Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Clarins Spring 2017

Its Spring - and while we may not be skipping through the daisies just yet the Spring makeup collections have hit counters giving us all a renewed sense of optimism.  

I love a birra Clarins, its one of those brands that is classy and creates beautiful products.  The star of Clarins Spring Collection is the Contouring Perfection palette €45.00.  While I don't have my own to show you I have played with it and I can tell you that its Classy Contouring (can you expect anything less from Clarins).  Its a matte palette and even the highlight shade doesn't have shimmer which means it can be used as a highlighting setting powder under the eyes.  Clarins do amazing face palettes, their now iconic annual summer bronzer is my favourite makeup product each year (seriously its always one of the most beautiful makeup product of the year) so if your on the lookout for a subtle contouring palette which doesn't look like you have drawn two brown lines down your face check this out.  

As part of the Spring collection Clarins have released a new 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 05 Smokey* €43.00.  For me its a little bit of an odd shade selection for Spring but as I have said before Clarins eye shadows create a watercolour effect on the lid so I have been using the quad with a black liner for a classic look.  I have said before that I'm not mad about Clarins eye shadows, but as I get older and I have more and more laughter lines, (dam myself for finding so much funny) I am reaching for more classic eye shadow shades (not so much for the lime green)  I can really appreciate how flattering the shadows are on the lids (with age comes wisdom - and those pesky lines).  The shadows can be used dry (for a more watercolour effect) or wet (for a deeper more intense look).   The shadows themselves are smooth and buttery and while gray doesn't scream Spring to me its a perfect addition to their eyeshadow quad range (actually if I look up at the Irish sky in Spring it is gray and not as pretty as the quad).  

Left to Right : 4 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 05 Smokey - Ombre Iridescent Eye 10 Silver Grey, 09 Silver Rose,  
The very pretty Ombre Iridescent eyeshadows €24.00 are extremely buttery and pigmented and a single swatch will make you go ooooooo.  The shade 10 Silver Grey* is such a classic shade which can be worn as a light sparkle or for full on glamour.  The shade 09 Silver Rose* is one of those shadows that you think "I cant wear pink" but it translates as a really pretty lid colour and even can be worn on tops of cheeks as a highlighter.  I love the consistency of these shadows much more than the quads and I definitely show them more love.  
Clarins have also released a three Joli Rouge Brilliant Lipsticks (the shade pictures is Soft Plum) I absolutely adore Clarins lip products, they are my favourite on the market, they are nourishing, moisturising and feel amazing on the lips.  While Clarins tend to go with a classier shade range than I would naturally gravitate towards (Clarins don't to slag pink) my lips absolutely adore the products. Im pretty sure that there are properties in the lipsticks that are anti aging which makes me love them even more.  

For me the star of the Spring show is the 4- Colour All in One Pen *€36.00. .  A 4 colour pen (like the clicky 4 colour Bic pens) which houses 3 eye liners (a dark black, a classic brown and vibrant blue) and a lip liner (a classic nude).   I was a little concerned the line would be too thick (on my small eyes) it wasn't its perfect, or sharp (would it scrape) it didn't its very smooth.   Its absolutely ideal for women whose makeup bags are on the go with them (from work direct to play)  or for holidays.  At a pinch you can use it for eye brows (but this would depend on your colouring).  Clarins are saying you can use it to draw freckles, but this is Ireland and we all have kisses from angels.  Its easy to use, lightweight and pretty dam deadly.  Its a really simple idea which makes it all the more GENIUS

Take it or leave it? 
So what should you take and what should you leave from the collection?  I would leave the eyeshadow quad (unless you have a burning desire for classic grey quad) and the lipsticks (although if you don't have a Clarins lip oil WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?  THEY ARE AMAZING (yes I'm shouting, sorry about that, but they are that good).

You should take - the Contouring Perfection Palette, for too long we have seen really really bad contouring, Clarins have released a classy contouring palette.  My absolute must have is the 4 Colour All in One Pen, perfect for on the go or travel, easy to use, wonderfully pigmented.  Simply put ITS GENIUS. 

Disclaimer: Sorry for the blurry pictures turns out toddlers like to bounce cameras off the ground which isn't the best for blog pictures or for pictures of said adorable toddler.  
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