Friday, August 3, 2012

Perfume Collection - Basically Perfume Porn

After a twitter conversation with the lovely ArtDonatella (check her out here she has a fantastic blog with wonderful makeup looks)  about perfume and perfume collections I decided to show you all the perfume that I have - basically this is perfume porn.  While some people are perfume aficionados I don't claim to be - If I like the smell of it I like it - that might be a cheapo perfume or an expensive one (I am just more likely to have a smaller bottle of expensive perfume).  I have been collecting perfume for a few years and honestly didn't think I had this much.  Most of this is stored in the deep dark recesses of my makeup collection away from the light - where it is safe from the light and from turning into very expensive stinking dirty water. 

First up is from Stila and its Midnight Bloom - I also had Creme Bouquet but unfortunately it turned :(.  I hardly ever use this because its part of my Stila stash.  It is like Stila sweet and classic.

Coconut Summer Scents:
This is Nars Body Glow - while its not technically a perfume it set me of on a search for a particular scent.  This is a body oil which has a chocolaty bronze shimmer which moisturises the skin while providing a warm glow.  The scent is unbelievable it is Monoï de Tahiti oil with pure coconut extract macerated with the bud of the tiare flower (Tahitian gardenia) - basically it smells like paradise.  I have been searching for years to find something that smells similar.  Its very expensive (€64.00) but please stop by and smell it - if you know a dupe I will love you forever.

Victoria Secret Coconut Passion and Vanille Fleurie Da Tahiti.  These are two that are some of my searches for a dupe smell of Nars Body Oil.  They are obviously bright summery scents with coconut.  mmm.
Hei Poa Fragrances: again these are searches for a dupe for Nars Body Oil they are light fresh summery scents (can you tell yet that I adore fresh summery scents).  Holidays in a bottle.

Estee Lauder Bronze Goddess and Philosophy Summer Grace: we have spoken about these perfumes before (Bronze Goddess here and Summer Grace Here) these are my go to Summer perfumes.  I adore both of these and if you smell me at the moment I will smell of these.  Bronze Goddess is on my shopping list every summer but you have to be quick because its limited edition and sells out every year.  Sile is also a huge fan of Bronze Goddess so if I am with her I usually wear Summer Grace.

Guess Seductive Sunkissed is another brilliant summer fragrance - we have spoken about it before here - it has been slightly forgotten because my Summer Favourites are definitely Bronze Goddess and Summer Grace, but look at the adorable bottle.

Jimmy Choo ahhh I wore this religiously since I got it - it was a Christmas present from himself (he was told specifically what to get - more on that later).  It is a seductive beautiful scent but better suited for evenings.  Its my current "Fancy" perfume.

Chanel No5 - you cant really have a perfume collection without Chanel No 5, currently I only have the Sheer Mist (which I use for "Good" use) its a grown up classic scent.

Michael Kors - Very Hollywood.  This was a present from himself - he did very well too, I had gotten a Michel Kors watch which he remembered and bought me this perfume.  He never usually remembers stuff like that so extra points.

Estee Lauder Sensuous : I always have a bottle of this knocking around.  I always thought Estee Lauder was a grown up brand - don't be fooled.  It smells like sexy sweets - its delicious.  Its also Cherry Sue's signature scent (check her out here)  so if you ever wanted to know what she smells like -  Its Estee Lauder Sensuous - Sexy Sweet Sue.

Burberry Brit, Dolce and Gabbana The One and Armani Code:  These are all presents from himself that I keep in the bottom of my collection, I never use them - which is bold.  He bought The One and Code at the same time (on Christmas Eve in a panic) and the sales assistant just pointed him in the direction of two rather expensive and not very me kinda fragrances.  A lesson was learned that he should (a) be more prepared for Christmas and (b) ask for hints.  To be honest I would have returned them for something I actually wanted (yes I am Rachel from Friends) except he was looking at me all proud of himself.

Gucci and Rock n Rose by Valentino:  these are more presents from himself (I know this sounds like I am spoilt but seriously its only Christmas and Birthdays with us - this is over a number of years, I just store my perfumes well).  I used them at the time but I have been distracted by newer acquisitions.

Naughty Alice - Vivienne Westwood. This was a bargain I picked up in the sales last year and I love it. Its light enough to wear every day most of the year.
Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir:  Whenever I complement somebodies perfume they are usually wearing Jo Malone - I love yummy foody scents.   Pomegranate Noir is a sexy scent that I had been lusting after for a while.  Its sexy and delicious but most definitely for evenings or winter.

