Friday, August 21, 2015

Rimmel Nude Collection by Kate Moss

I have to hold my hands up I'm not one of those girls who obsess over Kate Moss and what she is wearing.  Mostly cause I'm curvy and she is slim and I know I cant pull off the clothes she does.  Kate undoubtedly has amazing style and is the setter of countless trends.

Kate's latest collection for Rimmel is the Nude Collection*.  I not generally a fan of nude lip products but I am absolutely loving these two shades that Kate has created with Rimmel.  Kate is the queen of the sexy smoky eye and nothing complements that better than a nude lip. 

 A lot of nude lipsticks can be a little too "nude" and quite difficult to pick one to compliment your skin tone.  The two shades of Lasting Finish created by Kate with Rimmel are universally flattering. 

  The shade 43 is a classic nude shade - almost skin colour- instead of it washing out my face like a lot of nudes do this looks lovely.  The shade 45 is a pinker mauve nude and again universally flattering.  I really like Rimmel lipsticks they are moisturising on the lips and feel a lot more expensive than they are.  There is a scent of sweet sweets from the lipstick, some people might find this scent a little too much (I have one friend who will only wear unscented lip products) but I find I only notice it when I apply the lipstick.

 To the left No 43 and to the right No 45.

 In addition to the lipsticks Rimmel have launched Lasting Finish Nude Foundation which is a long lasting foundation with a lightweight feel.  I have to be honest I am really impressed with this foundation.  It has beautiful coverage and doesn't feel heavy on the skin, doesn't cake after a long day and stays looking beautiful.  Rimmel why didn't you tell me you made AWESOME foundations.  I am usually strictly high end with my foundations but I am very impressed with Lasting Finish Nude and have been using it all the time.

 Nude Collection No 43

 No 43.
No 45

 Kate and Rimmel have created a cracking duo of nude lipsticks (each cost €6.99) and the Lasting Finish Nude Foundation (€10.29) is a real discovery to me.  For me the absolute star of the show and a product that I cant recommend enough is the lipstick in the shade 45.  It is such a flattering shade and I have had so many complements when wearing it.  I was asked by 2 different beauty lovers who know their makeup (one another blogger) what lipstick was I wearing and both asked me if it was Charlotte Tilbury. This is very interesting, as you probably know Kate Moss and Charlotte Tilbury have been friends for over 20 years and Charlotte does Kate's makeup a lot of the time.  Kate is a muse for Charlotte (Charlotte has even created a lipstick for Kate and named it after her).   It makes total sense that a lipstick created by Kate (who inspires Charlotte) would resemble a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick and in my opinion the Rimmel offering is a lot creamier and feels nicer on the lips that Charlotte Tilburys lipsticks (controversial I know).  If your looking to purchase a Charlotte Tilbury lipstick save yourself a small fortune and pick up Rimmel No 45.

My advice would be to pick up Lasting Finish Lipstick shade 45 - you will not regret it. 

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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Benefit Full Color - They're Real Mascara and Push Up Liner

Oh Benefit you are a cheeky brand which have such a big place in my heart.  Benefit are one of those brands that have phenomenal packaging but they definitely don't depend on pretty packaging, whats on the inside really counts and Benefit prove it.  Benefit are a brand that could be written off as a young persons brand (the packaging, the cheeky names) but the brand has been around since the 70ies and I happen to know an 80 year old who is a huge fan of Gimme Brow (is an excellent product for those with sparse and gray brows).  They're Real Mascara is Ireland's best selling mascara, so how do you improve on perfection?  Difficult but not impossible.... create a range of colours. 

