Monday, May 28, 2018

Clarins Water Lip Stain A Juicy Cocktail for your lips

Im a massive fan of Clarins lip products NOBODY does lip products like them.  While sometimes Clarins lip products might not be my first choice shade wise (they are far too classy for a slag pink) I am guaranteed that the products are feel fantastic, are kind and moisturising on the lips.  I was very giddy to see that Clarins are launching a new kind of lip product the Water Lip Stain*.  
Clarins Water Lip Stains come in four shades (Rose Water, Orange Water,  Red Water, Violet Water) and as the name suggests they are a water but opaque lip stain.  They promise to be light on the lips and kiss proof while ingredients such as aloe vera help with moisturising and raspberry for antioxidant and moisturizing properties.   Water Lip Stains are also have anti pollution properties which I see is a feature that Clarins are adapting into more and more of their products.  

THE PACKAGING - can we all give Clarins a slow, power clap for the packaging.  Talk about stepping up their game and creating an juicy and eye catching product that looks unlike anything they have released before.   Simple, classy and eye catching..... continue the slow power clap.

THE FORMULA - while lip stains are not a new idea Clarins have created a really impressive feather light formula which feels (as the name suggests) as light as water on the lips.   I would say the formula is as light as licking your lips but as we know that can be somewhat drying to the lips and the water stains feel as light as water but the formula which includes hydrating aloe vera doesn't dry your lips so your lips look and feel fuller.  The texture is very runny and one dip will cover the lips.  The formula manages to look both see through but opaque (see in the swatches below).  The formula is light and completely build able (but I have used one layer for photos) without feeling heavy or cakey on the lips, you can also layer with other lip products like the Clarins Lip Oil if you want a glossy look.    While some lip stains look like you have sucked on an ice lolly the Clarins Water Lip Stains give a more sophisticated effect... they are like a fruity cocktail for your lips.  

Although Clarins Water Lip Stains are not part of the Summer Collection they are a perfect addition to your summer makeup.   I love a bright lip during the summer but hate heavy formulas in the heat,  Water Stains give the effect of a bright and juicy lip.  

Left to Right No 1 Rose Water, No 2 Orange Water, No 3 Red Water, No 4 Violet Water 
 No 1 Rose Water

 No 2 Orange Water
  No 3 Red Water

 No 4 Violet Water

   Clarins Water Lip Stain launch on the 31st May and cost €21.00 each
I am a big fan of Clarins Water Lip Stains, they are so easy to wear (you apply and forget about them) but add that punch of juicy colour to your lips.  Well done Clarins, you have moved out of your comfort zone yet still created a uber comfortable lip product.  
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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Glossier - New Brand Alert - Lid Star

Glossier is the makeup brand on every body's lips and its now shipping to Ireland

 So what is Glossier anyway?

Glossier (which is pronounced Glossy AY not Glossy ER like we really all want to pronounce it) is an American online based beauty brand, therefore it doesn't have any physical shops but it does have a "showroom" in New York and a new one in London.  You can tell that its quite hip and deadly cause its called a "Showroom" and not a shop.  The brands main promotion was on Instagram where the products and beauty pics went viral.

That sounds marvelous if not for the young uns,  can pre millennial partake? or will anybody who was around during the 90ies be taken into a dark cave?

Funny you should ask that (inner voice) Glossier is for everybody (as all makeup should be),  the wonderful thing about Glossier is the brand really focus on skin, they have a wonderful range of skincare products including their much raved about Milky Jelly Cleanser and a selection of serums which you can mix and mix depending on your skin type or issue.  Glossier want you to concentrate on getting your skin the best it can be and then you can play with your makeup and let your makeup become your joy.  The brands message is "First Skin, Makeup Second"  as I get older its a bit of a no-brainer that if your skin looks good your makeup will look good  In saying that the products look sleek and minimal (hey us 90ies chicks did minimal first) and the distinctive and now famous millennial pink zip lock bag the products arrive in make it a millennial must have.

That sounds brilliant - but you said the brand is Instagram famous... is it all about Instagram makeup?

While Instagram makeup is lovely to look at on Instagram its not a reality for most of us and Glossier have created a line of makeup which is beautiful and easy to use with the fingers.  Think more Meghan Markle's wedding makeup than Instagram high maintenance glitter. 

Glossier is now shipping to Ireland and with shipping being free over a €40 spend (they have great sets which allow you to try a couple of different products) you will have the Glossier look in 2 - 3 days. 

