Monday, June 18, 2018

Urban Decay Backtalk Palette and Backtalk Lipstick

I Love Urban Decay and have been collecting the palettes for years, in fact I get a little giddy at the news of a new release.  When I first saw pictures of the Backtalk Palette on Instagram my initial thoughts were a bit meh.  I mean its a cool concept a eye and cheek palette and "Oh Look the mirror comes out so thats great for travel" but the shades.......Meh.  Come on you have looked at the Backtalk palette and thought exactly the same thing.    I was invited to a Masterclass on the Backtalk palette and I love a masterclass,  I get to learn from the experts about the product but also tips on other products (I have a deep love for the All Nighter Setting Spray from one such masterclasses and I cant be without it now).  
As I was a bit meh about the palette I didn't look into it too much or think why Backtalk? why that range of shades.  It turns out the Backtalk is Urban Decay's best selling Vice Lipstick and the shade is so universally flattering they decided to create a palette which would create a monochromatic makeup looks for all skin tones.  

I am having quite a cheek or face palette obsession at the moment so I was really only interested in the face side of the palette.  The Face side of the palette contains two blushes Cheap Shot, Double take and two highlighters Low Key and Party Foul. 
Left to Right  Cheap Shot, Double take, Low Key and Party Foul. 

When the makeup artists started to play with the shades (they created a day and an dramatic evening look with the palette) I sat up in my chair and took notice.  I swatched the eye shadows which earlier held little interest to me and I fell in love.  The shadows can be used dry for a softer day time look or foiled for an intense look.  At first I didn't think there was much pay off with the lighter shades but they are quite light shades and the second to left shade Bare is one I use all the time on the inner eye.    My standout shade of the palette is the shade Backtalk, I would never normally gravitate towards this shade but its so fantastic in the crease and I have worn this every day  IN FACT I would love if Urban Decay released it as a single pan eye shadow.   While there has been a massive trend for warm brown eye shadows, which especially flattering on blue and green eyes, it can be quite a harsh look to pull off especially on Irish Skin tones.  There is something very flattering about the eye shadow shades in the Backtalk palette, they make blue and green eyes pop while being softer and more flattering on the skin tone around the eyes.  I think the shades would make fantastic Bridal makeup soft and flattering without being too intense or domineering.  They create pretty makeup looks.  

The design of the palette is really clever, on one side the eye shadows, on the other the face shades which are separated by a removable (genius) mirror.  I am wondering will this become a trend for Urban Decay like the Naked Palettes (its very clever packaging).  

I thought I would dig the face shades and would be Meh about the eye shadows but my verdict is the blush shades are pretty but probably not shades I would naturally reach for but the highlighter shades are very pretty and I adore the eye shadows.  I surprised at how much I love them.  I love I can create a quick and easy look which isn't taxing on my dark circles and make my eyes pop without much work.  If you want to ramp up your look the shades Shade and Attitude are stunning (and if you use foiled AHHHH MAGIC).  I also love that on the end is WTF the perfect neutral matte brown and 180 a shimmery brown which I almost forget about because the other shades are divine. 

Backtalk is really a palette you have to look at and play with to appreciate how pretty it is.   If you put the shade Backtalk in your crease you will not want to use anything else.

 Now let me introduce you to Backtalk, the Vice Lipstick bestseller which influenced the creation of the palette.  I really like Vice Lipsticks (even the mattes are very smooth and comfortable) Backtalk is a mauve shade which we can see how it would suit all skin tones and change from looking dramatic on fairer skin to "your lips but better" on deeper skin.  Backtalk is a satin lipstick which is really comfortable on the lips.  

Backtalk Palette* was launched on the 14th June and costs €43.00 and Backtalk Lipstick is €19.50.
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