They're Real is Ireland's favourite mascara for a reason - it creates long, dramatic lashes, you might not ask your friend "Are they Real?" but you will definitely ask them "What Mascara are you Using?". 
I was a little nervous when I heard Benefit would be launching coloured mascara.  You hear coloured mascara and you think 1980ies madness but Benefit are a clever bunch.
Beyond Brown* - oh brown mascara, your the sensible shoes of the makeup word.  Nobody really wants to admit wearing them but everybody has to at some stage.  Brown Mascara like sensible shoes just doesn't sound sexy, but a girl cant survive on "fu*k me" shoes.  There is something very wearable and flattering about Beyond Brown especially to lighter haired gals.  It has all the lengthing punch of they're real but is softer, natural and flattering.  I find it much easier to make the most out of They're Real Beyond Brown than the classic black, I don't have many lashes so black can be a little harsh looking on my small eyes.  My eyes have been loving Beyond Brown, the colour is natural and flattering but with all the lenght we love from They're Real.
Beyond Blue* is exactly that BLUE.  Have you ever tried a coloured mascara only for a slight amount to come off on the tips of your very disappointing.  Beyond Blue is a powerful mascara which cotes the lashes in a bright blue shade. If your thinking blue is a little scary lets remember that blue whitens white so Beyond Blue makes the whites of your eyes gleam.  If your slightly intimidated by using such a bright colour you can mix Beyond Blue with They're Real black to create a navy shade which is more wearable to most people while still brightening your eyes. 

They're Real Push Up Liner takes the hassle out of lining the lids.  It is like using a pen on your lid which you lean against your lashes to create a perfect line.  Its quite easy to use but does require you to practice.  If you cant line your eyes They're Real is not going to magically fix that.   Remember to simply follow the lash line.  Benefit's makeup artist recommended to me to take your time and work in sections, even the pros don't line the lids in one simple swoop (we have all watched too many You Tube Videos which make us think we all should be a Pixiwoo sister).  

Push Up Liners have a small stopper I would recommend keeping these (this can get a little messy after a few uses) as it will prevent the product from drying out.  When you first use the liner you need to click up the product.  I also recommend clicking and wiping when you go to use the liner again - its a gel liner and gel can dry out so giving a quick wipe clean will ensure fresh product and help you create a better line.  Whats great about They're Real liner is you need one click of product per eye.  Like any liner there are some days I use it and create a perfect line and there are others when I make a complete balls of it.  I try and keep my line close to the eye and as I have quite small eyes I cant do a cat flick (it gets hidden by my eye lid). 

The Shades (Beyond Brown, Beyond Blue, Beyond Purple, Beyond Green) are classy and classic jewel toned which look very natural against the eye, enhancing rather than overpowering the eyes natural colour.  I haven't included pictures of the liner on my eyes - as I said I have small eyes so it was quite hard to make out each of the colours.  The liners naturally enhance the eyes without shouting "Oi look I'm GREEN EYELINER, GREEN EYELINER this one thinks she is down with the kids wearing her GREEN EYELINER".  The colours simply enhance the eyes and your eye colour, the brown being a classic and again less harsh than the original black.
I have done big swatches to get an idea of the colour.

You can create a fine, delicate line or a thicker dramatic line.  Remember to try and get as close to the lashes as possible which will create a larger eye.  They're Real also can help you easily create a dramatic cat eye. 

They're Real Mascara costs €26 and They're Real Push Up Liner costs €25.

I would also like to say a massive thank you to Benefit who earlier in the Summer got a bunch of Beauty Bloggers off their Booty to take part in the Colour Run in the Phenoix Park in aid of the Irish Cancer Society. 

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Friday, August 7, 2015

Aqva Divina Bvlgari for women

The Sun might not be shining much in Ireland this summer but I have a new summer fragrance.  I have been wearing the hell out of Aqua Divina Bulgari for Women*.  Aqua Divina was inspired by Botticelli's painting "The Birth of Venus" who doesn't want to dip your toes into that delicious image?

Aqua Divina is described a floral aquatic fragrance.  Its quite different than my normal summer fragrances (like Bronze Goddess) its scent is somewhat more sophisticated than "traditional" summer fragrances.  

Top Notes: Bergamot, Salt, Magnolia
Middle Notes: Magnolia, Quince
Base Notes: Woody Notes, Amber, Beeswax.

The fragrance has a slight masculine feel but is embraced by the feminine scents of Magnolia and Quince, the base note of amber gives a delicate sexy kiss.  This description doesn't scream summer but the salt crystals make you instantly transport you to a golden sandy beach. The bottle looks like a beautiful sea shell which has been washed onto the shore topped off with a glamorous gold lid.  