The product I have to show you is Lidstar*  - Less shadow, more glow.  Housed in what appears to be a blood vial is Glossier's new liquid eye shadow.  When you first swatch the products with their doe foot applicator they are pigmented but apply quite sheer on the lids, which is no surprise really considering the brand.  You can build up the pigment, layer and even mix shades.  What is most impressive about Lid star is their staying power.  They are like gossamer and whimsical but they stay put all day.  The swatches on my hand lasted until morning and my eyes looked Lidstar perfect all day.  They are small but mighty.  The vials themselves are quite light and it will make it easier to throw into your handbag to glisten up your day look (the light packaging makes perfect sense considering its an online brand with the cost of shipping to consider) and while this will not be a worry of a lot of millennials I have a rampant toddler who would stomp the vial quicker than Godzilla would squash a donuts.  I am loving using Lidstar everyday perfect for a soft, natural yet glowing look.

Left to Right:  Lilly, Slip and Moon
I am very impressed by Lidstar the gossamer look of the product means I can rock my bold lip look without fear of them clashing.  Lidstar definitely make me want to try more from Glossier

If your are curious about Glossier and their products I urge you to follow Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram who always has glowing skin and inspirational makeup.

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Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Too Faced "Natural Face" Palette and Natural Nude Lipstick in Pout About It

Too faced products really tickle my fancy, the packaging is cute, they tend to be a little different than other products on the market and the products are really good.  In addition to Too Faced being the most adorable brand ever they do have products with absolutely beautiful packaging (the kind you could take out in a serious situation and not be afraid a unicorn or mermaid jumps out). 
The new It Just comes Naturally" collection is perfect cute meets classy.  The products are quite practically really (neutral and matte eye shadow palettes) in the most divine packaging.  I decided that I didn't need another eye shadow palette (although as most makeup junkies will attest need is never really a word that comes into play when buying makeup) but I really wanted to try the  Too Faced Natural Face Palette €42 (conveniently ignoring the Becca and Huda Beauty face palettes that are on my counter).

Too Faced palette has 6 shades in it 2 highlighters 2 blushes and 2 bronzers although I would use the  shade "Tropic like its hot" as a warm blush.  The packaging is beautiful, its a sturdy acrylic plastic which has a lace design, even the clasp is a little heart.  Its pretty but also classic enough to attract many age groups and its also sturdy enough to last years.  The beautiful lace design on the outside is carried on and imprinted onto the product (its the small touches like these that take Too Faced products up a notch). 

The powders are pigmented and very pretty - they are fragranced which will turn off some people but you dont really notice after you initially open the palette.  For me Too Faced hands down beats the Becca and Huda Beauty palettes-  all the shades are very wearable and individual to each other,  the Natural Face palette is also very clever because I could happily create a simple but very pretty eye makeup look using the palette (the bronzer is particularly pretty and wearable on the eyes),  while the other brands face palettes are cardboard this is a more durable and pretty heavy plastic. 
Left to Right:  Starlight, Pink Wink and Sunny Honey
 Second Row Left to Right:  Satin Sheets, Pink Sand, Tropic Like its Hot
Most of us beauty junkies have beauty buying OCD when buying makeup WE FIND IT VERY HARD TO BUY JUST ONE THING so I had to try one of the Too Faced Natural Nude Lipstick €22 in the shade Pout About It.  The Natural Nude Lipsticks are a range of nudes for all skin types, the lipsticks are full of hydrating coconut butter so feel absolutely fantastic on the lips.  Pout About It is such a easy everyday colour to wear but its the texture and feeling on the lips which steals the show (again Too Faced dont disappoint with the packaging which has the lace detail along the bullet).

I am a little giddy to see that the Peaches & Cream Collection from Too Faced is now available on because the Peach Perfect Comfort Matte Liquid Foundation (which is a whopping €48ml and costs €32) has been the most impressive foundation I have tried in a long time.    I ordered these from Too Faced but I would recommend buying from Debenhams as shipping is quicker (and you can save loyalty points) although keep in mind the Too Faced site do have some amazing exclusives.  
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Thursday, May 10, 2018

Stila Self Reflection Summer 2018 Collection

Its no secret that I am a huge Stila fan,  while I have always loved the products recently they are releasing some of the most exciting beauty products I have seen for years.  I haven't posted about the Stila Glitter and Glow Eye shadows and my only defense is I have been talking about them non stop since their release to anybody who will listen, I chat about them on Instagram, I take them with me to beauty events and show people on the quiet.  I am one step away from standing in the middle of O'Connell Bridge shouting about their wonder.  (I promise to do more posts with all the Glitter and Glow that I have).  

Summer makeup is my favourite time of the year and Stila of course is the brand that makes me most giddy.  This year Stila's Summer collection is called Self Reflection and it small but perfectly formed (Stila had a whopper Spring Collection that Ill chat about in another post).

