Sunday, September 17, 2017

Aura - Mugler

Can you believe the iconic fragrance Angel by Mugler is 25 years old?  Angel is a groundbreaking fragrance which really heralded the launch of gourmand fragrances.  We all know somebody whose signature scent is Angel.  Its iconic, instantly recognisable and still after 25 years as popular as ever.  

Mugler has recently launched a new fragrance in his range (which took 4 years to develop) and as you would expect from Mugler its a powerful and unique fragrance. 

“Aura is an uncontrollable magic that the magnetism of the fragrance materializes.”
Thierry Mugler

Aura* was developed using 4 perfumers and they are keeping the mystery of Aura alive by not divulging all the specific notes but its described as a woody oriental fragrance.  Notes that are used in the fragrance are Tiger Liana, Rhubarb Leaf, Orange blossom, Vanilla and Wolfswood.  

For me the fragrances launches with an almost medicinal note (that makes it sound bad but its actually very intriguing) from there the fragrance lightens and finally settles to a woody fragrance.    Mugler fragrances are not light and barely there, they are bold, unique and unapologetically  feminine.

Close your eyes and imagine the iconic hand on hips stance of Wonder Woman (Ill say Linda Carter because I am the only person on the planet who hasn't seen the new version yet), can you picture it?  That to me is Aura by Mugler.  Strong, Feminine, Unique (with a dash of mystery)

I like to keep my current fragrances in my top dresser drawer (keeping bottles - no matter how pretty- out of direct sunlight protects the fragrance) and when I open my drawer its like a woman's movement snaking its way around the room.   

The refillable bottle is like a heart shaped green emerald (which reminds me of the jewel in the movie "Romancing the Stone" .... but I might be throwing too many 80ies references at you).    Like a jewel in your fragrance collection with a metal M where you spray the fragrance.  

We are inundated with fragrances that are too sweet or too similar so its wonderful for brands to break from the norm and launch something that is different.  Aura is a truly bold and unique fragrance.  

I described the opening notes of the fragrance as medicinal and I cant stress how intriguing this is, when I wear Aura I find myself sniffing my wrist trying to work out what the note is and basically just trying to inhale as much fragrance as possible.  

If you like a fragrance that is a little unique, bold and feminine try Aura by Mugler (even if its just to tell me you agree with the medicinal opening).  

Aura is available nationwide now and costs : 30ml €60. 50ml €94. 90ml €110. Body Lotion €40. Shower Milk €36

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