they are that good).

You should take - the Contouring Perfection Palette, for too long we have seen really really bad contouring, Clarins have released a classy contouring palette.  My absolute must have is the 4 Colour All in One Pen, perfect for on the go or travel, easy to use, wonderfully pigmented.  Simply put ITS GENIUS. 

Disclaimer: Sorry for the blurry pictures turns out toddlers like to bounce cameras off the ground which isn't the best for blog pictures or for pictures of said adorable toddler.  
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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Too Faced - Love Flush and Sweethearts Blush ( I Heart Too Faced)

Part of me believes Valentines Day was invented to inject a bit of oomph into February a month which lets be honest is January's shorter sister.  So Valentines is here promising to be full of love happiness and romance.  I had my little boy on Valentines Day so it will always be a day full of love and happiness.

Too Faced is the most adorable makeup brand and just looking at the products makes me smile. Although these blushes are not a new release they are perfect for a little Valentines Love (what a lovely gift or self gift).
There is nothing like the rush of love to bring a blush to our cheeks, some of us need a little help with that radiant glow and so we have Love Flush - Long Lasting blush* €30.00.  There are six shades to this cheeky little blush with names like Justify my Love, I will Always Love you, Baby Love, Love Hangover (you guessed it all with song names).  

I have I will Always Love You which is a perfect peachy blush.  The blushes promise to be fade proof, smudge proof and promise to last 16 hours.  While I dont know why you would need your blush to last for 16 hours, I can say that the blush is in an adorable heart shaped compact (we expect nothing less from Too Faced) with even more adorable bunnies embossed onto the blush.

 There is a slight sparkle to the blush which transfers beautifully onto the skin.  I love that you can take the compact out on the go and its so adorable its bound to be a conversation starter as well as a perfect apricot blush.  
 What could be cuter than the Love Flush compacts?  (pretty much nothing could be cuter - have you seen those bunnies, actual bunnies)  Sweethearts blush* €29.00 is a baked blush in a cute heart shape each with 3 different colours which can be used alone or mixed.  The Sweetheart Blush comes in four shades Something About Berry, Candy Glow, Peach Beach and Sparking Bellini.

  I have the shade Sparkling Bellini* which adds a stunning natural glow to the cheeks.


I am fast becoming a huge Too Faced fan (they won my Brand of the year 2016) not only are their products completely adorable (bunnies actual bunnies in a heart) the products are fantastic quality.  I love how the brand has outrageously cute packaging but the products themselves are so flattering on the skin. 

I Heart Too Faced 

Too Faced is  available at exclusively at Debenhams,

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