Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Benefit Majorette

Has anybody else been looking forward to Benefits newest offering?  Benefit have taken their boxed powder snazzed it up, made it cuter (if possible), put a dinky mirror in the lid.  If that wasn't enough Majorette has a cream to powder finis, which smells like peach and pomegranate.
Majorette is exclusively available at the Benefit Boutique Dublin and will be on counters nationwide from Saturday 30th August. Pin It

Monday, August 18, 2014

YSL Babydoll Kiss & Blush Corail Affranchi #7

I am always a little skeptical when I hear that a product can be used for two purposes, the lazy girl in me LOVES the idea, the practical girl really wants to see if it will work well.  YSL recently launched their Kiss and Blush and as the name implies its a lip and a cheek product.

I have the shade Corail Affranchi no 7* to show you today.

The consistency of the product is really interesting its soft and light and reminds me almost of a moouse in consistency.  It is in fact air whipped which explains the feeling.  There are 12 colours in the range and they cost €30.00 each - expensive for a single product, not bad when its a cheek and lip product.  

I think YSL create some of the best lip products, you might pay premium beauty prices for them but you get a premium beauty product.  

I was sure that I would prefer to apply the product one way rather than both, and I was right.  I much prefer to use the Kiss and Blush as a blush rather than on my lips (I feel the same about my beloved Stila Convertible Colors I much prefer to use them on the cheeks).  This might have more to do with the fact that my lips tend to be dry and products that feel a little different (as I mentioned earlier this feels like whipped moouse) my lips get confused.  I definitely think with the Kiss and Blush is a case of "its not you its me" so I would suggest trying it on your lips. 

I am slightly obsessed with the shade Corail Affranchi - while I don't tend to pick up corals - I am right for the hot pink shades this shade is just perfection.  Its a coral colour but veers towards a deeper terracotta shade (without going too terracotta).  In fact its the perfect shade, your cheeks look alive and warmer without bronzer.  Corail Affranchi gives me that "I Feel Pretty" vibe when I wear it (I try and not sing it to myself...promise).  I love how alive and natural it makes you look - if I am being honest I tend to get smug face when I wear it.  I also love how the lips and cheeks compliment each other without looking too matchy matchy.

For me the Kiss and Blush are winners - in the winter I must try a deeper shade.  Have you tried YSL Kiss and Blush?

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Friday, August 15, 2014

Bleu Paradis Terry de Gunzburg for women

I have been slightly obsessed with one scent all summer and that scent is Bleu Paradis by Terry De Gunzburg*.  You probably think you dont know who Terry De Gunzberg is... but you do.  She is the mastermind behind the By Terry makeup line (and was the Creative Director of YSL when they created Touche Eclat).  If you have every played with any of the By Terry products you will know that they smell AMAZING.  

I didn't know that Terry (we are on first name terms in my head - mostly because I know I will mispronounce de Gunzburg) made perfumes and I was delighted to discover Bleu Paradis which has been my perfect summer scent.  

Firstly the perfume bottle looks very classic - all her perfumes are housed in the same bottles - the lid is sturdy and I like to sit on my couch sniffing the lid because I love the fragrance so much.  Blue Paradis (even the name makes me want to float away) has been MY summer fragrance replacing my usual summer favorite Bronze Goddess - Blue Paradis is a more sophisticated fragrance.  

Top notes of Bleu Paradis are Litchi followed by middle notes of Rose which finally settles down to the rich scents of Cedar, Amber and Musk.  Its such an interesting scent because its light, but not too light.  The fragrance lasts through the day without being over powering at all.  Its middle notes are Rose but its not too floral and its base notes are Cedar, Amber and Musk but its not too strong or heady.  Its light like the bottle and name implies.  Its a soft and fresh scent.

Terry de Gunzburg are an expensive but classic addition to any perfume collection at Eau de Parfum
(100ml Spray £105.00/€125.00) they are definitely a luxury purchase.  The range is available from selected department stores and Space NK which we happen to have on Grafton Street.  

What fragrance has been rocking your world this Summer?
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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Lancome Summer 2014

Personally I love when a Summer makeup collection launches during actual SUMMER.  There is nothing more discouraging than looking at a bronzer when your cheeks have been whipped by the wind and you have hail stones in your hair.  

Lancome have released their Summer 2014 collection IN THE ACTUAL SUMMER TIME.  I know Mind Blown.  Lancome's Star Bronzing range is quite famous - in fact its the first fake cult fake tan range.  A few years ago before we have the mass market for fake tanning Lancome had us sorted with a different tanning lotion for every part of the body AND ITS GOOD.  This Summer Lancome have released a special, stunningly pretty bronzer in the shade Golden Riveria (€45.00).  Not only is the bronzer stunning - it is embossed with a beautiful flower - its massive and will last you YEARS. 

The Summer Collection is compact - the bronzer really is the "Star" of the show, it also contains a super soft brush* and a selection of nail polishes.  

I hadnt tried any of Lancomes Nail Polishes (or Vernis in Love €19.00) and was pleasantly surprised the polish was opaque on the nails after one coat and I was left with shiny vibrant nails.  I would recommend a top coat for the polish to last longer on the nails.  I have the shade Marine Chic* to show you.  
The collection has 3 shades Golden Riviera 340 (gold) Nuit d’Azur 557 (electric) Marine Chic 555 (navy)
Lancome's Summer Collection is out now. 