Bvlgari Aqva Divina has been my scent of the Summer.   Although initially there is a slightly masculine feel to the fragrance, the warmth of the amber and the salt make it unusual and intoxicating. I cant recommend this scent enough, its very different to what I normally favour in a summer scent but I have been loving it.

Aqva Divina Bvlgari for women is out now 25ml €47, 40ml €69 and 65ml €86. Pin It

Monday, August 3, 2015

Oasis sale 70% off

I love Oasis, they have such classic clothes I find it hard to part with any of them. I am somewhat of an Oasis hoarder.  The majority of my wardrobe is from Oasis.  I love their summer clothes because they love a bit of colour.  As much as I would love to be one of those classic dressers I love colour too much.  

The Oasis sale is now up to 70% off.  I have to be honest I can never hold off with the Oasis sale until the 70% off  - the moment the sale goes on Im all over it.  If your lucky you can pick up some fantastic bargains. Some of these items are sold out online but try the shops (or if your absolutely mad for an item you can use the Oasis Seek and Send by using Parcel Motel).  Its a great time to pick up some summer clothes (I am still patiently waiting on Summer to arrive) especially classics from Oasis.

I love jumpsuits - its a whole outfit in one.  The jersey jumpsuits are especially easy to throw on, the look chic but feel like lounge wear.  First up is the Monocrombe Jumpsuit which was €60 and is now reduced to €19.  I picked this up when it was €28 and I get so many complements when I wear it (even with my new mammy belly).
I love these Etched Botanical Shorts which were originally €44 and are now €12.  You can wear these with a simple white top.  Although these are a little loud they will be a classic spring/summer short for years to come.

I am in love with this Etched Botanical Jacket which was originally €88 and is now €15 (FIFTEEN EURO).  I picked this up for €44 and have been wearing it every time I have an occasion.  I love to wear it with all white (white jeans and a white top).   This is an over sized lightweight jacket which livens up my white jeans and keeps you covered. 

Another jumpsuit ?  Yes I have a problem.  This Paisley Jumpsuit has been recently added to the sale and is on my list when I get paid.  Original price €47 now €31. 

This Utility Jumpsuit has been a staple in my wardrobe for some time.  It was part of the Loved by Mollie Range and was continuously sold out.  Original price €69 now €25.  I think khaki is a very flattering colour on Irish skin tones.
 I am a Keds convert.  I have 3 out of the 4 pairs of Keds by Oasis.  These Keds Animal Print Skater should not be on sale they are such a classic design and so comfortable.  They are reduced from €56 to €28.   The Keds have been getting me through this Irish "Summer" and keeping my toes dry. If you see ANY of the Keds by Oasis in your size RUN DON'T WALK to the counter (and if you see the striped pair in a size 5 give me a shout). 
 Ok some of you are going to HATE these.  I LOVE THEM.  I'm not going to lie these Lime Print Shorts are kinda obnoxious but they are undoubtedly fun.  The are reduced from  €44 to €12 and will look at home on any summer holiday.  (I have a longing for the Lime Print Skirt even though I don't really wear skirts).
Have you picked up anything from the Oasis sale?  Oasis clothes make me so happy. Pin It

Friday, July 24, 2015

Nars Dragon Girl

Ok Ok I hold my hands up.  I 100% bought Nars Dragon Girl because I read Taylor Swift wears it.  I could pretend its because Taylor is a blonde and I'm a blonde and I thought the colour would suit me.  Truth be told I'm a Taylor fan.  Reality is EVERYBODY is a Taylor fan.  Himself LOVES her (actually quite a lot of men I have surveyed love her, maybe its her good girl appeal... answers on a postcard).  So much so that the song "We are never ever getting back together" is the closest we have to Our Song (which is kinda funny cause we have been together for 600 years).  I have such good memories of singing it to each other while driving down the road in America on our holidays.  I also have great memories of singing and dancing around while heavily preggers to "Shake it off" ... the baby still loves that one.

Its safe to say that Taylor can rock a red lip and since Dragon Girl Velvet Matte Lipstick (€26.00) is one of her favourites it would have been rude of me not to get it.  Dragon Girl has been on my list for quite a while.  The pencil application makes it easy to both line and colour in your lips.  The Matte texture is not too drying or Matt. 

