Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Skincare Saviours - Current Favourites

I have always been very lucky with my skin (and hair) I have kind of taken it for granted if I am honest.  When I was a teenager my worst skin was when I had two spots at the one time and I have probably allowed my skin to be a little neglected over the years.  Since I am aging I have decided to take more care and notice of my skin and really make an effort (for me that means I ALWAYS ALWAYS take my makeup off but I might forget a night cream.  Skincare is very subjective what works for me with my oily and ageing skin might not necessarily work for you but I thought I would share some of the products which have been working very well for me recently.  

I used to think that by ditching wipes and using a micellar water and then cleansing my skin I was actually doing a double cleanse and becoming a skin angel I WAS WRONG.  We were told years ago to ditch the wipes and I am telling you now to ditch the micellar water YOUR SKIN WILL THANK YOU.  I am not a saint it will be grand the odd night or for your holidays but micellar water dries out your skin and doesn't properly clean it.  Imagine you faffed around with a cotton pad and normal water? Would you think your skin was magically clean?  

For Cleansing I have been using Dermalogica in fact I am beginning to worship at the alter of Dermalogica.  Their basic and clinical packaging is all business and no frills but the products inside have become a bit of a wonder to me.  At night I start with PreCleanse* which smells luxurious and pampering, I massage this all over my face including my eyes to remove eye make up,  fragrance (which comes from Apricot oil and Kukui Oil) and lightness of the oil make it easy for a quick and easy massage.  I have never been one for messaging my skin but PreCleanse is quick and easy to use. The oil is very light and watery so much so that the bottle feels quite empty but this light formula means your skin is not left with a residue.    I have tried budget brand cleansing oils and they have not suited my skin, my skin felt oily, heavy and the oil blurred my eyes.  I will not be without Dermalogica PreCleanse.  After I use the PreCleanse I cleanse my skin using Dermalogica Ultra Calming Cleanser*  it doesnt have the divine fragrance of PreCleanse but this powerhouse duo have meant I havent had a single spot or blemish in the 6 months since I have been using them, my skin is clearer and I have less redness around my nose and on my chin.  I have happily used this duo for the past 6 months (using just the Ultra Calming Cleanser in the morning) so while they are expensive they do last a long time.  I am so enamored with the duo that I recently bought a large 500ml of the Ultra Calming Cleanser (unfortunately I could only pick up the Pre Cleanse in normal size).  If I could buy the duo in massive salon size I would in a shot (let me know if you know where I can do this).  Amazing products which have changed my skin with no blemishes, diminished redness and no texture and no milia. 
Ahhh Shiseido how I love thee.  Shiseido is a brand I will use exclusively use when I have my sh*t together.  You know that age or state of mind when you have a capsule wardrobe, have savings in the bank, are a classy kinda bird and use Shiseido skincare.  Shiseido is a brand that is steeped in a wonderful history of over 150 years but it is also groundbreaking and innovative, its products are effective while also being pure luxury.   My skin has been drinking up Ultimune which is a power booster serum which enhances the effectiveness of any product you use over it while also protecting and repairing the skin against ageing and also defending the skin against damage of environment and diet.  I dont have time for extra skincare steps but Ultimune is absorbed easily into the skin.  Shiseido Ibuki Beauty Sleeping Mask is one of my favourite skincare products and a great way to discover the brand, I use this light almost gel mask as a night cream a couple of times a week - its perfect if your skin is tired or after a tough night (so perfect for people who like to party or mammies of toddlers kept awake).  
I have been using Clarins Hydra - Essentiel* cream for the last number of months with wonderful results for my dehydrated skin.  As I have dehydrated skin I have a tendency to load my skin with product which clogs pores and can build up milia on the top of my cheek bones, Hydra -Essentiel is rich enough to hydrate, restore and plump my skin.  The cream absorbs easily into my skin without building up an milia or clogging the pores.  The wonderful thing about the brand Clairns they are a treat for everybody aged 18 - 80 (and beyond), there is something for every skin condition or concern and there is something delightful about receiving anything from Clarins.  Clarins Gentle Day cream was my first every proper skincare product so its a brand close to my heart and one that I trust.   
Clarins Multi-Active Yeux* is a fantastic iridescent eye cream which brightens dark circles and targets fine lines.  The thing I love most about this eye cream is it has a super cold metal tip that you use to massage the cream around the eye socket, its super cold even on a warm day.  For the last few weeks I have been suffering really badly with hay-fever (I never got it before) and this magical metal tip cooled and calmed my puffy eyes (which were so swollen and painful) for this I will be forever grateful.  Like a weirdo I am going to keep the packaging even after I am finished the cream because my eyes have become quite partial to a massage from the applicator (I have used similar style applicators but none of which had magical cooling and most dragged the skin).  To tag with the Multi Active Yeux is Mission Perfection Yeux* which is a peach colour correcter, at first I thought this would be too light a formula to battle my sometimes horrific dark circles but it neutralised most of the darkness.   Somedays all I need is Mission Perfection with no concealer (especially if I have a BB Cream or light look) other days I need the whole hog but it layers with concealer wonderfully.  

I discovered Nuxe Nuxellence Detox recently in my stash and I had forgotten how wonderful Nuxe products are.  You want to drink in the smell of the product which almost encourages you to gently message and inhale the product.  It smells amazing and leaves the skin feeling amazing (it also has a very nifty bottle) all this for an excellent price point.  

Have you any skincare products you have been loving lately?  
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