Friday, October 13, 2017

Laura Geller - Gilded Honey is worth the hype

SPACKLE - a word that will make you sit up and take notice especially when its said with enthusiasm and passion and thats exactly what happened one rainy afternoon watching QVC.  I Loved Laura Geller's knowledge and passion for her brand.  Unfortunately Laura Geller wasn't a brand that was available in Ireland so I stored the information in the back of my beauty brain.  Fast forward to 2017 and I was one happy bunny to discover that Laura Geller is now available at and in 6 Debenhams stores in Ireland. 

Laura Geller is a New York based makeup artist with decades of experience and a New York attitude which will make you fall in love with her immediately, if not the attitude its her passion towards beauty and making women look and feel wonderful.  

Although SPACKLE (which by the way is a primer and I like to say it while doing Jazz Hands) sucked me in the product from Laura Geller that I most wanted to try was the Baked Gelato Vivid Swirl Illuminator in Gilded Honey* 

 Pictured Left to Right: Gilded Honey and Peach Glow
I had heard You Tubers in America rave about Gilded Honey... the name alone gives the impression that your going to look like J Lo.  I was very excited to try it not just because I have a a bit of a addiction with highlighters but also cause its one of Laura Geller's products that has reached Cult Status.  I was sent two highlighters from the range to try Peach Glow (it was pretty) and Gilded Honey SWOON.  But a highlighter is just a highlighter Right?  I am beginning to think that Gilded Honey is not so much a highlighter and more of a way of life.  At first I looked and thought mmm pretty but Gilded Honey is that flattering hue which makes the skin radiant and look like its glowing.  I was recently at a skincare event and a woman from the brand commented on how radiant my skin was.... her first reaction was not that I was wearing highlighter but that I was glowing.  Thats the magic of Gilded Honey, you look radiant and glowing. YOU not your highlighter looks glowing.  You can of course ramp up the glow (I enjoy being spotted from space as much as the next makeup lover) but as somebody who is getting more mature (ahem) Gilded Honey doesnt catch in laughter lines, wrinkles or skin blemishes.    So rather than looking like 90ies JLo (which is probably a bit dated) you look like J Lo now, radiant, glowing and DAM how does she look so amazing. 

To demonstrate how smitten I am with Gilded Honey it was first into my makeup bag when I was going on holidays (thats a big commitment because I pretty much only wear lipstick, mascara and highlighter on holiday).  I had been on the hunt for Estee Lauder Modern Mercury highlighter (its reborn as part of the Victoria Beckham line) for years and finally picked it up when the VB range was released and  I am a little disappointed, it looks gaudy and crass beside the classy and glowing Gilded Honey.    I have been using Gilded Honey hard (I feel like I have missed something if I dont use it) and it still has the Gelato swirl shape which magically stays til you finish the product.   You might look at it and say.... "its a golden highlighter" that was my first impression but I urge you to try it on your skin.   Gilded Honey was the product I wanted to try from Laura Geller and it lived up to the hype (in fact I dont think I hyped it up enough).  
Gilded Honey = Swoon
A pretty heavy swatch of Gilded Honey - you can wear lighter or go to town
If I had my own makeup brand I would start with Lipsticks, I love how they can change your face and even your attitude (nothing like a red lip to make you feel sassy and confident).  Whenever I am dipping my toe in a new brand I like to try out their lip products.  As we all know liquid lipsticks have been ruling the lipstick roost for some time now and Laura Geller's version are called Fifty Kisses.  

Firstly my lips are kinda over liquid lipsticks, I have dry lips and they feel a little punished by long wearing liquid lipsticks.  We all can safely say that the joy of not having to reapply lipstick in work, after coffee or can safely give our little angels a non sticky kiss is usually worth the dryness.  There are generally two formulas of liquid lipsticks, a thicker mousse formula or a thin watery formula.  Fifty Kisses is the latter, it is light, it is pigmented and it isnt drying.   I was shocked, not at how nice it felt (almost like a matte lipstick rather than a liquid lipstick) but at other brands that are still launching rubbish, painfully drying and cracking formulas.  Laura Geller has cracked the liquid lipstick formula by making a comfortable liquid lipstick that DOESN'T CRACK.  No more lines down your lips, or lips that look like cracked plaster.  Fifty Kisses looks like a velvet lipstick, very flattering.  

Top to bottom Pink Pucker, Makeout Merlot
Pink Pucker (what a me shade- it has become a staple in my handbag) it instantly brightens and lifts the face and what can I say bright pink is my signature shade. 

Makeout Merlot
Makeout Merlot a vampy and sultry shade which is perfect for autumn and winter.

I love the velvet finish Fifty Kisses gives to the lips (they stay looking that way) and how they feel. 

I have been really impressed by the Laura Geller products that I have tried and I look forward to trying more from the range.  Whats really exciting about the Laura Geller range is the fact they produce gift sets throughout the year which allow you to sample different products and get a feel for the brand without breaking the bank.

Laura Geller is available from and has counters in 6 Irish Stores.

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