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Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment at NuEssence

Dermalogica IonActive Power Treatment

Its probably weird for a beauty lover to admit but it had been over 6 years since I had a facial.  I could say I didnt have the time but since I now have a toddler, work and (try to) blog my mind boggles at what I used to do with my time (I can only think I was lying on the couch eating chocolates...uninterrupted)  

The past year I have had less time to indulge in skincare, even at home facial and honestly my skin was starting to show the stress.  I have generally always been lucky with my skin but as we get older we definitely need to treat it with a little more TLC.  I have had spots on my chin and redness on my cheeks and around my nose- things that were never a worry before.

I used to love facials and my brand of choice was always Dermalogica which really treat any skin issues you have but the facials feel like pure luxury.  Dermalogica is a salon brand so they are more effective at targeting skin complaints than any cream or product that you pick off the beauty shelves.

I was very lucky to be invited to Nuessence and enjoy the New IonActive Power Treatment* from Dermalogica.  It would be wrong to describe Nuessence as a hidden gem as the well established salon has been indulging Irish faces since its opening in 2006.  Nestled on South Anne Street (just off Grafton Street) Nuessence offers both a central location but also a sense of calm.  The treatment rooms are calm and relaxing with only the slightest hint that you are in the center of Dublin.  (I absolutely hate those rooms that are so so quite and remote that you keep asking yourself "am I relaxed now?  "am I calm yet?" and all you can think about is your inner dialogue roaring).

As a salon brand Dermalogica are a step above "over the counter" skincare and treatments while not being as aggressive or invasive as a cosmetic surgery procedure. While the IonActive Power is a powerful treatment its felt relaxing and soothing like a facial.  

Dermalogia always start with a double cleanse which really ensures the skin is fresh and free of makeup, oils and dirt.  To analyse the skin Dermalogia use "Face Mapping" which basically means your Dermalogia expert will "read" the skin and see what type of skin you have and if your experiencing any issues with your skin.

Ion Active is a personalised treatment which targets issues such as dehydration, hyper pigmentation, ageing and acne.  You can ask for a specific treatment and your therapist can advice which your skin would find most beneficial.  There are four treatments that your therapist can choose which will suit your skin (Retinol 1% IonActive - skin ageing, Hyaluronic acid IonActive - dehydration/sensitive skin, Oligopeptide Ion Active- hyperpigmentation, and Niacinamide Ion Active - Adult Acne).  

As I said this is a intensive treatment for your skin but I was so relaxed it felt like a facial, there was a mask and relaxing.... possibly a little too much as I am fuzzy on the steps.  When the therapist (by the way at NuEssence they are amazing, the perfect balance between friendly and helpful without being intrusive or taking away from the relaxing quality of the treatment) applied the Ion Active (I got the Hualuronic for dehydration/sensitive skin) she used a small metal wand which had a slight current to apply the treatment.  Basically it felt like a cooling wand.  

After the treatment the therapist applies a gelloid to your skin depending on your skin type (Exo Thermal gelliod self heating and Endo Thermal gelloid cooling sensation).  As my skin was sensitive and a little red she used the cooling gelloid.  The whole treatment takes about 45 minutes and course of 6 treatments every two to four weeks is recommended.

I floated down Grafton Street, you have possibly never seen a more relaxed person on such a busy street.  The treatment alone was lovely, really relaxing and my skin felt lovely however the results is where the magic happened.  Almost instantly people were saying I was glowing, that my skin looked amazing.  MY SKIN DID LOOK AMAZING.  Whats more I only had one treatment and it gave my skin such a boost, that boost lasted me months.  My skin looked glowing, it responded better to the creams I used at home and the effects lasted.  
I am definitely going to return to Nu Essence for another Ion Active Treatment (in fact if life hadn't gotten in the way I would have returned sooner.  I was so delighted with the results and how my skin responded (so much so that people were commenting and complementing my skin).  NuEssence Is a great salon and the staff are Dermalogica Experts, so they can really recommend which products suit your skin.  I have begun to worship at the alter of Dermalogica, the packaging doesn't have bells and whistles but the products work and leave your skin feeling amazing.    
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