Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows - photos and swatches

When it comes to eyeshadow, I'm very much a one-colour-all-over-the-lids kinda girl, and if I can apply that colour with my fingers and it lasts all day, all the better. So, I've been excited about the launch of Maybelline Colour Tattoo Eyeshadows, as I know a lot of you have been. These are cream/gel eyeshadows which promise 24 hour wear.

They're not supposed to be on our stands in Ireland until next month but some have obviously started to trickle in as I found them in Superdrug today - I must admit I basically ran towards the stand and pounced on them in a very unladylike way when I spotted them. I picked up the shades 35 - On and On Bronze and 20 - Turquoise Forever. They cost €6.15 each and Maybelline is on three for two in Superdrug at the moment.

Apologies in advance for the crappy iPhone photos.

These swatches are one swipe - they're incredibly pigmented.
Sorry, forgot to photograph them before I dipped my paws in.
I think I'm gonna love these. I swatched them in the shop on my lunch break today, and they did not budge off my hand for the rest of the day, despite several hand-washings and me actually scrubbing at them with a tissue. I'll update with a review as to how they wear on the eyes once I give them a good testing.

What do you think? Are you as excited as me about these?
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  1. Oh I'm all over this! On and on Bronze is fab.

    HAVE to get over to Superdrug.

  2. Hitting up Superdrug ASAP!! Gorge!

  3. Omg Omg ok hittin superdrug first thing! I need these!

  4. OMG, where did you get those? Wheeeereeee? xx

  5. OOh I saw these on Friday and didn't gettem due to chronic fatigue! Gonna get some today I think :) Lahffly!!

  6. Nice review and nice blog :) :) xx
    A new follower from http://sunniewrites.blogspot.com , would love if you follow me back <3 <3 xxx

  7. So pretty! I really want the turquoise one so look forward to hearing how you get on with it xo

  8. I love them! :D I just bought the gold and bronze ones :D xxxx


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