The shade is almost a raspberry red - its opaque but not too deep.  Its a very wearable red and not intimidating at all.  Its a cute red,  not so much a vampy or scary one.  My only gripe with Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils are you have to sharpen them.  Its the loss of the product when you sharpen (because obviously I am running SO LOW on makeup). 

If anybody knows the other shades of red Taylor wears let me know.  As Taylor knows a girl can never have too many red lipsticks.
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Sunday, July 19, 2015

Current Favourites - Summer Shoes

Its been ages since I have done monthly favourites so I have decided to do a few posts mentioning a few of my favourite things.   So for the next few weeks I will do a breakdown of my current favourites to start I decided to mix things up and talk fashion and my favourite shoes.  I love clothes even if they don't love my belly so lets start with the most figure forgiving aspect of  Sorry if my fashion pics are not the best I didn't know if I should put my feet in the shoes (would that be weird?) and himself is not the type to take pictures of me "modeling".  I also tend to have Chandler Bing face in  photos.......Anyway onto the shoes.

Summer in Ireland is never easy on feet.  It can get humid but it can also start raining at any moment and there is nothing worse than slipping around in your flip flops.  The good news is a lot of these shoes are on sale - this is a great time of year to pick up shoes in the summer sales because there is plenty of time to wear them.  I'm not one of those girls longing for winter boots I hold onto summer for as long as possible.

This Summers heels are all about the block heel - very 90ies I'm pretty sure I had something similar first time around.  The first pair of heels are from Penneys/Primark (€18.00).  The block heel make the heels a little easier to walk in.

These amazing Fringe Heels from New Look (€34.99) tick a this summers trends.  The block heel,the 70ies fringe.  I have been wearing a lot of flats lately so I am a little wobbly in heels but these are manageable to me.
This season we have a little twist on the classic ballet shoe.  These are perfect for keeping your toes dry (isn't that the worst thing about Summers in Ireland... soggy flipping toes).   On the left we have a pair of lace up shoes from Penneys (€13.00) and on the right a pair of two tone shoes from Littlewoods (that are on sale for €16.00).  I love this naked ballet shoe trend they allow you to feel like your wearing summer shoes with dry toes.

I have been obsessed with Keds by Oasis they make my feet so happy.  That's right I have HAPPY FEET.  I had spent a long time looking for a pair of animal print slip on runners but so many of them make your feet look long and a lot of them seem to widen at the toes making them unflattering.  Nothing worse than trying on a pair of shoes and looking like your feet are boats.    Keds by Oasis fit my feet perfectly and make the feet look and feel amazing.  The bottom of the shoe is slightly padded so they are very comfortable to wear.  The animal print is such a classic look (should I get a back up).  These have replaced Converse in my life (they are so comfortable).  The very exciting news is these are now in the Oasis Sale (some of the sizes are sold out online so I suggest trying larger Oasis stores).  The sale price range from €31 - €37

I have so many flat sandals so I decided this year to buy sandals with a small block heel.  This pair from Oasis have that tiny bit of animal print (its a classic design don't ya know) to liven up the black.  The good news is they are on sale from €35 to €22 woo hoo (get them here).

I have been wearing these Miss KG Rose Gold old lady shoes every day since I picked them up in Kildare Village (size down as they are large fitting).  I have been wearing them around the house and I feel so comfy and glittery - I'm basically Liberace.
If I lived in a less soggy climate I would be wearing flip flops all day, every day.  I live in Ireland were soggy toes with humid helmet hair are summers gifts.  What shoes have you been wearing this summer and have you picked up any nice shoes in the summer sales?