First up in the collection are the amazing, the shimmery, the stunning aforementioned Glitter and Glow in three new Summer shades.  Glitter and Glow (or as I like to call them Stila Glittery Eyeshadows) are so simple and easy to apply,  the applicator that lends itself  to applying the product all over the lid as a shadow or on its side as a liner.  They are pigmented and glittery but not in any way irritating.  Best of all they removed easily with normal makeup remover.  They are Instagram makeup in one pretty amazing tube.  (Can you tell I love them, I wear one every day)
Top to bottom: 
Perlina (Opalescent white, bright blue, pink, and purple pearl)
Enchantress (Peach with bright gold pearl)
Fairy Tail (Gunmetal gold with bright lavender pearl)

The Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows cost €27.00 and are available from Cloud 10 Beauty

Glitter and Glow eye shadows are pretty dam phenomenal (come and chat to me anytime and I will cover you with swatches and we will bond about how amazing they are) so it was a no-brainer to launch a Glitter and Glow Highlighter.  Que sounds of angels singing from heaven above. 
Glitter and Glow Highlighters come in three shades
  • Kitten (Nude pink with silver and champagne sparkle)
  • Monarch (Baby pink with green, pink and silver sparkle)
  • Queen (Iridescent pink with pink and purple sparkle)
I have the Iconic Stila Shade Kitten which is a universally flattering shade.  While I would happily wear the Glitter and Glow eye shadows every day (into work, to a farm.. the usual) the highlighter is a little more intense and glittery and would look amazing on a night out or at a festival (In saying this I did wear it to a playground and I looked fabulous).  

As you can see from the above picture the highlighters are in slightly bigger packaging and contain 6ml of product while the eye shadows contain 4.5ml

One of my favourite launches from Stila have been the Heaven's Hue Highlighters - I think its safe to say we would all love to have a J-LO glow and for me Heaven's Hue give me that look.  This long winter has made me the Goldilocks of highlighters,  I have been finding that powder highlighters can look too stark on my skin and can show up texture, liquid highlighters wear off or can look too intense.  Heaven's Hue is just right.  Heaven's Hue are a wonderful gel to powder formula which are bouncy to the touch (such an unusual and fun texture).  It can be applied with the fingers or a dense brush for a light feeling but fantastically glowing effect.  What I love most about Heaven's Hue is they are very pretty but they work best when they catch the light.  As you move your face the highlighter catches the light and you glow.  

There are three new shades in Heaven's Hue

Brilliance: creates a golden, candlelight glow
Magnificence: creates a peach, lit from within, warm flush
Opulence: creates a sheer, fresh white pearl opalescence
I have the shade Brilliance which is the perfect J-Lo shade and not too dark for lighter skin. 

Heaven's Hue Highlighters cost €32 and are available from Cloud 10 Beauty

To round out the collection Stila have launched a Micro Tip version of their Stay All Day Liner €16.50 which is perfect for creating a graphic effect on the eyes or if like me your have smaller eyes and need a neater line.  To put the popularity of the original Stila Stay All Day Liners in context its the best selling eye liner from all the makeup brands available in Sephora. 

*All products were sent to me by Cloud 10 Beauty, you know I have a huge love for Cloud 10 because they work tooth and nail to bring us Irish ladies the boldest and best makeup brands and they also happen to be really lovely people.  
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Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Clarins Extra Firming Jour (Extra Firming Day Cream) SPF15 AND Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation

My name is Mags and I am 40 eek ........ *waits expectantly for the sky to fall and the world to end* I love Birthdays LOVE them, they are like Christmas but all about ME.  My last Birthday I turned 40.... am sweating writing this cause 40 is my scary age, its an age when I should have my sh*t together, should be grown up (who wants to be grown up), should have more savings than makeup and generally feel like they can cope with life.  I feel like since that big birthday and the longest winter known to man my skin has suffered.  My once oily and plump skin is drab, dry and miserable.  I have gone from feeling and looking like Peter Pan to Peg Sayers in a matter of months. 

I have always been very lucky with my skin (and hair) and while I have never treated my skin poorly I haven't exactly been the best owner.  I found over the last number of years I have developed more redness in my face (around my cheeks and on my chin) and the last few months my skin has gotten dry and lackluster.  I feel like I look tired (I am tired but I would prefer not to look it).  Enter Clarins Extra Firming Day Cream.

