Monday, May 28, 2018

Clarins Water Lip Stain A Juicy Cocktail for your lips

Im a massive fan of Clarins lip products NOBODY does lip products like them.  While sometimes Clarins lip products might not be my first choice shade wise (they are far too classy for a slag pink) I am guaranteed that the products are feel fantastic, are kind and moisturising on the lips.  I was very giddy to see that Clarins are launching a new kind of lip product the Water Lip Stain*.  
Clarins Water Lip Stains come in four shades (Rose Water, Orange Water,  Red Water, Violet Water) and as the name suggests they are a water but opaque lip stain.  They promise to be light on the lips and kiss proof while ingredients such as aloe vera help with moisturising and raspberry for antioxidant and moisturizing properties.   Water Lip Stains are also have anti pollution properties which I see is a feature that Clarins are adapting into more and more of their products.  

THE PACKAGING - can we all give Clarins a slow, power clap for the packaging.  Talk about stepping up their game and creating an juicy and eye catching product that looks unlike anything they have released before.   Simple, classy and eye catching..... continue the slow power clap.

THE FORMULA - while lip stains are not a new idea Clarins have created a really impressive feather light formula which feels (as the name suggests) as light as water on the lips.   I would say the formula is as light as licking your lips but as we know that can be somewhat drying to the lips and the water stains feel as light as water but the formula which includes hydrating aloe vera doesn't dry your lips so your lips look and feel fuller.  The texture is very runny and one dip will cover the lips.  The formula manages to look both see through but opaque (see in the swatches below).  The formula is light and completely build able (but I have used one layer for photos) without feeling heavy or cakey on the lips, you can also layer with other lip products like the Clarins Lip Oil if you want a glossy look.    While some lip stains look like you have sucked on an ice lolly the Clarins Water Lip Stains give a more sophisticated effect... they are like a fruity cocktail for your lips.  

Although Clarins Water Lip Stains are not part of the Summer Collection they are a perfect addition to your summer makeup.   I love a bright lip during the summer but hate heavy formulas in the heat,  Water Stains give the effect of a bright and juicy lip.  

Left to Right No 1 Rose Water, No 2 Orange Water, No 3 Red Water, No 4 Violet Water 
 No 1 Rose Water

 No 2 Orange Water
  No 3 Red Water

 No 4 Violet Water

   Clarins Water Lip Stain launch on the 31st May and cost €21.00 each
I am a big fan of Clarins Water Lip Stains, they are so easy to wear (you apply and forget about them) but add that punch of juicy colour to your lips.  Well done Clarins, you have moved out of your comfort zone yet still created a uber comfortable lip product.  
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