Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Urban Decay HI-FI Shine Gloss

Urban Decay holds a very special place in my heart and more importantly in my makeup bag.  Picture a young woman approaching an edgy and new makeup counter, a makeup brand that was way cooler and edgier than she was.  That was me circa the year 2000 approaching the new and rather excellent new Urban Decay counter in BT2 Grafton Street.  I left with a lip gloss (or Lip Gunk as Urban Decay called them) in the shade Big Bang and I would be back.....that's when I became an Urban Junkie.  

Urban Decay expanded from an indi brand to the huge phenomenon it is today but it has kept its edge while maintaining their ethics (cruelty free brand).  Styles have changed and lip glosses were replaced by the matte lip trend.   I dont think there are many of us who lived through the gloss era of the late 90ies early 00ies can forget how good gloss made your lips look, even if we were prone to catching hair in our sticky lips.  Urban Decay Lip Gunk was slightly thicker high pigment formula which tasted of sweets aww the memories.

 So guess what?  Glosses are back BABY... and just in time, my lips were just about retiring from years of drying lip products.  My favourite thing about glosses?  They make your lips look younger.  

Urban Decay have just launched a range of lip glosses while they are not Lip Gunks of old (I may be romanticising them now) they are a range of 20 ultra shiny glosses with four different finishes (metallic, holographic, cream and sheer cream) called Hi Fi Shine*.   Hi Fi Shine have a nourishing formula which contains vitamin E and peppermint oil.  They glosses have a vanilla-mint flavour (I dont pick up on the vanilla part) which leaves the slight sensation of fresh air after you brush your teeth (your mouth feels fresh).   Its not a long lasting sensation (not like the lip pumping lip glosses which inflate the lips) and I quite like it.  

Hi Fi Shine glide over the lips and they make the lips appear smoother and fuller minimising fine lines.  Who doesnt want younger, fuller looking lips.  They are a gloss so there is a gloss sensation  when wearing them but they are not tacky.  I was really impressed how the glosses stayed on my lips while I had a drink (there was transfer onto the cup), they didnt last through a meal (but they are a gloss and I wouldnt expect them too).  The glosses which have sparkly pigment are really smooth and there is no gritty feeling to the lips.  Hi Fi Shine make you want to rub your lips together, it feels fantastic on the lips.    

Some of the shades have wonderful pigmentation and dept while some of the shades are sheer and it will depend on the pigmentation of your lips how they will show up and you can of course wear the glosses over your lipstick (the glosses with holographic will be particularly nice for this).   

  Now onto the swatches:
Left to right:
Naked. Fuel, Midnight Cowgirl, Fireball, SPL

Left to Right:   Naked. Fuel, Midnight Cowgirl, Fireball, SPL

SPL is  described as a holographic candy pink with iridescent sparkle (this is one of those shades that would look amazing worn over a lipstick which would really amp up that iridescent sparkle)

  Fireball is described as holographic peach with pink sparkle.  Urban Decay have a highligher and an eyeshadow in the shade Fireball and I have both.  The peach base with pink sparkle is very flattering (also in the highlighter and eye shadow) and again would look amazing as a lip topper.

 Midnight Cowgirl is described as a nude cream with gold shimmer, like the classic eye shadow of the same name I think Midnight Cowgirl will become a classic as its flattering and wearable with a touch of shimmer.  I think Midnight Cowgirl looks really flattering on the lips, its not too nude and the shimmer brings a gleam to the lips. 

 Fuel is described as a light natural nude cream - one of the most flatter lip shades.  Fuel is my favourite, Im normally not a nude lip fan but this is such a flattering shade.  Im a bright lip person but Fuel is so flattering on the whole face and makes the lips look fantastic without trying hard.

 Naked is described as a nude pink cream with pearly pink shift.  Naked shows up pretty much like a clear gloss on my lips albeit one which evens the pigment in the lips and makes the lips appear juicy and full.

I really like the Hi Fi Shine glosses, I have been rocking (Im still very far from cool or edgy but can rock a lipgloss) them all week and they have happily fitted into my jeans (as a gloss I am not worried about my body heat melting them like they would a lipstick).  If I had to pick one it would be the shade Fuel which is beautiful but it pleases me greatly that Urban Decay have released the shade Big Bang (metallic hot pink sparkle) ill have to pick up bringing  my Urban Decay love back full circle.

Can you tell Hi Fi Shine make me happy
Hi Fi Shine cost €18.00 each (very reasonable) and are currently exclusive to Urban Decay Grafton Street (brilliant to see Urban Decay back on Grafton Street) and will be available at all counters nationwide from the 26th April.  
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