Clarins holds a very special place in my heart.  Many (Many) years ago I took my very first Christmas bonus and instantly and bought a Clarins Gentle Day Cream Set (I love a gift set AND it came with a Gift with Purchase).  Im a little impressed that younger me investing in skincare.  I loved the iconic red boxes and the ceremony of opening the fancy instructions on the inside of the box.  The wonderful thing about Clarins is they are a skincare brand, they just dont make bad skincare.  Clarins are also one of those brands that are a guaranteed winner if you need a gift for anybody aged 18 - 80 and beyond.  

So I turned 40 felt tired and like an angel from the heavens Clarins launched Extra Firming Day Cream €68*.  I had decided to start taking care of my skin and Clarins Extra Firming has fast become the foundation.  Extra Firming Day cream is aimed at those of us who have reached the magical milestone of 40 (but of course can be used by younger people who are worried about the same issues).  The cream promises to help improve the skins general appearance, improve wrinkles, lift and firm and create an even skin tone.  The cream also helps protect the skin from pollution which is a trend I am seeing more and more.  

I could go into the science but I might confuse both of us (but I will say that 85% of the key ingredients are plant ingredients, half of which are organic).  There are three different formulations of the day cream (Firming Day Cream All Skin Types, Firming Day Cream with SPF and Rich Firming Day Cream) and two formulations of Night Cream (Regenerating Night and Regenerating Night Rich Cream).  I have been using the Extra Firming Day cream with SPF 15, I really like how its a relatively low SPF as I have learned recently from Her Highness Caroline Hirons queen of all skincare and lover of Clarins that SPF in a formula can dominate the creams other benefits.  

I have been religiously messaging the cream into my skin every day, there is something about the texture and the fragrance which lends itself to being messaged and gives me those few seconds of ME Time.  Although its a rich cream its not too rich and absorbs into my skin easily (if a cream is too rich it will clog the pores and create build up on my cheeks) and in fact its so wonderful that I have been layering serums with the cream with wonderful effects.  I have found that some creams ball up if I layer a serum but on one (quite ridiculous) occasion I used a vitamin, a serum, Extra Firming cream, a illuminating primer and then my foundation and it was perfection.  A lesser cream would have created balling or the skin would have felt heavy.  When I apply Extra Firming my skin looks fresher and glows.  I can happily apply it to the tops of my cheeks without fear of it creating white heads or clogging pores.  There is a light fragrance to the cream (nothing too strong or overpowering) which consists of camelia and rose although its not a traditional heady rose.  As I mentioned the fragrance is gently uplifting and encourages me to message the cream into my skin.

I adore using Clarins Extra Firming Cream and find that it has brightened up my drab and tired skin, I had found my cheeks had slightly less bounce (tell me how somebody with full cheeks can loose bounce... age) and that has minimised.   Clarins Extra Firming Cream has made me feel so much happier and better about my skin and just that little bit more confident about turning 40.  (I still have dark circles and bags under my eyes but its ok its sunglasses season).  

We have all been hearing so much about "Glass Skin" and while 10 years about I would have been rocking the look the reality is now I dont have time or the inclination to try and achieve the look.  What I do want is clean, clear and pretty skin and Clarins allows me to achieve it with their Everlasting Cushion Foundation €38*.  

Everlasting Cushion Foundation is as the name suggests a cushion foundation and of course Clarins ups the anti by creating a foundation which has skincare benefits.  Everlasting says its a full coverage foundation but I would say its a medium build able foundation.  When I apply a foundation I start at the center of my face where all the discoloration and covering needs to be done.  Everlasting foundation feels incredibly light on your skin and EVERY TIME I begin to apply it I think "your not going to cover my redness" and EVERY TIME it proves me wrong and creates a flawless pretty base.   I need a bit of extra coverage around my eyes and I use any excess concealer around my nose but the rest of my face Everlasting has perfected but in a beautifully natural way.  As its a lightweight foundation it doesn't settle or exacerbate lines.  It makes my skin look naturally pretty.  

I was first told about Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation by a makeup artist (not an Instagram makeup artist who seem to favour heavy Instagram makeup) and as you know makeup artists will spend most of their time creating a clean flawless base, skin that looks flawless and as if its makeup free.  This is the look that Clarins Everlasting Foundation achieves.  When a makeup artist with flawless skin and immaculate taste recommends a foundation you take note.  

The only downside for Clarins Everlasting Cushion Foundation is it costs €38 for 15ml (most foundations are 30ml) so it is expensive but that seems to be the case for most cushion foundations and Clarins have the added skincare benefits (which promise to "pure plant extracts enhance skin’s beauty day after day").  
*I was going to take before and after pictures but can down with a cold and now have a nose that would rival Rudolf (he of the red noses) 

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