Thursday, May 10, 2018

Stila Self Reflection Summer 2018 Collection

Its no secret that I am a huge Stila fan,  while I have always loved the products recently they are releasing some of the most exciting beauty products I have seen for years.  I haven't posted about the Stila Glitter and Glow Eye shadows and my only defense is I have been talking about them non stop since their release to anybody who will listen, I chat about them on Instagram, I take them with me to beauty events and show people on the quiet.  I am one step away from standing in the middle of O'Connell Bridge shouting about their wonder.  (I promise to do more posts with all the Glitter and Glow that I have).  

Summer makeup is my favourite time of the year and Stila of course is the brand that makes me most giddy.  This year Stila's Summer collection is called Self Reflection and it small but perfectly formed (Stila had a whopper Spring Collection that Ill chat about in another post).

First up in the collection are the amazing, the shimmery, the stunning aforementioned Glitter and Glow in three new Summer shades.  Glitter and Glow (or as I like to call them Stila Glittery Eyeshadows) are so simple and easy to apply,  the applicator that lends itself  to applying the product all over the lid as a shadow or on its side as a liner.  They are pigmented and glittery but not in any way irritating.  Best of all they removed easily with normal makeup remover.  They are Instagram makeup in one pretty amazing tube.  (Can you tell I love them, I wear one every day)
Top to bottom: 
Perlina (Opalescent white, bright blue, pink, and purple pearl)
Enchantress (Peach with bright gold pearl)
Fairy Tail (Gunmetal gold with bright lavender pearl)

The Glitter and Glow Eyeshadows cost €27.00 and are available from Cloud 10 Beauty

Glitter and Glow eye shadows are pretty dam phenomenal (come and chat to me anytime and I will cover you with swatches and we will bond about how amazing they are) so it was a no-brainer to launch a Glitter and Glow Highlighter.  Que sounds of angels singing from heaven above. 
Glitter and Glow Highlighters come in three shades
  • Kitten (Nude pink with silver and champagne sparkle)
  • Monarch (Baby pink with green, pink and silver sparkle)
  • Queen (Iridescent pink with pink and purple sparkle)
I have the Iconic Stila Shade Kitten which is a universally flattering shade.  While I would happily wear the Glitter and Glow eye shadows every day (into work, to a farm.. the usual) the highlighter is a little more intense and glittery and would look amazing on a night out or at a festival (In saying this I did wear it to a playground and I looked fabulous).  

As you can see from the above picture the highlighters are in slightly bigger packaging and contain 6ml of product while the eye shadows contain 4.5ml

One of my favourite launches from Stila have been the Heaven's Hue Highlighters - I think its safe to say we would all love to have a J-LO glow and for me Heaven's Hue give me that look.  This long winter has made me the Goldilocks of highlighters,  I have been finding that powder highlighters can look too stark on my skin and can show up texture, liquid highlighters wear off or can look too intense.  Heaven's Hue is just right.  Heaven's Hue are a wonderful gel to powder formula which are bouncy to the touch (such an unusual and fun texture).  It can be applied with the fingers or a dense brush for a light feeling but fantastically glowing effect.  What I love most about Heaven's Hue is they are very pretty but they work best when they catch the light.  As you move your face the highlighter catches the light and you glow.  

There are three new shades in Heaven's Hue

Brilliance: creates a golden, candlelight glow
Magnificence: creates a peach, lit from within, warm flush
Opulence: creates a sheer, fresh white pearl opalescence
I have the shade Brilliance which is the perfect J-Lo shade and not too dark for lighter skin. 

Heaven's Hue Highlighters cost €32 and are available from Cloud 10 Beauty

To round out the collection Stila have launched a Micro Tip version of their Stay All Day Liner €16.50 which is perfect for creating a graphic effect on the eyes or if like me your have smaller eyes and need a neater line.  To put the popularity of the original Stila Stay All Day Liners in context its the best selling eye liner from all the makeup brands available in Sephora. 

*All products were sent to me by Cloud 10 Beauty, you know I have a huge love for Cloud 10 because they work tooth and nail to bring us Irish ladies the boldest and best makeup brands and they also happen to be really lovely people.  
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