Monday, April 10, 2017

Stila Cosmetics is coming to Cloud 10 Beauty

I have some very exciting beauty news - Stila Cosmetics is coming to Cloud 10 Beauty.  Thats right my absolute favourite makeup brand is going to be available on the fantastic Cloud 10 Beauty.

As you know I am a Stila obsessive (and your all going to go bonkers over the new magnificent metals eye shadows) and I think they are a perfect fit with Cloud 10 Beauty.
If you have ordered from Cloud 10 you will know that they are absolutely fantastic.  I love Cloud 10 Beauty so much let me count the ways.

I love Cloud 10 because its an Irish Brand woo hoo (and the people behind the brand are just so lovely).

I love Cloud 10 because they have brought some really hard to get brands to Ireland (think Paula's Choice, Morphe Alpha H, Pestle and Mortar as well as supporting Irish brands like Moxi Loves and Cleanse off Mitt) they are basically a one stop beauty shop.  

I love Cloud 10 because they have super quick shipping (most days its next day delivery)  Its online shopping with instant gratification.

I love Cloud 10 because they offer samples. OK this is small but very important, how else are we supposed to try new products (and see what we are buying next.  

I love Cloud 10 because they always have fantastic discount codes.  There is only one thing better than fantastic makeup and that is makeup you get a discount on (sign up to their newsletter and keep an eye out on their social media).  

To celebrate the launch of Stila on Cloud 10 (is this real life?)  Cloud 10 will be running some cool giveaways and I will be talking ALL STILA ALL WEEK.

Your probably thinking wow Mags has really upped her photo game.... I haven't the pics are all courtesy of the delightful and talented Andreea from Your Beauty.  She has the prettiest Instagram feed you will ever see.  
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