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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

NYX has arrived in Ireland

NYX Cosmetics have arrived in Ireland.. I know, I know.. you probably all know this by now but its still very exciting news.

In my opinion drugstore or chemist makeup has taken two very different turns, some brands are getting quite expensive (you wouldn't get a lip product for less than 10 euro) and while these are great products I still feel slightly ripped off that my affordable makeup is working out so expensive.  On the budget end of things you can pick up some great products for a couple of euro but you do sacrifice packaging and especially on lip products the smell and texture.

NYX Cosmetics jump straight into the arena with great products at affordable pricing.  I had picked up a few NYX products when I was in America - I didn't want to pick up too many and become attached to something I couldn't readily get my hands on- I of course had to pick up a Butter Gloss (€6.49) which are outstanding.  I am as you may know a fan of bold colours so I went for Strawberry Parfait.  Butter glosses leave your lips feeling like they are having a lip treatment, glossy soft colour with a pretty delicate fragrance (I often find the fragrance on drugstore lip products a bit overwhelming). I was raging I didn't pick up more Butter Glosses.

Butter Glosses give soft delicate colour - probably not where you want to go if you want intense lip colour (its ok thought cause NYX have you covered if you do want intense colour) but there is a reason they are top of every bloggers list - they are affordable, offer pretty colour and they feel amazing on the lips.

If your looking for bright intense lip colour I highly recommend picking up a Soft Matt Lip Cream.  I have the colour Addis Ababa which of course is a hot hot pink.  I love this nearly as much as the Butter Gloss.  It is a matt but it isn't drying on the lips.  NYX really hit it out of the park with Soft Matt Lip Creams and Butter Glosses showing that you can have an affordable yet great quality lip product and still have change from a tenner for a cup of coffee.  

NYX Lipstick (€5.49) in Indian Pink* is somewhat out of my comfort zone, its a little bit frosty and a little bit pale for my liking but a nice comfortable lip colour to wear.  I think its great there is a colour indicator at the bottom of the bullet to let you know what shade it is.  To be honest I would be more of a fan of the Butter Gloss or the Soft Matt Lip Cream than the lipstick.

NYX have an absolutely huge selection of eye liners (its actually quite mind boggling to be honest with you) from the Eye/Eyebrow Pencil* (€4.99) that I have in Seaform Green to the Kohl Kajal Liner* (€7.49).  Their Selection of eye liners doesn't stop there, they also have Felt Tip Liners (€10.99) and their Innovative The Curve Liner (€15.99) which shape makes it easier to line the eye.
While I LOVE the lip products the liner to me are ok for the price.  I found Sea foam Green quite stiff to use but it can also be used as a brown pencil (perhaps not the green shade) so perhaps it would be better for that purpose.  The Kohl liner is softer but I would probably leave these and buy more lip products.  
Below are a smudge out Seafoan Green and the Kajal liner which is a very pretty intense black

If you have ever watched an American You Tuber you will have heard about NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils, back in the day I don't think there was a makeup look where XSparkage didn't use the Jumbo Pencil in Milk on her inner eyes.  When I was in America the stand was cleared out of the colour Milk which shows the continued popularity of the product.

I never quite managed to get my hands on milk but at €4.99 I will be picking it up soon.  I have the colours Rocky Mountain Green* and Cashmere* to show you today.  These sticks can be used as all over eye colour, as a eye shadow base, as a liner or as a inner corner highlight shade.  They are creamy and soft.  I have oily lids so I wouldn't use them by themselves (everything creases on me), they are so handy to have in your collection and these two shades are perfect for a bright summery look (these would be perfect in your holiday makeup bag).  NYX also have Jumbo Lip Pencils (their stands really do spoil us).

In case you wanted a specific Eyebrow pencil - an automatic one with a angled nib and brush on the end - yep you guessed it NYX have you covered for that too

As well as a million different pencil products NYX also have a number of eye shadow palettes I have the Love in Florence in the shade Eat, Love, Be Fab* (€9.99) for 5 shades.

This is a very pretty combination of colours, while they don't seem to swatch very well they apply on the lids very well (apart maybe from the patchy dark brown colour).  I used the Cashmere Jumbo Stick underneath for some added pop of colour.

Are you still with me?  Good  Next up is the The Bronzer and Blusher Combo* (€9.99) in Ibiza (lots of the products are named after places) which is a very handy and very cute bronzer and blusher combo (quite similar to me to some that Stila release).  The Matt Bronzer is paired with a soft shimmery blush - again perfect for a holiday makeup bag (maybe I really just want to go on Holidays).  I adore this little duo, its packaging is study and cute.  I wish the cheek shade wasn't as shimmery.... I guess that means Ill just have to check out more of them.

In my opinion the NYX Blush* are another winner - the shade Natural is that, looks pretty but nothing too exciting in the pan, on the cheeks BOOM your face has a pretty and natural glow.  I love the soft matt but not chalky shade (I prefer this blush than the one in the bronzer/blush duo).

So NYX have a ton of great products - and we haven't even looked at or mentioned the fact that they make foundation, concealer, mascara, powder and LIQUID HIGHLIGHTERS (we will have more on them soon).

My advice would be head straight for the Butter Gloss, Soft Matt Lip Creams and the Blush.  I really want to check out their Finishing Sprays and Primers and see how they stand up - Imagine a drugstore company making a finishing spray... how brilliant is that.

I cant wait to get my hands on a NYX Stand see a complete list of stockists here.
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