Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Belfast Shopping, Junction One CCO,

I love a day trip, a road trip where you get to sing along loudly and badly to music with your mates and then do a bit of shopping, have a bite to eat.  I mean really what more could you ask for?  I kicked off St. Patrick's weekend with a day trip to Belfast with a trip to the CCO in Junction One (I know there are plenty more shops in Junction One but I spend most of our allotted time in the Cosmetic Company Outlet).

I took some sneaky pictures of the MAC stands on my phone for you all to see what they had in stock. 

There were a good few of the recent Christmas sets.

So keep in mind I was being restrained, a good girl (I kept repeating you have tons of makeup, you don't need more).

I got the Clinique Happy set for himself's mammy for Mother's Day (from him). It cost £15.00 and I also got for her the Clinique Most Wanted Colour Collection which was £14.00.  (Yes I am in fact the Best Girlfriend Ever - if we could just inform himself of this coming up to my birthday...that would be great).

I always love to stock up on skincare when I am in the CCO (it just costs so much in the real world), so I got the Origins Be Bright set which cost £25.00. It includes Brighter by Nature peeling pads x20, Brighter by Nature - tone correcting serum 30ml, Checks and Balances frothy face wash 50ml andStarting Over Age Erasing Moisturiser - 30ml.
In terms of makeup I didn't get a lot, I picked up MAC Eye Kohl in "I get no Kick" which is a champagne colour which will be lovely to brighten the water line (yeah I know I always forget to brighten the waterline so I don't know how often I'll remember to apply this) - this cost £9.25.  I got two lipsticks both MAC Pro Longwear in Love Forever (the pink) and Good to Go (the orange). I thought these were £9.00 but they were £11.75.
After Junction One we headed into Belfast where I picked up a few other bits and pieces.  The star buy of the day is not for me (it's for my nephew for Easter) and its Mickey Mouse - but no ordinary Mickey Mouse - it's Mickey Mouse dressed as a bunny and he smells like chocolate.  How brilliant is Mickey.  Of course this gave me the opportunity to say things like "it's raining I don't want my Mickey to get wet" and "don't squash my Mickey" and other mature and valid points much to the amusement annoyance of my friends.
I visited MAC (to be honest I visited as many makeup counters as I could fit in- we have a routine). I wanted to pick up the new Viva Glam Nicki Minaj Lipstick (in short... it's an amazing colour and gack formula). I always try and pick up something from Viva Glam because it's for charity.  MAC have some new lip liners and I bought the bright pink in Embrace Me.
When I visited Boots I had to drop by the Stila stand (they have a Stila Directors Chair- it's deadly). I had been looking and swatching the Illuminating Liquid Foundation for a while and have always loved the swatches (I bought it in 30 Watts).
I have to stop by Illamasqua when I go to Belfast (or when I see a counter) and I had great timing because the Human Fundamentalism Collection was just released.  I bought the Skin Base in AU (this can be used as a foundation or as a liquid bronzer and I am loving it so far) and the Precision Ink in Scribe (opaque white). This was a spur of the moment purchase because I thought it looked amazing on the girls at the Illamasqua counter.
I know I picked up a few more bits and pieces which I can't quite find.  Whenever I go to Belfast I always pick up some pain killers as they don't interrogate you like they do here (and they have a much better choice) I also pick up some paracetamol i know its a bit weird but you can get a packet of own brand paracetamol for 16p (yes mere pence).

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  1. Holy cow I'm jealous of your epic haul!

    What's the stila foundation like? I used to have this years ago and loved it, have forgotten now if it really is good or not!

  2. oh i hope to visit this place someday only found out it existed recently only its bout 4 hour drive to belfast for me so wont be going there anytime soon though :( looks like they had some great stuff!! :)

  3. This post is pure makeup porn! I have Love Forever it's a great jel of everything you got!

  4. Eh, Hello?

    You should have had to pass customs coming back with those epic beauties.

    I now know to save my knackers off for our road trip.



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