I have a bit of a Vera Wang obsession - am I obsessed with weddings? NO I just like her fragrances.  I picked up Lovestruck during the sales at Christmas (I also picked up Marc Jacobs Oh Lola which my mother took possession of - she is obsessed by it).  This has been somewhat overshadowed by Jimmy Choo but isn't it the prettiest bottle.

Here is where my Vera Wang obsession comes to light.  I know its aimed at a younger market but I love the Princess range of perfumes.  I was bought the first one by himself (OK I might have been acting a little like a Princess at the time) and from then on I have picked up most of the range.  (I know I missed out on one or two and that bugs me so much).   They are a simple pretty range of perfumes.

Glam Princess, Rock Princess, Original Princess.
Here is where another obsession comes to light - I love celebrity fragrance.  There I said it.  Some people think that celebrity fragrances are not classy - well I think they are a brilliant affordable perfume some of which smell delicious. 

When I found out that Jennifer Aniston had a perfume I knew I had to buy it - almost irrelevant of what it smelled like. I love Jennifer, her hair, her style, the fact she had Brad during his hottest time.  The perfume itself is a clean fresh scent which she said reminds her of the beach - just my kinda scent.  It not coconut or anything it just smells really clean.

Beyonce Pulse Summer Edition is a fresh summer fragrance (which I have seen on special offer lately so check it out)  I would use this more but the bottle annoys me - it looks lovely on my table but it is a nightmare to carry in your bag.  Still if your looking for a fresh and fruity summer scent, check this out.  Next up is Eva - by Eva Longoria - who knew she had a perfume?  I won this from Simone Loves Makeup (literally one of the best blogs out there - check her out here).  Its a bubbly rose champagne of a fragrance.

Sarah Jessica Parker Dawn and Lovely (see told you I love Celebrity fragrance).  Dawn is one of my favourite fragrances of all time I LOVE IT.  I call it my spring fragrance.  Whenever I wear it people ask what it is.  When Sile smells it she gets annoyed that she didn't buy it.  Lovely is Sarah Jessica Parker's classic scent - I have even bought this for himselfs mammy and she thought it was Lovely.

Yet more celebrity fragrances - First is Madonna Truth or Dare (I have spoken about it here) this is not what you are expecting from Madonna.  I know I might get slated for this but its Beckham Signature for her - I got this as a present and I was so surprised by it.  I liked it so much that I bought it as a present for somebody else.  (and before you judge I think Victoria does have a wicked sense of humour and she loves Stila).
Finally we have my newest addition Kylie Music Box (read about it here).  I am a big fan of Kylie's fragrances Sweet Darling being one of my favourites.

I understand that perfume is totally subjective but there may be a couple in there that you like or have already.  Phew after all that I think I need a cup of tea.
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  1. I love it and have now learned more about you, that you are in fact nutty as a coconut which you will most likely be smelling like ;P Great post!

  2. Haha, you and your coconut notes :), will you look at that almost EMPTY bottle of Philosophy? You did good kiddo, you did good! Love Armani Code (don't have it at the mo :(), and I have a few perfumes that feature in your collection as well!

    Man I love this post! PS: why that's a lovely description for my blog, thank you star! ***

  3. Oooh amazing collection - I love Jimmy Choo too and Gucci by Gucci is one of my all time faves...jealous of your coconut collection!

  4. Jo Malone Pomegranate Noir is one of my favourites, I always smell it when I'm near the counter but haven't had the balls to buy it! Can't believe you don't like Armani Code, I've loved it for years :O haha

  5. Oh Jeeee, I'm only re-reading now (missed it first time around somehow) to find out you dislike Armani Code & D&G The One???? I love both of them, what is wrong with you woman? :P x

  6. That's a pretty hot collection of perfume porn! I'm a huge lover of D&G the one rose, and am looking for a new one soon!

  7. I love this post! I love Jimmy Choo, that Victoria Beckham & both of the Sarah Jessica Parkers too. The Beyonce bottles are a pain in the bum, they keep falling over on my dresser. Current favourite is Roberto Cavalli but I can't afford it at the minute so I spray it a lot in chemists :) I love perfume, if I ever smell a coconutty one I will let you know!

  8. Grouping the fragrance bottles will save you the hassle of losing track of where certain fragrance bottles maybe especially if you want to use the bottles for reference purposes.


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