Monday, August 27, 2018

Urban Decay Beached Palette

Summer as always seems to be in fast forward but I cant let the sunshine go by without talking The Beached Palette from Urban Decay.  When I spotted the Beached Palette on instagram I immediately swooned - the beautiful packaging gives that California sunshine vibe which I associate with Urban Decay and its creator Wendy.  (The packaging has the same palm trees as featured on 2017 beached bronzer which is the view Wendy can see from her bedroom).  I would like to think the packaging and palette encompasses who I am (in my mind im a beach hippy, in reality I am trying to contain the sand out of the sandpit) so I was delighted to get the Beached palette as a birthday present in June (I did a happy dance.... and a squeal... GOOD TIMES)

The Beached Palette is part of the small but perfectly curated Summer 2018 Collection which also consists of 3 lipsticks, 3 eye liners which complement the palette and the re released Beached Bronzer (in 2 shades). 

Urban Decay might rock some awesome packaging but they are the complete package and the eye shadows inside are something special.   The palette has 8 shades and of course there are the two stand out bright shades (Double Dip and Plunge) but the Beached palette also has a couple of warm shades (brilliant if you want to dip your toe into the warm eye shadow trend but don't want to buy a whole palette) namely Heatwave and Daybreak (a matte).  I almost forget about the shade Wedge (at the end) which is a sumptuous brown.  My favourite shade of the palette is Blaze which is described as a light metallic peach with a pink shift, there is something magical about this shade and how it brightens the eyes and brings life to even the most tired and dull eyes.  The shift makes it more interesting and its extremely flattering

As I mentioned the Beached palette has 8 shades and I love that I can pick a look (warm eyes, neutral, a pop of colour) without being overwhelmed by shades or having a huge palette that I don't end up touching some of the shades. 

SALT (ivory satin)
BLAZE (light metallic peach with pink shift)
HEATWAVE (metallic rust)
DAYBREAK (deep reddish terra-cotta matte)
16th ST. (metallic bronze-gold)
PLUNGE (deep metallic blue-green)
DAYBREAK (deep reddish terra-cotta matte)
DOUBLE DIP (bright metallic teal)
WEDGE (deep metallic brown-copper)

I haven't been wearing a lot of makeup this summer and my go to look all summer has been Blaze over the lid and Daybreak in the crease with a smudge of brown liner on the outer lashes.

The Beached Palette is out now and costs €34.

Urban Decay are (as always) knocking their palettes out of the park but I am finding there are almost TOO MANY palette launches.  Beached is for summer, the newly released Born to Run* (looks fab) and even the Backtalk palette that I didn't think I would like but I LOVE.  I am finding there is not enough time between releases to appreciate the palettes and really let them shine.  I love Urban Decay and am not only a fan but a collector of the palettes and I am feeling a little overwhelmed (and also that I want them... its a viscous circle).

* I bought the Born to Run Palette at the weekend.  Debenhams had 10% off, it has the shade Blaze,   I have a weakness when it comes to Urban Decay Palettes, I needed cheering up ......I regret nothing

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