Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Clarins Spring 2018 - Including SOS Primers

We all NEED it to be Spring (what an understatement) even though its still very cold we can dream of Spring with the pretty new collection from Clarins. 

The trend of warm eye shadow's doesn't look like its going anywhere and Clarins have put their own stamp on the trend with the Lovely Rose 4 colour palette* €43.00. 
Clarins are taking the trend of warm shadows and mixing it with pretty Spring shades, its such a pretty looking quad which totally moves away from Clarins comfort zone of classic "safe"shades.  I always describe Clarins eye shadows as giving a watercolour effect to the lids, the shadows are not as intensely pigmented as some brands but that will be much more flattering on eyes that might be more mature and have more texture.  The lighter watercolour like shadows will be perfect for people who are a little scared of colour but really want to try the warm eye shadow trend.  The quad consists of a classic ballet pink, a coral pink, purple pink and a deep burgundy.   Clarins eye shadows Clarins eye shadows can be used dry for a wash of colour or wet for a more intense effect.                         

Lovely Rose quad swatched dry (you can use wet for more intense look)
My favourite Clarins products (besides skincare swoon) are lip products, they are fantastic.  Clarins make magic lip products because not only are they very pretty and wearable shades, they are skin care for your lips. The products are treating the lips as you wear them and you can FEEL the benefit of the products.  I love the Clarins Instant Light and Spring 2018 has the addition of Lip Balm Perfector in the shade #07 Hot Pink* and #08 Plum* €20.00
Left is Hot Pink (which is a definitely more a Coral than a hot pink shade) and right is Plum.  These are fantastic for your lips (especially with the effects of the cold and central heating) I have very dry lips and they are now in such good condition.  I love that they are fancy lip balms but they have a really good amount of colour to them so with one swipe you look "done" and more put together.  Clarins lip products are amazing we are in a very committed relationship and I will never stop singing their praises. 
Clarins can put a big happy tick beside flattering bright Spring makeup but Clarins are a skincare brand (an amazing skin care brand) so they have created a range of primers which target specific skincare concerns. 

Let me introduce you to SOS Primers a collection of 6 targeted primers which help to hydrate, prepare and target specific concerns. 

00 Universal Light -  radiance boosting primer which subtly brightens the skin
01 Rose - brightens dull and tired skin 
02 Peach - blurring primer for flawless skin 
03 Coral - dark spots and events skin irregularities

04 Green - minimizes redness 
05 Lavender - helps sallow or yellow skin tones.

Chances are you are not going to need all 6 primers but the great thing about SOS Primers are you can mix and match on different parts of your face.  I am a big fan of using 04 Green on the red parts of my face and then using 00 Universal light on my forehead and cheekbones for radiant cheeks.  Unlike some colour correcting products they blend really easily, for example the green shade blends really easily and smoothly onto the skin leaving no green caste on the face.  My favourite (and to use the word favourite is a massive understatement because im quite giddy about how wonderful it leaves my skin)  is 02 Peach the blurring primer, the peach tint covers the skin and leaves a perfect base.  But why do I need a primer ? I hear you cry.  I have found that using SOS Primers mean that not only does the foundation last longer on my skin I dont have to use as much foundation.   I have also found that even if some foundation wears off,  my skin has the added colour correction of the primer so my red chin doesn't look as red.   SOS Primers give you a perfected but very natural looking base.  I used to be very lucky with my skin but as I am getting older I have much more redness and dullness and my skin needs ALL the help it can get.  SOS Primers are answering my calls for help.

Left to right 00 - 05

00 Universal Light, 01 Rose, 02 Peach, 03 Coral, 04 Green, 05 Lavender
00 Universal Light, 01 Rose, 02 Peach, 03 Coral, 04 Green, 05 Lavender

SOS Primers cost €31.00 each and unless you have specific skin concerns I think most people would be quite happy with the beautiful effects of 02 Peach.
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