Friday, July 21, 2017

Too Faced Love Lights Highlighter - Blinded by the Light

We all get a bit giddy for highlighter, what if the highlighter was shaped like a heart?  I KNOW giddy overload.  What else would expect from Too Faced? (or the most Adorable Makeup Brand).  The Love Lights Highlighters join the already heart shaped and adorable Love Flush blush range from Too Faced which has stunning and brilliantly named colours like Justify My Love and How Deep Is Your Love.  See what they did there?  The blushers which reflect the flush of love are all named after love songs (clever right?).   In keeping with that (clever) theme the Love Lights Highlighters are also named after songs, but songs with light in the title (really clever).  The three in the collection are Ray of Light, You Light up My Life and Blinded by the Light.  
Here is Blinded by the Light* €30.00.  Firstly I am a massive Bruce Springsteen fan so I was pretty much already SOLD on this the moment I heard about it.  It is pretty much impossible for me not to sing Blinded by the Light (loudly and out of tune) ever time I apply it.  The packaging is stunning a reflective heart in heavy duty plastic which has a great mirror (it reminds me of a MARC JACOBS mirror I had years ago but Too Faced is sturdier and better quality).  Inside the product is poured like a prism, like many of Too Faced products almost too pretty to use.  

The idea of the highlighter is you can go from a subtle "Lit by Angels" highlight to "Full on Drag queen" depending on your preference.   I have seen more and more brands creating this kind of highlighter Stila's Heavenly Hue being one of them.  I suppose most of us can find highlighters a little intimidating,  I am scared it will show off my laughter lines or any skin issues I have.  Makeup life can be intimidating especially when we are seeing Instagram perfection all the time.  To achieve a soft natural glow apply the highlighter with a brush, for a more intense look use a denser brush or your fingers (that will give a real POW).  
When you swatch the highlighter with your fingers you get a pop of colour, this translates onto the skin from a brush very naturally, you know that kind of highlight where you turn your head and the light catches your cheek bones, makes the skin look less flat and you look glowing and pretty.  

At first I thought the highlighter was not pigmented or showing up on my skin until I realised that the brush application gives a naturally radiant look.  So instead of getting an intensely pigmented look from applying with a brush your getting a softer look.  The more I use Blinded by the Light (and sing as I apply) I appreciate the nature of the highlighter more, I can be quite heavy handed with products so I have on occasion looked like I have two glowing airstrips along my face.  I want to look glowing like Jennifer Aniston but I end up looking like Ru Pauls Drag Race version.  

If your looking for an intense one swipe highlighter the Love Lights range might not be for you, if your interested in trying highlighters or want a softer more natural look then check out the Love Lights range.  
Swatches are with one swipe which shows with finger application the more intense look you can achieve.
Too Faced are becoming one of my favourite brands,  I get happy endorphin's just from lifting the happy and adorable packaging, its really a brand that makes makeup fun and enjoyable while creating top quality products.  I get giddy to see what products and packaging they will create and your guaranteed it will be unlike any other brand.

Too Faced is available from Debenhams and the Henry Street branch has a pink and adorable makeup counter with every Too Faced product you can imagine (Melted Matte in Mrs Roper is next on my list.
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