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Monday, July 6, 2015

Bourjois Parisian Summer Collection

I can be a little bit of a makeup snob at times.  I hold my hands up - I love some fancy pants makeup.  My favourite high street or drugstore brand is without doubt Bourjois.  Not only do Bourjois offer excellent makeup products they also have an amazing 150 year history which mean they know makeup.  I head straight to the Bourjois stand when I'm in Boots and they always have something new and exciting.  They have mastered the amazing yet affordable foundation (their foundations are better than a lot of luxury brands) and their mascaras do wonders for my ridiculously bad eye lashes basically they are not only a brand I trust but they are a brand I get excited by (if I had to pick one product that lets them down I would say its their eyeshadow pots which I'm not crazy about).  What I love most about Bourjois is their products offer that bit of luxury at an affordable and attainable price.  
This summer Bourjois are releasing the Parisian Summer Collection* unfortunately this collection is an online exclusive.  I only say that because these products SMELL AMAZING and you cant smell the Internet (thank god).  I often feel a bit sorry for people in the USA because Bourjois is not accessible to them however this collection is available from and WOO HOO.
 There are four products in the range all of which are made for a perfectly stylish summer. The Parisian Summer Collection not only add a bronze glow to the skin, the products also seem to blur out imperfections making your skin look a little closer to flawless.

8 en 1 BB Bronzing Cream is ideal for perfecting and hydrating holiday skin.  Its a product that will definitely be best suited to those with good skin (its not going to cover imperfections), it adds a warm bronze glow to the skin and the SPF 15 gently protects the skin.  Pop this on after a day in the sun to enhance your natural tan while its hydration properties with enhance the skin and give a glowing radiance.  It comes in 2 colours Light Glow and Dark Glow and costs £9.99 or €11.99.

Sunlight Elixir is a summer skin essential.  Sunlight Elixir is a dry body oil which has beautiful golden particles which leave a gentle sheen on the skin.  IT SMELLS AMAZING.  Its an oil but it is not greasy, it drys quickly leaving your arms, legs, shoulders (wherever you please) to look glamours and glowing.  Sunlight Elizir also has an SPF 15 to gently protect the skin on the warm summer nights and can also be used on the face.   In fairness many brands have similar products but they tend to be luxury brands (Clarins and Nars) and the products cost a lot more than Sunlight Elixir (which costs £11.99 or €16.99).  My only gripe with this product is it comes in a glass bottle (as do its counterparts)  I understand with a glass bottle the product feels more substantial and a higher quality, I just wish such a perfect summer staple would come in travel friendly packaging.  If I didn't love the subtle shimmer and glow it adds to the skin I would buy it for the scent alone. 
Sun Illusion is basically a revamp of the Bronzing Primer.  In case you missed Bourjois Bronzing Primer (whats wrong with you its amazing) its like Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel Bronze Universel but without the ridiculously long name and expensive price tag.  It has a wonderful texture which evens out imperfections, adds warmth but most importantly it looks like skin.  So your skin looks perfected and bronzed but naturally so.    Thank god Bourjois changed the name from Bronzing Primer (it was confusing) I like to use it alone or as a bronzer over foundation.  Its cream consistency is very easy to apply, blend and also blurs imperfections while looking like natural glowing skin. Sun Illusion comes in 2 shades Light Glow (perfect for us Irish Ladies) and Dark Glow, it also smells amazing. You cant beat the price £9.99 or €11.99. 
 Mat Illusion is a beautiful matt natural looking bronzer that smells AH MAZ ING.  Every time I apply this I inhale deeply and am transported somewhere exotic and beautiful (good job because its raining here at the moment).  I love a bit of shimmer so I never understood the idea of a Matt bronzer until I tried this.  I love the effect it has on the skin.  Again a natural looking tan which seems to correct the complexion.  I recently picked up the new Hourglass bronzer, instead of using the uber hyped and very expensive Hourglass bronzer I have been reaching for the Bourjois bronzer every day.  To put it simply its a better product which makes my skin look better.  Mat Illusion costs in Light Glow and Dark Glow and costs a bargain £7.99 pr €10.49.
 All shades featured are Light which are perfect for Irish skins while still adding a nice natural bronze.  I wish you could smell these products, I know I am beginning to sound a bit weird but they smell Divine without being overly perfumed. 

If your looking for a new bronzer Boots have an amazing Bourjois gift.  When you spend €20 you can get this amazing gift box which includes a Maxi Delight Bronzer, Bronzing Brush, Color Boost Lip Crayon as well as an exclusive foundation offer.  Its very easy to spend €20 on Bourjois you could pick up one of their amazing mascaras and foundations and get all these free goodies. 

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