Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick - Sell Out, Its Hapening and Lady Balls

Liquid lipsticks are a huge makeup trend which is going nowhere anytime soon.  We want our lip products to be long lasting and a liquid lipstick is the best option.  Too Faced (the most adorable makeup brand) have the Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipstick which are one of my favourites on the market.
I had tried Too Faced Melted Lipsticks a few years ago and I unfortunately was not impressed with how they wore which was a pity because the shade was a stunning vibrant pink (I have since tried the Melted Lipstick in the shade Chihuahua and it wore much better) so I was slightly skeptical when I tried the Melted Mattes.   

Its Too Faced so the packaging is lovely, slightly more classic than the rest of their range with nice touches like the embossed logos. The applicator delivers the perfect amount of product which is very easy to apply (my number 1 tip for liquid lipsticks is take your time applying cause they will LAST ALL DAY and if you mess up you will stain your skin and you could look like the Joker).  The lipsticks themselves are wonderfully pigmented and offer an amazing shade range but one of the reasons Melted Mattes are one of my favourite liquid lipsticks is they are so comfortable to wear.  I have dry lips which actually shrivel at the words "Liquid lipstick", quite honestly there is nothing less attractive that dessert dry lips wearing liquid lipstick.  The formula of Melted Mattes is so comfortable to wear and not drying, while its not like wearing a lip balm it contains Avacado Oil, Vitamin E and Hyaluronic Filling Spheres which means your lips look perfected even and smooth.  I have worn these for 5 hours and they still look absolutely perfect.  Its so easy when your in work or have a long day, you dont have to worry about the colour shifting off your lips or wearing off (or your lips looking dry). 

I love the shade range (there are more that I want to pick up like Mrs Roper a vibrant orange which will be perfect for Summer) have 3 shades to show you Sell Out*, Its Happening* and probably the best named lip product EVER Lady Balls*.
Left to Right: Sell Out, Its Happening and Lady Balls
I am not usually a fan of nude or natural lips (for me bold is better) but I am in love with the shade Sell Out which is so flattering and unlike a lot of nude or natural liquid lipsticks it does not crack down the lips.

Its Happening is Mags in Lipstick form - a bright vibrant pink which enlivens the face and brings me joy.

Lady Balls is a classic red with the most kick ass name - its the kind of red that makes you feel confident, in charge and a complete bad-ass. 
I love the shade range, the consistency, the fact that they are non drying and you can trust them to stay on the lips for hours.  

Too Faced Melted Matte Liquified Matte Lipsticks available at Debenhams and cost €26.

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