Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Clarins Double Serum 20 + 1

I am a huge fan of Clarins, their products are classy and luxurious but more importantly they work.  Clarins cream was my first high end skincare so I always have a nostalgic love for the brand (at the time I was probably using the wrong cream and way too much of it).  One of my favourite skincare products (of all brands) has just been relaunched and that is the iconic Double Serum*.

The Clarins Double Serum story began in 1985 and while a lot of people would think that you cant improve on perfection Clarins are pretty determined do do just that.  Here we are 8 generations later  and each generation has given us small but significant and exciting improvements.  Welcome to Clarins Double Serum 20 + 1 a complete anti ageing product which the skin adores.

If your already a fan of Double Serum this will be a no brainer, a tweak to the already excellent and award winning ingredients with the addition of turmeric (that would be the +1) and Boom here we are the 8th Generation of Double Serum.  Turmeric is an excellent anti inflammatory (in fact himself is taking Turmeric for pain) and in India woman use turmeric in facials (please dont use it directly on the skin as it will stain the skin.... as it did my table) and it has been proven to also target fine lines.

The "Double" in Double Serum refers to the product being 2 phase a hydra or water and a lipid or oil.  The snazzy new bottle has perfected storage and houses the oil and water separately but in the same bottle (a double vial).  The bottle also has a wonderful customisable button which allows you to select if you want a small or larger pump of product.  Pretty clever.  One pump (I use the smaller option) will cover your face and neck (and I rub the residue on the back of my hands to combat ageing on my hands).  Clarins are striving to use natural ingredients and Double Serum has 9 organic ingredients and 3 fair trade making you feel as well as look good. 
I have oily yet dehydrated skin and it absolutely adores Double Serum, the unique mix of oil and water means it absorbs quickly into the skin without feeling heavy or oily.  Oily skinned women are often afraid of using an oil but Double Serum balances the skin so it feels less oily yet targets my dehydrated parts (which make fine lines appear larger).  A serum is an extra skincare step which quite frankly I dont have the time or the memory for, but Double Serum (as is Clarins way) is enjoyable to apply with a wonderful texture and light fragrance.  As I mentioned the serum absorbs quickly and your skin feels hydrated and not oily.  Me and my skin, we are big fans of Double Serum.
Double Serum has a long list of awards behind it and no doubt this new incarnation will also be an award winner.  Some the people I trust most in the beauty industry adore Double Serum (from magazine editors to makeup artists).    Clarins is a luxury brand but they are also aware that people like value for money and they have a specific way to apply creams and serums to ensure you are not using too much product (the skin can only absorb a certain amount of product the rest is waste).  You dot the product around your face and then you press or push (DO NOT RUB) the product into your skin, this spreads more product around (and rubbing can damage the skin) and it also means you use less product meaning your bottle lasts longer.   If your in doubt how to do this ask at any Clarins Counter.  

I am a huge fan of buying a big investment like this when there is a gift with purchase or in a Christmas set which allows you to try other products from the brand.

The New and improved Double Serum is out now  and costs €72 for 30ml and €92 for 50ml.

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