Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Glossier - New Brand Alert - Lid Star

Glossier is the makeup brand on every body's lips and its now shipping to Ireland

 So what is Glossier anyway?

Glossier (which is pronounced Glossy AY not Glossy ER like we really all want to pronounce it) is an American online based beauty brand, therefore it doesn't have any physical shops but it does have a "showroom" in New York and a new one in London.  You can tell that its quite hip and deadly cause its called a "Showroom" and not a shop.  The brands main promotion was on Instagram where the products and beauty pics went viral.

That sounds marvelous if not for the young uns,  can pre millennial partake? or will anybody who was around during the 90ies be taken into a dark cave?

Funny you should ask that (inner voice) Glossier is for everybody (as all makeup should be),  the wonderful thing about Glossier is the brand really focus on skin, they have a wonderful range of skincare products including their much raved about Milky Jelly Cleanser and a selection of serums which you can mix and mix depending on your skin type or issue.  Glossier want you to concentrate on getting your skin the best it can be and then you can play with your makeup and let your makeup become your joy.  The brands message is "First Skin, Makeup Second"  as I get older its a bit of a no-brainer that if your skin looks good your makeup will look good  In saying that the products look sleek and minimal (hey us 90ies chicks did minimal first) and the distinctive and now famous millennial pink zip lock bag the products arrive in make it a millennial must have.

That sounds brilliant - but you said the brand is Instagram famous... is it all about Instagram makeup?

While Instagram makeup is lovely to look at on Instagram its not a reality for most of us and Glossier have created a line of makeup which is beautiful and easy to use with the fingers.  Think more Meghan Markle's wedding makeup than Instagram high maintenance glitter. 

Glossier is now shipping to Ireland and with shipping being free over a €40 spend (they have great sets which allow you to try a couple of different products) you will have the Glossier look in 2 - 3 days. 

The product I have to show you is Lidstar*  - Less shadow, more glow.  Housed in what appears to be a blood vial is Glossier's new liquid eye shadow.  When you first swatch the products with their doe foot applicator they are pigmented but apply quite sheer on the lids, which is no surprise really considering the brand.  You can build up the pigment, layer and even mix shades.  What is most impressive about Lid star is their staying power.  They are like gossamer and whimsical but they stay put all day.  The swatches on my hand lasted until morning and my eyes looked Lidstar perfect all day.  They are small but mighty.  The vials themselves are quite light and it will make it easier to throw into your handbag to glisten up your day look (the light packaging makes perfect sense considering its an online brand with the cost of shipping to consider) and while this will not be a worry of a lot of millennials I have a rampant toddler who would stomp the vial quicker than Godzilla would squash a donuts.  I am loving using Lidstar everyday perfect for a soft, natural yet glowing look.

Left to Right:  Lilly, Slip and Moon
I am very impressed by Lidstar the gossamer look of the product means I can rock my bold lip look without fear of them clashing.  Lidstar definitely make me want to try more from Glossier

If your are curious about Glossier and their products I urge you to follow Katie Jane Hughes on Instagram who always has glowing skin and inspirational makeup.

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